Sunday, February 03, 2008

4 days to Chinese New Year

It's Sunday evening. Friday, after work, first schedule was to clean my toilet. I cleaned it step by step as many things to clean.. Hiks... Wipe all over the walls.. floors.. racks.. mirror.. etc. But felt better after that.. hehehe..
Saturday.. Started my day w/ cleaning my bedroom. Also step by step. This time, was helped by my hubby.. otherwise.. I could faint! Changed the bed sheet.. new one.. hehehe.. Wipe the racks and all stuffs on it.. Last one, to sweep and mop the floor.. At 2pm, finally it's done!
We had our late breakfast cum lunch nearby our house. I took a nap for a while before having my dinner. My hubby cooked 'buncis', fried egg, and tom yum soup.. nice one.. maybe b'cos I was hungry.. hahahhaahhahaa..... Then I ironed my clothes, also took out those unwanted one from my cupboard.. I was really tired.. and finished it out before 10pm, continued w/ my hubby ironing out my working attires... hehehe.. thank you hubby..
Now I'm going to take a bath. We're going to catch the Sneak Preview Q7 @Cineleisure.. Just got a pair of free ticket from my sis-in-law.. Thank u Lily!
I guess my throat is having infection now... =( I think I have to see doctor tomorrow night... OK la.. write till here... Have a nice evening everyone!!!

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