Sunday, March 30, 2008

Ching's visit to Singapore

Ching is coming here for a short break this weekend. She arrived on Friday afternoon and stayed at her friend's place. I met her for dinner that night. We ate at Prima Taste @Centrepoint. I was having Mee Siam while she's having laksa plus rujak in the middle. We had a chat 'til the place was closed. It's good to see her again. She has lost weight since the last time I saw her in Bangkok. She becomes much prettier now.. hehehe.. but dunno why 'til now she still can't get her Mr Right and still looking for one ^^ *Below: Ching and me.

I worked on Saturday due to the month end closing. After work, I went to City Hall and waited for her and some other friends for dinner @Cafe Swiss. It's a small gathering - my friends from Les Roches consist of me, Ann, Andrew, Eva, and Ching. Just five of us. Hehehe.. very small.. At first, I thought her friends will come as well, but they didn't. The reservation was at 7pm but all arrived only at about 8pm. I wonder if the Swiss time really has changed into Asian's rubber time. An hour time to wait for them.... kekekeke....

Eva is working in Fairmont Singapore, so she managed to get staff discount for dinner. 4 of us were having Swiss Fondue, while Ann was having veal emince w/ rosti. Wah.. it's really been quite some time since I had my Fondue. The last one I had were when Ching came in 2004, or maybe earlier. But too bad, the don't have tomato fondue, they only have a normal cheese fondue. It's ok, the taste was still good enough. Andrew chose a bottle of white wine to get along w/ the fondue - house wine - Hardys.

We dined and chat 'til about 9.30pm. We planned for a Karaoke session after dinner, which would only start at 10.30pm. So we headed directly to Marina Square and had a cup of coffee at Killney Cafe then to KBox at 3rd floor.

We sang, drank, and chat 'til 3.30am. What a tiring night! I went back by Taxi and slept not long after I reached home. Whoa.... what a great time.. but really too tiring for me.. hahaha.. I'm getting old already... *Left to right: Ann, Me, Eva, and Ching.

Tonight I supposed to meet her for dinner, but I fell aslept la... too tired.. so sorry that I couldn't join her for dinner... and tomorrow she will be going back to Taiwan. Hopefully we can have a chance to meet soon.. Seoul? or Taiwan? Let the fate decide ba.... ^^

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