Friday, January 02, 2009

1st follow up

Today my mom accompanied me for my 1st follow up at SGH. I took a blood and urine test first, then waited for 1.5 hours, before we went in to see the doctor. Here are the results:
1. From three stool samples, it was normal, no blood was found in it.
2. From ultrasound done 2 days ago, they found that my kidney is normal too, so far so good.. Thank God!!!
3. From blood tests, he said everything is good, except that the Hemoglobin or the red blood cells count are still quite low (7.9). Normal is 12 and above. Doctor couldn't find the reason why it is low but he asked me to increase the iron tablet from one to two everyday.
4. My blood pressure has finally come back to normal (120/79) - never been that high before.
Then I asked him about the patches shown on my hands and legs skin that appears only when I was in air-con room. He said, it is due to anthiphopholipid antibody syndrome, a disorder of coagulation, which causes blood clots (thrombosis) in both arteries and veins, as well as pregnancy related complications, such as miscarriages, preterm delivery, etc. Read for more info. In short, this thing can cause blood clot to the organ of the body, or anywhere. So I suspect, my previous miscarriages were caused by this thing.
I also asked him about my high cholesterol level and he advised me not to eat fatty food, deep-fried food, seafood especially sotong, red meat such as mutton, beef, etc.
Well, that's for today. I will see him again in three weeks time. Other than this, I still have lots of other appointments w/ other doctors and/or departments. Haiz... just wonder if my CC would give me an excuse for those appointments. I also don't want my work becomes disturbed because of these things. If it is too troublesome, I might think of quitting my job and take a rest for a while. But if I do so... where the money would come from???? Any suggestion anyone???

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Anonymous said...

duh susah banget bacanya di wiki.. istilah dokter semua..
Jadi kayanya lupus lo serang nya ke kulit yah..
Money.. hopefully tonight.. 30 million dollar!
Take care

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