Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Happy moments

Beside of being sad from what has happened, we also had happy moments there.. From this funeral, we were able to meet w/ lots of people, especially dear fellow cousins. *See pic from top left to right (Sylvia, me, Silvy, Christine, Shindi, my eldest sis, Fung Yung). We could become closer because during these few days, we always worked together, sat down together, talked to each other, lived in their house, and many more. I would be able to know lots of new members of the family, such as Shindi, Yohanes's wife.. they just got married last December.. but since I lived in Singapore and just started my new job, I wouldn't be able to attend their wedding. Silvy, Jackson's fiancee, whom I've never met before.. I could talk more w/ Sylvia, Jeffry's wife.. From there I knew that she is from Manado, and met Jeffry there.. and all this while, I thought she was older than me.. but then I found out that she is actually one year younger than me.. Since then, she called me "ci" instead of just my name. I could also talk w/ ci Ling2, ko Rocky's wife..

She was actually the one who has deep impression of me, 'cos when I came into Adi Jasa on my first day, she kept looking at me and wonder who am I. I was wearing white and black, so she thought that I must be one of the grandchildren, it's only that she doesn't know whose child I was from 'cos it seems that she never saw me before.. When I saw her during the first day, I also couldn't recognize her.. I mean.. I didn't expect her to be one of the grandchildren.. I thought she was only one of the guests that I didn't know about.. But after that.. she found out that I was my mom's daughter and I just realized that she is ko Rocky's wife.. hahaha.. and they also often go to Singapore for holiday. She told me.. if not because of ema's funeral, she wouldn't be able to recognize me, as one of my grandma's grandchild, if we were have to meet on the street in Singapore. But now.. we would surely know if we met on the street some day.. And few of us found that she is a very friendly and helpful person. She offered me cookie that day.. I told her that the cookie tasted very nice.. then she told me that the cookies were made by her mom-in-law's friend and she could order some for me to bring back to Singapore.. I thought that she was just saying.. but the next day, when she met me, she told me that she has ordered the cookies and after the burial day, I was asked to pass by her mom-in-law's house to pick up the cookies.. Wow... can u imagine??? Someone that you just met in a day, would be so kind to you?

Shindi, has also been very kind to us. Since the very first day, she has already offered her house for us to stay. But at first night, I stayed in Feby's house, 'cos my mom has already agreed w/ him at first place. On second night, after my father came, then I moved in into Shindi's house. Thanks Shindi for ur help and kindness.. Yohannes too, for taking care of us and entertained us while we were there.

From this occasion, I also spent more time w/ Cannell, my cousin, since childhood time. But since we grew up older, we went into different place for more than 20 years and became close again this time. On the journey to my grandma's house from Adi Jasa, we talked a lot about our childhood time. Really nostalgic moment to remember all those things.. He has also shared a lot about what he felt during the days we had in Adi Jasa, as he was one of the people who did lots of things down there..

Below is the pic taken after we returned back to grandma's house from Lawang (all were wearing red t-shirts).

So, after burial day, we went out for dinner as we were invited by Ku Yoyo. We went to Kahyangan, a great place to eat w/ great view and food and reasonable prices too. Although it was located quite far - about an hour journey from my grandma's house - we really enjoy the time we had down there. *See pic below.

After the dinner, we sent Ku Yoyo back to his house and fetched Fredy, my father's friend's son, who also came to Surabaya. All of us went to Coyote and had great time there 'til 3am in the morning.

Next morning, we met w/ most of my grandma's grandchildren. We were invited by ko Rocky for in-between breakfast and lunch at 10.30am at Ah Yat Abalone's Restaurant. We had all you can eat dim sum plus shark's fin soup and abalone. What a sumptuous lunch!!! And before we ended our meeting, all of us shared our story one by one.. about what we got and felt from our grandma's funeral.. And after this, we hope that we can meet more often.. well, maybe without me, since I stayed quite far from them.. But if they came to Singapore, I have already asked them to contact me..

Well... I've come back to Singapore now.. It's been a tiring journey.. but a lovely moment too for being together w/ all relatives..

And today is my mom's birthday... Happy birthday my dear mom.. I have told myself.. to love you more and more and make you always happy while you are alive now.. Although we stayed faraway from each other, I just hope that I won't make you feel disappointed of having me as your child.. I love you Mom!!!

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