Thursday, April 09, 2009

Long weekend

Hi! Hi! Hi! Kinda bored now... so I decided to write something here.. hehehe... It's been quite some time too since I last wrote here. Hm.. this week I work in Purchasing from Tue to today, covering my colleague's duty who is getting married tomorrow. So happy that tomorrow is holiday! We'll be having long weekend.. Yeahhhhh!!!!
My hubby was asking me to join him playing badminton tomorrow.. No confirmation from him yet on what time he'll be going.. And I'll see my mood first.. huahahahhaa... before deciding to join him. ;P Then at nite I'll be attending my friend's wedding.
On Saturday he will be going to JB w/ his cousin. I'm still thinking whether I'm joining them or not. Hehehe.. Kinda tired and want to take a gud rest le... but will be bored at the same time if I just stay at home... huaaaa.... dunno what I want!!!
On Sunday I will bring Reever for Kumon. Hm.. maybe I'll be just lazing around on Sunday ba!!!!
After today, there will be 7 more working days left for me to work here.. then I'll have few days before starting the new one. Thinking of going back Jakarta... but it's too short le... So most probably I'll just stay back in Singapore ba! See how lor....
Oklah.. going back to my seat soon... Have a great long weekend to everyone!!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

gua jg bo hampa nih.. long weekend
gak tau mo ngapain...
ide dong ide..
pengenmalas2an tp boring jg di rmh terus..

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