Friday, October 09, 2009

Around the "work'

Started this week by having training about Food Hygiene organized by outside company approved by government. Visited my ex-colleague who was just giving birth the day before that, continued with having dinner @Novena Square w/ another ex-colleague. It's a baby girl, born in October 4th, 14.50pm, weight 3.74kg. It's a big baby.

Busying at work on Tue, and another half day training on Wednesday. Only after that I got a time to help up with a paint wall team competition organized by my working place, competed internally among departments. I painted the hotel words and color the Merlion... Stopped at 8pm then rushed home 'cos I was very hungry. Hehehe...

Yesterday I went back home on time. Didn't help up with painting since there were so many people attending the walls, no space for me, I guess, unless I stay over working hours, well, no thanks.

Stopping by the local supermarket and bought fruits, vegetables, bread, and dairy products. Suddenly I was craving to eat salad, thought of having sandwiches ala subway, and drinking healthy juices w milk or some yoghurts. Reached home, prepared my dinner. It's great! I love the food very much!!! I mixed banana, pineapple, and milk for the shakes.. Healthy and full of vitamins :)

Plan for tonight??? Going back on the dot, take shuttle bus, and go to Milennia Walk. Planning to have Oktoberfest dinner w fellow friends :) Hope everything is ok and have a great time later. Stop here.. Have a great weekend everyone!!!

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