Friday, May 08, 2009

Three steps one bow - Happy Vesak Day

Hi... today I took off-in-lieu, since I worked last Sunday for closing. Woke up at 8am in the morning. I took a bath, then brought Reever to his favourite makan place, McDonalds. He was having big breakfast while I only took $2.50 Breakfast Meal (Sausage Muffin and Coffee). We enjoyed our food very much. I left him with my mother-in-law while I went back home to take my things.

This morning I went to SGH to do blood test, then headed to OUB centre at Raffles Place to take typhoid injection, but they didn't have a stock, so I left the place and went to meet my ex-colleagues for lunch @Ming Arcade. I was having Seafood Fried Rice with Bird nest drink (fake one, of course). We chatted for a while, then walked a while to Forum. Wah, Jas has cut her hair short and her stomach has gotten much bigger than the last time I saw her. It's been 18 weeks already and she said, 90% the baby is girl (she is hoping for a baby girl actually, so.. her dreams might come true lor... hehehe..)

Then I met my hubby for a while behind the Far East Shopping Centre, at the carpark. He was waiting for his boss. Chatted for a short while, then I decided to continue my destination, to Bishan, cos the weather was damn hot! I went to Junction 8 first, then to my bro's house. I went there to take a look how his renovated house looks like. My sis-in-law was around so we chit chatted for a while until my friend, Irene, called me that she has reached Bishan.

We planned to meet together at Bishan since both of us would like to go for san bu i bai or three steps one bow in Kwang Meng San Temple. It's her first time too.. and both of us doesn't have any ticket for it. So we just went there and asked some volunteer there if there were any extra ticket for the procession. Luckily we managed to get 2 tickets for the 1st session, which supposed to start at 5pm. Wah.. it was so hot! The sun was shining and I was really afraid if it would really affecting my health. I just kept praying that I hope I can start and finish the procession safely.

There were lots of people there. The first session was only started at 5.30pm. By the time we started, it's already 5.45pm. We really took 3 steps then bowed on the road that we traveled and it took us 2 hours plus then finish our destination. We finished at 8pm. Both of us felt very relieved and happy that we managed to do it. It was very tiring! My knees were in pain (got reddish marks there, even the skin was torn off little bit). My feet was also in pain, perhaps too much walk. When we tried to go down the stairs, we could feel that our thigh giving us a funny feeling.. painful through all body.. Walaw.. can't describe it.. Hahaha...

After we finished, we queued up for giving the Buddha statue a bath. It took us about 40 minutes ba... Then we looked for vegetarian food served in their canteen. The menu for today was noodle vegetarian soup. Not bad la.. cos we were really hungry... Then we went around to see what else they have there.. There were kueh kueh distributed too.. and free juices and drinks. There were some stalls selling things too.. also got stalls which gives free distribution of CDs, books, etc. It was really fun and tiring. We left the place about 10pm.

We took bus to Bishan, and I took another bus back home, while my friend took taxi home. It's really a great experience for us and really had a fate for us to join this procession. It's said that the three steps one bow is to purify people's mind, humble their ego, and to train their mental concentration. See if next year I'll have this fate again.... ^^

Reached home about 11pm. My hubby was waiting for me at the bus stop and accompanying me home. Going to sleep soon.. And last.. happy vesak day everyone... Hope all beings be happy and free from suffering.. Nammo Buddhaya

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Anonymous said...

Such a good experience in Vesakh Day..
Take a rest now...!

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