Sunday, October 12, 2008

Gathering week

I've been meeting with family, relatives, and friends these last few days. Starting from my eldest sis who came here for meeting. Then my suk2, sukme, and cousin who came from Bangka. We went out together for dinner for consecutively two days (on Tue and Wed). First night we had our dinner at Boon Tong Kee Chicken Rice at Balestier Road. Actually at first we would like to have Bakuteh, but too bad the shop was closed on Tuesday, that's why we ended up eating chicken rice there. Only on the second night then we had the bakuteh at Founder Bakuteh, also at Balestier Road. I also met up w/ suk Asen and his friends who came here for 4 days 3 nights.

With Ing2 and her children
I met up w/ Ing2 and her family members on Monday. She came here for a short holiday. It's been so many years since we met up together (around 15 years, I guess). She is now having 2 children (Whitney and Wilbert). She looks the same. I still can recognise her. The way she talks, still like before, 'preman' style.. hahahaha.... She is still as funny as before.. If only my 3rd sis was here, it must be very fun!!! Below is her pic.. We met up at Food Republic and had our snack and dinner there.

Ing2 and her families :)
And today, I met up w/ my high school' friends. At first, I thought I would only meet Lucy together w/ Aileen and Shelly, but then Aileen told me that Sylvia Darwin is in Singapore w/ her hubby. And later on found out that Denvy would be coming too. Hendry Agus and Anthony were coming too. We had drink first at TCC (Aileen, Shelly, Lucy, her mom, and cousin), then continuing w/ dinner at Thai Express at Plaza Singapura.
I'm just coming back home and taking my bath. Since I'm not sleepy yet, then I just uploaded the pics we've taken to my laptop and write this.. hehehe...

Denvy, Sylvia, Henry, Shelly, me, Lucy and Aileen
This pic was taken before all of us going back home...

Aileen, me, Lucy, her mom, her cousin, Shelly, Sylvia, Denvy, Anthony and Henry
See you all again friends.... Take care!!!

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