Sunday, November 04, 2007

Chicken pox et BBQ

This morning when we went out for breakfast, I noticed that there was something wrong w/ my son's skin. There were red things filled w/ water in his neck and some other red things in his head. Then I suddenly thought of chicken pox.

My hubby asked me to check his body. I immediately opened his clothes front and back and noticed that there were few red things there and he was confirmed having chicken pox after seeing the doctor.

Haiya...... He ended up couldn't join the BBQ and the swimming session that we planned before. I almost canceled my trip as well.. but after that.. I finally decided to still go on w/ the BBQ.

The BBQ was actually held by my ex-company, Finance department. They invited me to go along to this outing. And it was held in my ex-boss apartment's below - like what we had 2 year ago. Hehehe... So my hubby and I went there lor.. and met my ex-colleague at the MRT before we took another bus to my boss's apt.

We reached there around 5.20pm and the bbq was only started at 7pm since there were others who use the pit before us. All of us were quite hungry at that time but slowly we managed to get our food and drink.

At about 9.30pm some of us left the place. The rest of us still stayed there. We sat and talked while drinking the red wine. Not bad la.. quite refreshing. Hehehe... The new girl from Myanmar, May, drank quite a lot and was pushed by one of the colleagues down to the swimming pool for kids. She ended up quite wet and had to change her clothes w/ my boss's one.. hahaha... poor May...

We finished around 11pm. KS helped us driving home. Thanks for all of you for letting me join the outing. Hehehe... Too bad there was enough soft drink and ice.. otherwise.. we could drink more.. hahaha..

Oklah.. it's 1.32am right now.. Gotta sleep soon... Put one picture on top.. Hope u enjoy seeing that! Nite nite...

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