Sunday, March 29, 2009

Going for the better??? Hopefully!!

This year.. there is a chance for getting a better life. Not just from a point of view to see things materially, but more into fulfilling my long wishes and dreams. Such as buying a new DSLR camera, getting a new desktop (fast speed, lots of functions, workable, etc.), Reever having his own room, going upwardly to a better career prospect (hopefully getting more money in few years time - hope I can cope w/ the job, more importantly), and many more to come ba....
I still have a dream to take more pictures using this camera into Bali... (hm.. see when I got a chance!). I also think of buying Nintendo wii to be put into Reever's room (his room will become activity based room - to study, play, exercise, etc..). Not necessarily to be fulfilled this year.. Maybe few years more when we move into our new house.. The travel thing is also not necesarily to be fulfilled this year. I just feel I'm more slow down in travelling thing nowadays... Maybe because of my health ba... and economy slow down worldwide.. scared it would affect how people behave in their country (more robbery? more demo?). So.. I'll be more Singapore grounded this year.. home base activity. Hahahahahaha....
I want to learn more things, which is useful for my future job, such as learn the system (material control, AccPac), learn Advance Excel, learn Uniform System of Accounting, learn how to communicate well w/ people, to speak more (I found myself too quiet - aka kurang pinter basa basi... hahahahha...), managing time, etc.
And above all, to take care of my health!!! Haiz.. all is easier to say than done. But I just feel that lots of things I wanna do this year.. and years to come. To have a better life each and everyday... for my family, myself, and others too. Hm.. ya hor.. can't think only about ourselves.. but need to contribute more to others too.. such as donation, volunteering jobs... do more housework (it helps my mother in law too... kekekeke...). Pray more to others...
That's what on my brain right now. Well.. jia you ba!!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Live life to the fullest - Treasure what we have to the most

I quote the poem below from mypaper today written by Mr. Geoff Tan.

"Today is the tomorrow I worried about yesterday.
And today was such a lovely day.
That I wondered why I worried about yesterday.
So today I am not going to worry about tomorrow.
There may not be a tomorrow anyway.
So today I am going to live as if there is no tomorrow.
And I am going to forget about yesterday."
Take heart, my friends - happiness does not necessarily have to come from striving for something we don't have. It can come from recognising and appreciating what we do.

Hope you also find it as a meaningful words that remind us to live today, not about yesterday, and not to worry about tomorrow.

Have a great day!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Sooo tired.. Now the clock shows 12am in the morning.. Sleepy and tired.. but I haven't finished downloading software required for the new desktop. Using it now.. hehehe... Not bad.. the screen is big enough to see.. hahahaha...
Btw... what should be done, have been done. Hope I don't choose the wrong decision. But my heart says.. that's what I should do, and once I decided, no turning back and won't regret w/ it. What I gotta do next is to always be positive, hard work (be master of it), and try to find a way to solve the problems. That's the advice from the person who has been through it before. Well, noone felt sad w/ my leaving and nobody feels happy too w/my new career - my colleagues, I mean. I guess, they are just busy thinking of themselves.. on what they should do next without me doing their job. And somebody else was happy because of my leaving, he was asked to stay put. Anything can be done as long as they want it.
Honestly, I feel that I don't belong there. It's different people w/ different cultures and environment. Perhaps I haven't seen more from the other side, but at least, I have this 'home sweet home' feeling now. Kekekeke.. Well, wish me all the best ba!!! *Say it to myself.. - what a pity girl...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

New DSLR Camera

Another dream has come true... I finally bought Canon DSLR 450 yesterday at IT Show in Suntec. My hubby and I went around for a half day and it tired us out! Once we reached there, we directly went to Canon stall and bought my camera. It offered same price, but I got additional free gifts, such as: screen protector, lens pen, and filter on top of their usual free gifts (gorilla tripod, EF lens book, Camera user guide, 2 pcs of 8GB SD cards, and extra battery). One more thing, free Selphy mini printer for photos (u.p. $179). We faster paid and collected our free gifts ('cos the free gifts were while stock lasts!) Hehehe.. kiasu...

There was an offer for purchasing this camera, where I can buy the EF 50mm lens 2.8 for only $50 (u.p.$159) for every extended warranty. The extended warranty itself costs $150, which means, the 3 yrs extended warranty costs me only $50 if I were to buy the lens myself. My cousin recommended me to buy this lens, 'cos it's good to take picture of human. So... I took the offer right away!!!

Then we looked for our second target, which is desktop for our home use. Our current desktop has spoilt and therefore we looked for a new one. This will be put in Reever's room, which also be used by him for any computer activities. I might use it as well if I'm not lazy enough to move my buttocks there... ;P

We looked around here and there before we decided to buy HP desktop 9000 series. It was a good offer! Intel Quad 2.66GHz Processor, 4GB RAM, 640 GB Hard disk, Graphic card 512MB, wireless keyboard and mouse, HP monitor 22" included TV tuner and remote control, free Norman anti-virus, and extended 3 years local warranty. All for $1,599. I only trusted to buy HP brand among the others. Hopefully it doesn't give me any trouble and everything went on smoothly.

After that we went up to 6th floor to look around. Since I paid our purchases using OCBC Credit cards, we were entitled for free gifts as well.. Not bad oh????

Walked here and there made me hungry and tired. So we had our late lunch at Marina Food Loft then we went back home for a rest. At nite, after I woke up, I opened my camera package and charged the battery. Tried to read the manual, but couldn't finish since it's soooo many things in it. Hehehe.. so slowly la....

Then today...

I brought Reever to Kwong Meng Shan Temple for his Buddhist class. Raymond joined us as well as he didn't work today. Usually we went to listen to the talk while Reever was in the class, but today, we chose not to go in, but we went to take some pictures using my new camera. It was my dream to bring my camera there and took some pictures there. Since I'm still amateur in using it, I didn't take much things there.. And took more on human's objects in trying out the additional lens that I bought.

After the class, we went into my brother's house. My eldest sis and her hubby just arrived when we reached. We had our early dinner at S-11. We ate our favourite Korean style saba fish and bbq beef w/ rice. Very nice... Then we went up into my bro's house again.

Then I started to take picture here and there.. It took me quite some time to get a nice result. Hahaha.. sometimes the model couldn't take it... hahaha... anyway... have a great day!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Got flu since last Saturday ba... got worse on Sunday, after having a cupful of red milk bubble tea in a super hot weather!!! Now I have running nose and sore throat. I drank plentiful of water today in the office that I had to go to toilet for many times a day!!! Just ate a flu tablet.. hope I can have enough good sleep tonight.. so that I have enough energy to shop tomorrow ;P Jia you!!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Counting down

Wow... time flies.. just 2 days to go.. and I'll spend my money away.... haiz......
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