Friday, November 16, 2007

iPod touch

Yeahhhh... when I went back home, I saw my hubby trying hard to turn on his iPod touch... hahahhaa.... He got it free after signing 24 months contract w/ SingNet and I can use it too now.. hahaha... Just now I downloaded the iTunes and sync all songs inside my laptop to this iPod. Still not so clear on how to use this thing.. but I feel very great mannn!!! It's been such a long time I dream to have this gadget.. but I never buy it 'cos I think it's too expensive! Some more I can use my handphone just to listen to my song collections.. But after I listened to the songs... WOW!!! the song qualities are DAMN GOOD man!!! Maybe I'm 'suaku' la.. hahahaha.. anyway.. I'm very happy with it.... ^^
And today is FRIDAY!! Yipeeeeeee........... Everything goes well in office - so far so good.. but no luck in new job yet.. So.. if you got any 'lobang', don't paiseh to inform me.. ok? hahahahaha...
Oklah.. gotta try some other features in it... Have a great weekend everyone!!!!

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