Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy 'Niu' Year

Yay!!! Gong Xi Fa Cai!!! Wish you all have a good health, full of luck and prosperity for many years to come... I woke up quite late today as I slept quite late too last nite. Called my parents, brother, sisters wherever they are... This year I'm alone again.. 'cos my brother and families flew back home. So.. phone is the device for us to communicate.. hehehehe...
Yesterday nite we were having steamboat for reunion dinner. Lots of food on the table and we couldn't finish it. My hubby ate until his stomach wanted to explode.. couldn't even move his body afterwards... ckckck....
Today I eat vegetarian food. My father said.. eat vegetarian food during 1st day of the year would give us good health all the year. It's also to train ourselves.. to control our desire to all the good food that people normally buy and serve at their home. So... must preserve this tradition!!! Jia you!!!!
We are going to Raymond's cousin's house later in the afternoon then to Raymond's ama's house in the evening. As for tomorrow.. no plan yet.. perhaps just stay at home and enjoy our holiday ba...
Well.. write 'til here and have a great day everyone!!!! Huat ah!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Last day of Rat Year

Today is the last day of Rat year... Tomorrow it's going to be Ox year. We'll see how the year would be... hehehe...
We're having a super long holiday this time 'cos the CNY falls on Monday and Tuesday. My company asked us to take another leave on the 3rd day, so I would only start working on Thursday. But once I worked, it would be a very busy day 'cos it's closing day!!! Going for inventory, keyed in invoices, transfer all inter-bar/kitchen items, etc.... Just hope that everything will go on smoothly...
My parents and cousin will stop by Singapore for a night before they fly to Sydney and Melbourne. They are going to celebrate my parents 40th year wedding anniversary by holidaying in New Zealand. Hope that they have a great time together. It isn't easy to have fate to be together for so many years.. They've been through lots of ups and downs together.. happy and sad occassions together.. Hope that they would still celebrate many years ahead together...
Have been busy cleaning up the rooms, changing bed sheets, decorating house w/ CNY decorations, shopping for food and groceries.. etc. I have nothing to do now.. hehehe... Want to have a walk, but my hubby is still lazing around... Well... I'm out now.. Gong Xi Fa Cai everyone!!! Hope you have a good health, good luck and prosperity!!! Full of love too...

Monday, January 19, 2009

New occupation - Private Teacher for P1 Student

Did I ever mention that my son has his own bedroom since 3rd January this year? My sis-in-law and family has moved into their new house on 1st Jan and there were 2 days for Raymond and I to prepare the room for him. Raymond painted the room w/ cream colour, made the room much brighter. I cleaned up the curtain holder, washed the curtain, cleaned up the windows and other things. We put up the bed, cupboard, small cupboard to put his book, cleared up his toys, stationery, etc on the 2nd day. Quite exciting!!! Hehehe.... Reever started his first day at school on 2nd Jan, that's why we tried to get the room ready as soon as possible.
On 3rd Jan, I moved the computer table into his room. Raymond wanted to put the desktop, which previously put at the living room, into Reever's room. So we were now lack of one study table. So we went to IKEA on 4th Jan together w/ my mom, mother-in-law, and 2R to purchase one simple table. White colour on top with 4 grey legs matches the originally IKEA chair, also white w/ grey legs. So here we are!!!
Reever started to sleep in his room on 3rd Jan accompanying by me. Hehehe... He was still not used to sleeping alone. 2nd nite, he was accompanied by his ama. Only after that he slept alone provided that the door is kept opened while he was sleeping. Hehehe....
As for his school days, the first 3 days, ama and Raymond accompanied him to school. Raymond went to his school during recess time to see what Reever did during break time. Nothing much on first week of the school and Reever seems cool during school time, very proud of him ^^
Now he has to juggle with his Kumon homework and sometimes school homework. And starting from 10th Jan, I enrolled him into Buddhist class at Kwang Ming Shan (Bright Hill Temple). I fetch him there every Saturday and to Kumon every Sunday. What a life!!! By bringing him there, it gave me a chance to get closer to Buddha Dhamma. It made me feeling great. 'Cos otherwise, I won't get many chance to go there and probably would do nothing. Now, while waiting him, I could go to library and read some books. Hopefully Reever could learn something about Buddha Dhamma and can grow up as a rightful person... hehehehe... I wish....
Reever has started Chinese class at school. And it seems that he doesn't have a good foundation about Chinese words during his kindergarten class. So I must put my hands into helping him to learn the basic writing and reading. I become a private teacher of him now. All knowledge I've ever learnt in Beijing, at least never go to the drain. 'Cos now I can teach him how to read the 'sheng diao', how to write correctly, read the 'pin yin', etc.
Yesterday Raymond has finally drilled the walls and hanged the white board into his room. I asked him to spell or write in Chinese those words that he has learnt into the white board. He is quite exciting about it too.. I just hope that he enjoys the process of learning... Ever thought of asking him learn Chinese in Kumon, after taking 2 classes a month, additional $120/month is not cheap at all. So I decided to buy exercise books myself and asked him to practice new words himself everyday. Haiz... seeing him writing Chinese words, sometimes makes me mad.. or sleepy.. hahahaha.... anyway, good experience of teaching my own child. Reever, you have to 'Jia You'!!! OK honey??? Muachhhh.. love you very much baby.....

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Eye check at SNEC

Today I went for my eye check at SNEC. My appointment is at 8.55am, but I reached there early. However, still have to queue 'cos lots of other people also have their appointment in the morning. Starting from registration, then went for eye check up using 2 machines, then read the numbers using the small device. After that the consultation by the doctor. Not finish yet... Need to put the liquid into the eyes to open the pupil, so the doctor could check the back side of the eyes. It needs some time until the pupils were opened and the visions would be blurred. Only after that, the doctor would have to check again, and finalise the result.
This round, my retina is normal. Everything is good. But she told me that the medicines that I took would have side effect. My eyes could have cataract after eating the medicines for some times (years). I asked her if it is possible for me to have lasik surgery while having SLE. She said, it's better to wait until the SLE calms down first, then do. But... SLE can cause the cornea to dry and the lasik surgery itself can cause infection/inflammation. So she advises me to use glasses/contact lens rather than going for lasik. Haiz... my fate to lead a life w/ glasses/contact lens for my whole life.. But.. much better rather than being blind.. Isn't it?? So.. must thank the above for this greatness from my eyes... ^^
I took mc today, 'cos the blurness would last for 4-6 hours. If I went back to office, I wouldn't be able see my documents and do things at my computer.
Next appointment would be.. one year later... hehehe... well.. write 'til here.. gotta take a rest soon... have a good evening...

Monday, January 05, 2009

Little Nyonya

Just finished watching the Little Nyonya series. At the end of the series.. Nya nya told her grand daughter this: the one you love, not necessarily the right one for you.. the one who love you, you can be happy too.. no matter who is it, you have to make a choice.. =) I smiled when I heard it.. 'cos I've made the right choice in my life and never regret it ever!!!!
For those who didn't get a chance to watch the series, the DVDs will be out in January ^^

Friday, January 02, 2009

1st follow up

Today my mom accompanied me for my 1st follow up at SGH. I took a blood and urine test first, then waited for 1.5 hours, before we went in to see the doctor. Here are the results:
1. From three stool samples, it was normal, no blood was found in it.
2. From ultrasound done 2 days ago, they found that my kidney is normal too, so far so good.. Thank God!!!
3. From blood tests, he said everything is good, except that the Hemoglobin or the red blood cells count are still quite low (7.9). Normal is 12 and above. Doctor couldn't find the reason why it is low but he asked me to increase the iron tablet from one to two everyday.
4. My blood pressure has finally come back to normal (120/79) - never been that high before.
Then I asked him about the patches shown on my hands and legs skin that appears only when I was in air-con room. He said, it is due to anthiphopholipid antibody syndrome, a disorder of coagulation, which causes blood clots (thrombosis) in both arteries and veins, as well as pregnancy related complications, such as miscarriages, preterm delivery, etc. Read for more info. In short, this thing can cause blood clot to the organ of the body, or anywhere. So I suspect, my previous miscarriages were caused by this thing.
I also asked him about my high cholesterol level and he advised me not to eat fatty food, deep-fried food, seafood especially sotong, red meat such as mutton, beef, etc.
Well, that's for today. I will see him again in three weeks time. Other than this, I still have lots of other appointments w/ other doctors and/or departments. Haiz... just wonder if my CC would give me an excuse for those appointments. I also don't want my work becomes disturbed because of these things. If it is too troublesome, I might think of quitting my job and take a rest for a while. But if I do so... where the money would come from???? Any suggestion anyone???
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