Thursday, February 07, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year 2559 - Miss home very much

Happy Chinese New Year to all who celebrate!

This year, I decided to stay back in Singapore and celebrate CNY here. Last year I went to Hong Kong and celebrated CNY w/ all my sis, their families, and my mom. But this year.. each of us stay where we are and do not go back to our home, where we used to live.

Since my brother and sister have left Singapore a year ago, I don't have any more siblings left here.. and this CNY, I celebrate it myself alone.. I mean.. unlike few years back.. Although I stayed in Singapore, I still have a place to go, to spend my day w/.. So this year, like today, I don't go anywhere else, except to my grand ma in law's house later on. And of course the feeling would be different 'cos I didn't grow up w/ them... Not much common things to talk to I guess...

Tomorrow we may go to my hubby's cousins house. And if lucky, we will visit my hubby's friend house too.. hahaha.... See how lor..

Yesterday I worked only half day. After that, I went to Kwan Im Temple at Bugis and met w/ 2R there. We had lunch there, then went back home.

My hubby started preparing food for steamboat at 4pm.. while I fell a slept.. 'cos I didn't have enough sleep the day earlier. So when I woke up, it's 7pm and my hubby has finished preparing all the food.. hehehehe... what a nice hubby... ^^

We started our steamboat at 7 plus. The 2nd uncle also came and joined us. We ate until about 10 pm. I took a bath and cleared up the dishes, swept the floor and washed & hung clothes too. Then watched American Idol, continued w/ "Face Off" movie, from Channel 5.
We waited lor until the clock reached 12am.. We prayed, then played "kembang api" outside our house. My son has slept at that moment. We slept about 1am, I guess..

This morning I woke up at about 8am plus. Then started to call my parents. They were on the way to Puncak when I called. They will stay for 1 nite there, if I'm not wrong. Then I called my 2nd sis, 1st, and 3rd sis. At 12pm plus then I chatted online using video msn w/ my bro, 'cos they just passed the time at that time. Wei2 called me too to greet Gong Xi Fa Cai.. He said he's having vegetarian today, and so are my other sisters and brother. I also decided to go for vegetarian today. So this morning, I cooked fried vermicelli w/ mushroom and bai cai. Will be the same menu for today too.. hehehe.. I deep fried 'emping' too this morning, to accompany my vermicelli.. hehehe... Niceeee....

And it reminds me of the time having CNY at home. At there, we, as children of our parents, did not have to think on what to cook, what to eat... 'cos all would be settled by my mom. But this time, we have to think and prepare it ourselves. My sisters and sis-in-law have been discussing on what and how to cook the vegetarian.. hehehe.... I bet that they are missing our home too.. Missing our togetherness.. our laughter.. our closeness.. and I really proud lor.. although we are quite a big family.. stay far from each other.. but we have this feeling in ourselves to always be united.. Hopefully next year we can meet altogether for CNY, together w/ our parents, who have brought us up until this stage... I bet that my parents feel lonely too... Having 5 children, but this new year, they only celebrate it two of them only... Ma, Pa, hope you have a good health along the way so that we can always meet for a very long time... Miss u..

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