Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Tuesday afternoon, 9 Jan 2007, I reached Surabaya and was fetched by my cousin, Feby, and drove back to Adi Jasa, where my grandma were put, by one of the rented drivers. Once reached, I met up w/ my relatives who have reached there days before. When I met my mom, I could see her face look very sad, tired, lack of sleep and rest.. and she kept walking here and there trying to find something to do or to help. I had to keep asking her to take a rest while she can rather than walking here and there.. My cousin, Jeffry, told me the story and showed me the pictures he took when my grandma passed away until what I've seen that day.. The place has been decorated nicely organized by my fellow cousins. My fellow aunts and cousins were in charge of many things. For example, I Hoa and Siska were in charge of food.. Feby were in charge of transport.. Canel were previously in charge of flowers but replaced by Jackson and Fandy, so he became in charge of only two things, "table & chairs", added w/ Air con & lights.. kekeke.... Christine, Shindi, and Sylvia were in charge of welcoming guest at the reception desk, also wrote down the list of flowers and food received.. helped by Sylvia who came later on.. Jeffry were in charge of photography and video recording, followed w/ A Hwi who came later on too w/ photography. Lisa and Linda were in charge of room decoration. Ngkim Hui Po were in charge of overall. Ku Liong were also helping out in organizing other necessary thing. Ku Seng and Ku Yoyo were in charge more into inviting the priest to organize the funeral prayer.

My grandma, Corry Massie, passed away on 8th January 2008 at 10.06pm, although her last breath was stopped at 10.15pm, in Adi Husada Hospital, Surabaya. The body were put at Rumah Duka Adi Jasa at Jl. Demak 90 since Wednesday and buried at Pemakaman Sentong Baru, Lawang, on 12th January 2008. She got married had 7 children, 23 grand children, 28 great grand children. 7 children-in-law, 15 grandchildren-in-law w/ total of 80 members of family altogether.

They have prayer twice a day, morning and night, in Christian way, since my grandma and most of her children were Christian. They rented 3 areas become 1 to accommodate the guests. But since the place was occupied fully during 2nd night, we had to open another area, became 4 places into 1. We received lots of food (rice, bread, cakes, etc) and drink from relatives and friends. The food and drink were abundance. Because they always remember, when my grandma was still alive, she always asked everyone who came into her house, to eat first before doing anything else. So in this place, we also asked everyone who came to eat first, to have enough food, before doing anything else.

My father came on Thursday, together w/ Fredy and Ko Aman, his friend. My bro-in-law came on Friday. Then on Saturday morning, we all came at 6.30am. We had our breakfast first. They had a prayer before the coffin were moved from Adi Jasa to the ambulance car. We also went inside the bus and follow the car to Lawang, passing by my grandma's house beforehand. We went out before 9am and reached Lawang at about 11am. Again, we prayed first.. took pics.. then the coffin was slowly brought down into the grave. It was really a touching moments.. Many people were crying. My cousin was singing 'Mama Hao' song too when it happened.. Se shang shi you ma ma hao... you ma de hai zi xiang ke bao... etc etc.... It's really sad moments.. 'Cos we won't see our grandma anymore.. But we believe she will get better in her new life.. Separate from the pains that she suffered here when she was still alive. Hope you were happy in ur new life, Ema....

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