Sunday, September 06, 2009

It's 3am in the morning and I still awake. Just now I watched the DVD, HK series, Heart of Greed. Now shown on TV, channel 8 every night at 9pm. At first I didn't have any interest to watch. But after that.. not bad la.. rather than do nothing.. kekeke... Then my sis-in-law bought the DVD before, and my hubby borrows it from her. And tonight, we just watched 8 series in a row, where each series would take about 45 mins. Hahahaha... It's not ended yet. Still another 8 series to go. Going to watch tomorrow.

The story is about a happy rich HK families where they run business selling abalone. And after the Da Ma passed away, the Xiao Ma tried to take over her position and wanted to get the fortune herself with a help of her boyfriend. Haiz... why people never satisfy on what they have? Actually it's not really a good movie to see 'cos it's only showing those bad things that human would always do. Hatred.. Greed.. Also about betrayal in relationship. Some more the one who betrays the girl, is her own best friend. Haiyaa.....

Actually I was about going to sleep until I heard sms from my handphone. It was my sis-in-law message. Then I saw the msg from fb that my long lost friend has already added me as my friend. Wahh.. I am very happy to see her again! She is my primary school friend. Since we left the primary school, we still contacted to each other, until one day, we lost touch. You know la.. last time there is no handphone, no internet, so no personal number to contact when people move house.. and no email too.. I tried to search her this afternoon and so glad that I found her again. Not only her, there were still some other long lost friends I found. She is married with one kid. Glad to hear that! There are lots more to share I guess...

Today I went to listen the Dhamma talk again. Today's topic is very good. About.. paying what we owe to someone in this life. There were few stories that shi fu described and touched my heart. One of it is like this. Shi fu has a friend who was pregnant her first child. During 9 months pregnancy, doctor said there was nothing wrong with the baby. Everything was normal and baby was healthy. But when the baby came out, she was born abnormal. The mother was very sad and remorseful for what has happened. So instead of giving up the baby's life, she chose to love and take care this baby. She also followed the shi fu's advice to pray for this baby. Everyday she chanted and hope that this baby would be born normally in her next life. And after three years old, the baby passed away.So the shi fu explained that this happened because this mother may ever owed this baby before in her past life. And by giving birth to this baby, it gave a chance to this mother to repay the debt, and to do good deeds by showing her kindness to love the baby, pray for her, and everything that she has done to her. And after the debt has been paid fully for three years, the baby then left this world and hopefully can be born normally in her next life. After that, her friend pregnant again and has born a very beautiful baby girl and other 2 boys, all in a good health and normal.

And another story is when a woman gave birth to a baby where the baby could only move her eyes and mouth to eat. Doctor told her that this baby would only have 3 months to live. And what her mother did was to blame the doctor for the things that he did. I think when she gave birth, there was a little bit hard and the doctor did some suction to get the baby out. She also gave up this little baby. After three months had passed and the baby was still alive, she even ever thought of not giving this baby any food and wanted her to die. And til now, the baby still survive and has grown more than ten over years. Shi fu said, the mother was very angry with the child while the father loves this child very much. He is the one who takes care of this child. Giving her food to eat, helping her to take a bath, etc. And it was said that this child is reincarnation from her mother-in-law. It's said that she has treated her mother-in-law badly before. And before her mother-in-law passed away, she has mentioned something that she wanted to be born as this daughter-in-law child so that she would be taken care of her.
Shi fu also said about people's yuan fen to Buddha Dhamma. Some people do not have fate with Buddhism, they just think around themselves and always think about their problems. But those who has fate and believe in Dhamma, would find a solution to their problem. By having a positive mind about life, it helps a lot in making the things better in life.

Shi fu always mentions about karma. Ying and guo. And she always says that karma is fair. What you did is what you get. It's only that the time for karma to ripe is different and depends on your fate. She said.. we have to have a positive mind in life, and NEVER GIVE UP! Look at the nature! Look at the grass... The grass has been through a dryness, rain, storm, being stepped by people, etc.. but it always grows up. It was rotten or spoilt, but it would raise up again. That's the spirit that we always have to learn.

I love to listen to her story.. and so lucky that I have this yuan fen to hear her Dhamma. Not all people would be able to listen to this or believe in it. Some don't even bother about it. But I just want to thank the above.. for what I get.

Well.. going to sleep now... Thank you again for everything.. Good night...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the Dharma..
Everytime i felt down, i just look at my little baby now. As you said.. he will cheer you up..
sometimes he is cry.. sometime he is laughing and play with you..
at least i am not alone now

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