Monday, September 28, 2009

Busy October

This month I'll be busy... Busy having fun? Or busy eating? Hahahaha... This Friday night, going to my colleague's farewell at Liang Court, wanna try Taiwanese food, as per recommended by her. Next day afternoon, my schoolmate, Ann, is going to get married w/ her photographer hubby at Crown Hotel in Changi Airport. Then either Sat or Sun night, going to have dinner w/ my brother and families. And 9th Oct, going to celebrate Oktoberfest at one of the German restaurant. I've been wanting to eat there since long time ago, and finally can find some khakis to eat together. Hopefully we can enjoy our dinner together. ^^
Well.. going to sleep now.. Got any update, will write again next time.. Bonne nuite...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

I've never been this weak before. It's really suffering. These two days, what I did was just sleep, try to eat a little bit, vomit, go to toilet, and sleep again. Today when I fetched my son from school, the short distance was felt like miles away. I stopped few times before continued walking w/ my sis-in-law's son. Lucky I never faint on my way... Still feel quite weak but hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to go to work and do my job before stock take next Mon and Tue... Haiz... please help me, give me strength so that I can carry on my life and duty...
First of all, thank you for everyone who have sent me birthday wishes through sms, bbm, email, facebook, and even singing on the phone. Yesterday was my birthday. So I took two days leave from 22 to 23 Sept. My hubby asked me to book a hotel room at sister property. Then we went out on 22 Sept afternoon. First destination is to have lunch buffet at Jushinjung, a Korean restaurant. We went to the west branch. We slowly ate, actually, ate quite fast. We finished it at about an hour only. Hahahaha... I ordered my yummy spicy cold noodle while my hubby ordered BBQ saba fish and two sets of BBQ meat *chicken, two type of pork, and pork belly. Wow we ate very full!

So we decided to take a look at Haw Par Villa, which is located at the opposite of the restaurant. It's been so many years since each of us went there. Hm.. condition is better than what I imagined. I mean.. it's been repainted some time ago. Free admission, except to the Ten courts of hell ($1 per adult). We didn't go inside there. Just browsed around the area. Lots of statues everywhere. There was a pond with full of turtles and fishes. The turtles know when people is going to feed them. When they see there is people at the side of the pond, they will swim towards the person and wait for the person to give them the food.

We took bus to opposite of Suntec. It was a bit jam because there was a lane closure due to F1 preparation. We had a walk to the hotel. We were given a refurbished double bed room at 21st floor facing Esplanade and city.

We took a rest for a while, before going out again and had a walk from Marina Square to Suntec, and back to Marina Square again. We had buffet steamboat and alacarte at Hotpot Culture. We enjoyed our dinner so much and felt great with the place. There was chocolate fondue as well and it tasted great, accompanied with banana, strawberry, and ice cream. After that we had a walk to Esplanade. Sitting at the side of the quay and enjoyed the view of Singapore. We went back to hotel at 9.30pm, took a relaxing bath tub and watching TV. There was no hair dryer, so I left my wet hair like that and went to sleep. The air-con was quite cold as well although we have adjusted it. So that's why it began.

At 4am I was woken up. My stomach was full of air and.. series of lao sai began. Hahahaha.... at 6am, at 8am, and so on. Tried to have a sandwich breakfast at Subway, but not long after, I ended up vomiting it out. My stomach was really full of gas. The shit was watery and followed by gas outing. Must wear a mask. The worst thing is.. it happened to both of us, not just me... We took turn to use the toilet. Hahaha... We decided to take taxi back home.

I ate medicine that was given previously by the doctor. So I thought it would get better soon. I even fell asleep for about 2 hours. But when I woke up, the conditions were remain the same. And it even got worst. I had to go to toilet once in every 10 mins? Tried to eat something, but then vomited it out? So at about 8.15pm, I decided to see doctor. Ray accompanied me there and the doctor gave me a jab on my right arm and medicines for vomit and diarrhea. I tried to eat a little bit food, the fell asleep again.

This time, the sleep was very good. I slept at about 9.30pm and woke up this morning at 7.30am. Had a dream for a while, then decided to take the mc given by the doctor. So I smsed my colleagues and cooked a noodle to fill up my empty stomach and tried to drink more water.

Believe it or not.. I get sick on my birthday these few years back. Haiz... when I ate noodle this morning, just remember that I didn't eat noodle and egg yesterday. Well.. hopefully I can get better today and ready to work tomorrow... Jia you!!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Recently lots of my friends are pregnant or giving birth to 2nd child. Can say that I was giving birth early.. but at the end, my production was stopped early too.. unlike the rest.. hehehehe.... If not because of the fact that I know, I would have been disappointed all this while. But what I need is to satisfy with what I have. No matter one, two, three, four or five, as long the child is healthy and happy, nothing can beat it. I'm very happy for all my friends. Lots of people says, it's better to have at least two, so that my son would have friend to play with. Anyway, my mother-in-law is taking care of my sis-in-law's son as well here, so my son is having someone to play with all this time. I know, one is a bit lonely, and that's what I didn't expect to have previously. But now, it doesn't matter, as long as he wouldn't live so selfishly and still learn how to share, to play, to take care others, and not just living in his own world. I believe God is fair. Nothing is perfect in this world. We can just make the best out of it.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Holiday plan

Have bought tickets for two for this December. Going back to home sweet home and be reunion with my family. Today I spoke to my dad about it and he was quite exciting about it, moreover I'll be there for more than a week (rather than usual short trip). And the most exciting part is that it would be their first time celebrating Reever's birthday together. And the second day would be my eldest sis b'day, which also my son's gang ma. My mum is planning to buy birthday cake for Reever. She is very exciting about it. Hehehe...

My sis will go back earlier than me from Australia and I'm going to meet her, her hubby, and their little chubby boy, Rafa. Can imagine pinching his cheeks whenever see him. Hahaha... My sis already asked me to bring my camera so that I can take pics of her son and herself. Well.. sans problem madam! There is nothing in this world that can replace the happiness of getting together with the family members.. Just hope everything would be alright, especially my leave.. hopefully there is no audit around.. or any other problem around so that my leave would be granted easily... Wish me luck, ok?

As for this week, it's a short holiday for me. It's public holiday here on Monday, to replace the Hari Raya that falls this Sunday. And I extend another two days off since I don't wish to work during my birthday next Wed. ^^

I've booked room at sister properties and will stay there for a night, with my hubby. My son has to go to school, that's why we won't bring him along... too bad sayang..... Aryn will celebrate her birthday the day before my birthday, and I don't think I'll celebrate together with them.. sorry.... They will celebrate it for her, where Aunty will cook..

I just wanna go around the city, relaxing and don't have to think about work...

Well.. going to sleep soon... Happy holiday everyone, especially those who stay in Indonesia, they're going to have quite long holiday for this Hari Raya celebration or Lebaran. Oh ya.. my school friend is coming too next Tue with her families, hope to see her around here.. Ciao!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"If you can't beat them, join them!"

Got this sentence from my friend's blog. That's really interesting!! I was in dilemma recently over something and this sentence may be the answer for it! Hahahaha...

Monday, September 14, 2009

School holiday has over. We didn't fly out. I took leave on Wednesday, 090909, and brought my son and my brother's son to the zoo. Starting their day with breakfast at McDonald, then went to the zoo. They kept wanting to go to Rainforest Zoo where they could play with water. They brought swimming suits and played there happily. We had KFC for lunch and only left the zoo at about 4.30 pm. We reached Bishan and had our early dinner at Kim San Leng.
On Friday he went to Wild Wild Wet with my sis-in-law and her families, also my mother-in-law. He played another whole day enjoying the holiday.
And today he went back to school. While I had dinner with my friend, he called me, saying that he is now a monitor. I was thinking for quite a while.. In my mind I was imagining the computer monitor.. Then he said it again.. *ting... oh.. class monitor... I am very happy for him. It will last for 2 months. There were two students chosen to become monitor, so he is one of them. When I reached home, he showed me his Monitor badge proudly. He is even wearing it now in front of me. He is reading poem now from A to Z. Hihihihi.. Love you very much Reever.. Muachhh....

Monday, September 07, 2009


Sunday, September 06, 2009

It's 3am in the morning and I still awake. Just now I watched the DVD, HK series, Heart of Greed. Now shown on TV, channel 8 every night at 9pm. At first I didn't have any interest to watch. But after that.. not bad la.. rather than do nothing.. kekeke... Then my sis-in-law bought the DVD before, and my hubby borrows it from her. And tonight, we just watched 8 series in a row, where each series would take about 45 mins. Hahahaha... It's not ended yet. Still another 8 series to go. Going to watch tomorrow.

The story is about a happy rich HK families where they run business selling abalone. And after the Da Ma passed away, the Xiao Ma tried to take over her position and wanted to get the fortune herself with a help of her boyfriend. Haiz... why people never satisfy on what they have? Actually it's not really a good movie to see 'cos it's only showing those bad things that human would always do. Hatred.. Greed.. Also about betrayal in relationship. Some more the one who betrays the girl, is her own best friend. Haiyaa.....

Actually I was about going to sleep until I heard sms from my handphone. It was my sis-in-law message. Then I saw the msg from fb that my long lost friend has already added me as my friend. Wahh.. I am very happy to see her again! She is my primary school friend. Since we left the primary school, we still contacted to each other, until one day, we lost touch. You know la.. last time there is no handphone, no internet, so no personal number to contact when people move house.. and no email too.. I tried to search her this afternoon and so glad that I found her again. Not only her, there were still some other long lost friends I found. She is married with one kid. Glad to hear that! There are lots more to share I guess...

Today I went to listen the Dhamma talk again. Today's topic is very good. About.. paying what we owe to someone in this life. There were few stories that shi fu described and touched my heart. One of it is like this. Shi fu has a friend who was pregnant her first child. During 9 months pregnancy, doctor said there was nothing wrong with the baby. Everything was normal and baby was healthy. But when the baby came out, she was born abnormal. The mother was very sad and remorseful for what has happened. So instead of giving up the baby's life, she chose to love and take care this baby. She also followed the shi fu's advice to pray for this baby. Everyday she chanted and hope that this baby would be born normally in her next life. And after three years old, the baby passed away.So the shi fu explained that this happened because this mother may ever owed this baby before in her past life. And by giving birth to this baby, it gave a chance to this mother to repay the debt, and to do good deeds by showing her kindness to love the baby, pray for her, and everything that she has done to her. And after the debt has been paid fully for three years, the baby then left this world and hopefully can be born normally in her next life. After that, her friend pregnant again and has born a very beautiful baby girl and other 2 boys, all in a good health and normal.

And another story is when a woman gave birth to a baby where the baby could only move her eyes and mouth to eat. Doctor told her that this baby would only have 3 months to live. And what her mother did was to blame the doctor for the things that he did. I think when she gave birth, there was a little bit hard and the doctor did some suction to get the baby out. She also gave up this little baby. After three months had passed and the baby was still alive, she even ever thought of not giving this baby any food and wanted her to die. And til now, the baby still survive and has grown more than ten over years. Shi fu said, the mother was very angry with the child while the father loves this child very much. He is the one who takes care of this child. Giving her food to eat, helping her to take a bath, etc. And it was said that this child is reincarnation from her mother-in-law. It's said that she has treated her mother-in-law badly before. And before her mother-in-law passed away, she has mentioned something that she wanted to be born as this daughter-in-law child so that she would be taken care of her.
Shi fu also said about people's yuan fen to Buddha Dhamma. Some people do not have fate with Buddhism, they just think around themselves and always think about their problems. But those who has fate and believe in Dhamma, would find a solution to their problem. By having a positive mind about life, it helps a lot in making the things better in life.

Shi fu always mentions about karma. Ying and guo. And she always says that karma is fair. What you did is what you get. It's only that the time for karma to ripe is different and depends on your fate. She said.. we have to have a positive mind in life, and NEVER GIVE UP! Look at the nature! Look at the grass... The grass has been through a dryness, rain, storm, being stepped by people, etc.. but it always grows up. It was rotten or spoilt, but it would raise up again. That's the spirit that we always have to learn.

I love to listen to her story.. and so lucky that I have this yuan fen to hear her Dhamma. Not all people would be able to listen to this or believe in it. Some don't even bother about it. But I just want to thank the above.. for what I get.

Well.. going to sleep now... Thank you again for everything.. Good night...
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