Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Rest at home

This morning, when I was on the way to office, inside the MRT, half way to Dobhy Ghaut, I couldn't continue reading the mypaper. I felt myself of getting giddy, like what I used to feel. I tried my best to hang on, at least until I reach the Dobhy Ghaut. The seat in front of me were occupied and noone seemed to get up 'til I went out.
I rushed myself to the seat outside the MRT. I thought I would be fine after sitting down for few minutes. Time was still early when I was there, not even 8am. But instead of getting better, it got worst. I managed to walk across to the red-line MRT. But before the train coming, I decided to go out from the MRT and tried to find the nearest toilet. My stomach was cramping painfully. Yesterday was my first day of the period but never did I expect that it will worsen my condition this morning. Usually it would cramp for a while, but not that painful. Lucky the toilet was opened. I was sweating all over. I tried to sms my superior but there was no connection at all down there! I was inside the toilet for quite long. Really pain and no energy to wake up. My eyes were blurred and my ears couldn't even hear the noise from the road side. I went up trying to get a sit and sat there for a while. I called my superior telling her about my condition. I called my other colleague too, but he has already reached the office. My superior advised me to ask my hubby to fetch me and bring me to the doctor, but my hubby was working too...
I went down to buy a hot soya milk, the nearest shop I could see and no other thing appears on my mind. Wah.. really hard only to walk for few steps.. Took few sips to get more energy but the cramps were still there.. so I went to the toilet once again. Then went up again to take a seat.. then slowly walked to the bus stop and took the bus to the place where the company's clinic located. Lucky there was one direct bus so that I needn't walk too much. I waited quite some time before my turn.
Doctor told me that my stomach was empty and the acid from gastric kept pumping out inside my stomach that made myself so giddy. He suggested me to have breakfast before going out home. But you know la... I've no time to make/buy breakfast in the morning. Usually I have my breakfast only after I reach my office. My hubby called me and asked me about how I am and he asked me to have a slice of bread before going out home. Haiz.. see how lor.. Now I reach home already and i'm going to take a rest. I will have a class tonight.. Dunno if I manage to go there or not later.. Haizz... Doctor also asked me to take lighter food, and no chilli at the moment. Too bad... tomorrow night I'm supposed meeting Shelly for dinner. She wanted to introduce me to the Nasi Padang food stall at Lucky Plaza. I've sms-ed her that I might have it next time. But for tomorrow, only light food.. Hiks....
Oklah.. write 'til here.. Need more rest... have a nice day everyone! Don't get sick like me, OK? Take care!!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

pada kena mens blue...
gua jg bakal mo mens..
tapi dah enek2, masuk angin
mo muntah, mual, giddy jg.

beli roti tawar lah
makan satu biji sambil jalan ke mrt.
ohya lupa, di spore gak blh makan dibus n kereta yah
kalo dis ini boleh. biasa gw sambil makan, sambil naik tram/train/jalan..

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