Saturday, October 10, 2009

Oktoberfest 09

Yesterday night Ellen, Steph, PY, and I met up for dinner at Paulaner Brauhaus in Milennia Walk, just the opposite of Suntec Convention Centre. We made a reservation since about 10 days ago and there we were!

We started our meal by ordering 1 set of Sausages Platter and 1 set of Paulaner Platter. Both contains sausages, mashed potato, and sauerkraut, the only different was just the Paulaner one contains Pork Knuckles and meatloaf. 4 of us shared the food and each of us ordering the Oktoberfest Bier 0.5 litre, a special freshly brewed from Paulaner own microbrewery. It came with long and slim glass.

About 8 pm we finished our meal and the live band was just started.It's a group of German guys played their musical instruments. The room was full of music. They sang and dance. And guess what? After the band played few songs, there were another group of people wearing the German folk dress. It contains 4 guys and 1 girl. I thought they were part of the band... And when they passed by our table going to the direction to another table nearby ours, we saw one guy look very familiar... Guess what?? He is our hotel's GM (General Manager). Kekeke.. what a coincidence.... He was there with his fellow friends in a big table. The other three tall guys are his sons and the woman is his wife. Hahaha... After he settled down, he looked at our side. We waved our hands to him then he realized about our presence. He came by and talked for a while then he had his dinner. So did we.

Our first glass of beer has finished. So we intended to order a second one. Then we saw the menu. There was another drink come with quantity of 2 cl and 4 cl. We asked the waiter and he said it came with different flavors, raspberry, cherry, and pear. In my mind, I thought it was a beer.. Since they brew their own beer, well, I thought.. why don't we try??? So we ordered each of them. The names are: Schlanderer Williams Birne (Pear), Schlanderer Himbeergeist (Raspberry), and Schlanderer Kirschwasser (Cherry).

When it came to our table, I was surprised! It came with small glasses. All with same colour, white.. but with different smell. Hahaha.. only then we realised that it wasn't a beer, but a German hard liquor. Since it came, we could only try and drink it. I guess the alcohol level was quite high, about 40% maybe? The taste were almost like vodka. Each of us took turn drinking, err.. sipping it.. hahahahaha... We sang and danced. It was great!!

We ordered their homemade apple strudel with vanilla ice cream as a dessert. It looks nice and tastes really good.

The band stopped at about 9.40pm. My friend still didn't want to go home yet... So we ordered another food and beer to share. This time we ordered food hot (appetizer), a Potato rosti with dry smoked ham gratinated with Gruyere Cheese.. hm... Gruyere.. Swiss cheese.. plus 1 litre of Beer.. this time came with a big glass... hehehe... Prost!!!

Overall the dinner was good.. Food is delicious, beer is fresh, liquor is enough to make us laugh a lot, ambience was superb and most importantly.. the accompanies are great!!!! Thanks for dinner together gals... I hope all of you enjoying it too!!

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