Sunday, July 19, 2009


Wah, lately I always sleep soooo late at nite!!! Not good!!! But what to do? Need to harvest my farm.. and put seeds for them to grow... Hahahaha.. Alamak... kinda addicted to the fb game!!! Zhao gao... plus eating a lot.. made me grow fatter and fatter!!!!
Mom came on Thursday morning. I went to see her on Thursday night. We had dinner at S-11 then went to J8. She shopped lots of t-shirts from Bossini... *spent lots of $$$ on it!!! Then we walked2 for a while before went to my bro's house.
I didn't go there on Friday nite, 'cos I need to buy calcium tablets at Chinatown and was tired. So after work, I had a walk at Read bridge and along the river side to see the Singapore Food Festival - Peranakan Food held by STB. SMC participated on the event. There were lots of people there. I didn't eat anything there as too many people and the food.. hm.. so so ba.. I'll try next week. The rojak smells good.. also the kebab... hehehehe....
Went to see the flea markets.. but nothing to buy.. Most of them sell clothes, and I've got no interest on it.. (also no size la...). So I walked to Chinatown by myself. Feeling hungry, I went to eat KFC for dinner. Wahhh... ate Banditto meal plus cheeze fries.. So fattening!!!! Even the day before that I also had KFC for breakfast and dinner... huaaaa..... fatty bom bom... Dabao one banditto pocket for my hubby, then went to buy the calcium tablets.
At hougang there, I bought 3 durians home. 3 for $10. Nyummy!!! I walked back home bringing those durians, as no durians are allowed in public transport. Kekekeke.... Wah... ate again!!! So.. can imagine how fatty I am!!!! It's durian season now.. so must eat while I can.. otherwise, it would be so ex.. and not nice.
Today Reever and I went to temple like usual. Time really flies. I went to listen to Dhamma talk every week and every time I feel like it was yesterday. A week after a week, feel like a day after a day... We went to my bro's house after that and all of us went out together to Tampines One.
They had never been there before. So today was their first visit. We went around and had dinner at Manpuku. It's Japanese restaurant and their system is just like visiting Marche. They have different stalls, such as: sushi, ramen, udon, curry rice, omu rice, okonomiyaki, Japanese grill, desserts, etc. Can log in to other people's blog about the place:
Too bad we didn't take pictures. We were just too hungry and too curious about the food ba... Hehehe.. I ordered Special mix set omu rice containing omu rice, beef hamburger, 2 pcs of tempura ebi, deep fried oyster, and salad plus soup - only $12.80. Very big portion. My son bought chicken cutlet curry rice, not as pretty as the picture and tastes not as good as I imagine too... My bro and sis-in-law, plus my cousin ate sushi. Another cousin ate the curry chicken rice. And mom was choosing mix Japanese grill such as: bacon w/ asparagus, unagi stick, scallop stick, octopus. Quite expensive for the grill stuffs. I had Macha Parfait for dessert (green tea ice plus jelly, cereal, cream, red bean, and wafer on top) - $5.80 ea. My sis-in-law shared Banana Chocolate Cake w/ her son. Lots of cream.. not really nice ba..... although it looked quite attractive. I think their standard still can't match w/ Marche in terms of controlling what people take and pay. E.g. they have displayed takaway sushi counter. But the staffs were quite busy attending the customer. So, if people just took the sushi and ran away w/out paying, it can be happened! And when we paid, in Marche, the people would count the cards first, and ask the rest of people to go out first so that they can make sure the card that came back is according to how many people took it. But here, the cashier just took the cards without checking how many people who were actually dining in and there was a guy who standing at exit door, but seems like he didn't give a damn about it and just let everyone went out like normal. I mean.. how if the card given was less? 'Cos they mention in the card, if the card has been lost, the person must pay $100 for it.
Anyway.. I ate very full. We had a walk after that. And before going back home, I da bao my favourite jian bao for my hubby. 2 packets for me and 3 packets for my brother (they're going to play mahjong tonite and need snacks when they're hungry).
Wah.... jialat la.. eat eat and eat....... Now it's 1.26am. Time to sleep ba.. Tomorrow still got things to do.. haiz..... Well.. good nite everyone...

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Anonymous said...

ck ck ck.. makan terus....
tar gua jg di ajak makan yah.. hehehehe

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