Sunday, January 27, 2008

Bad mood

Dunno why.. I found myself having a very bad mood these few days.. Feels like my blood wants to burst out of my skin... This afternoon my hubby and I went to Carrefour at Plaza Sing. We have chosen two pairs of Chinese New Year clothes, for my son and his cousin. In the cashier, the girl who attended us, took out the button on one of the clothes harshly.. Undoubtedly, the button part of the cloth has been broken by this inpatient lady. After broken it out, she still looked 'innocent' and tried to take out the price tag. I checked on the torn cloth, and she looked at me.. again.. innocently.. saying.. "how? don't want?".. I really wanted to scold her at that time.. I really wanted to report her attitude to the Carrefour manager.. I really wanted to cancel the buying of the other cloth as well.. but I only told her that I didn't want to take that torn cloth. Walaoo.. I was really angry at that time!!!! What type of attitude was that? Broken the item and still tried to sell it innocently w/out even saying 'sorry'??? Shit man!!!! I wish she got complain one of the day from her stupid attitude!!! It ended up.. we only bought one pair, which was for my sis-in-law's son.. and I still have to find another pair for my son... *haizzzz... Maybe I will make a trip to Suntec to find the same pair, if not.. just bought other type at other shop... Sickening lady!!!!!!

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