Saturday, October 03, 2009

Relaxing night

After busying for a week, finally it's Friday!!! I was very busy doing stocktake, and closing for these past few days. I slept early every night to make sure that I had enough energy to concentrate and do my job properly. Finally the day is over!!! Yesterday morning, I received a call asking me to make sure the journal posted so that the first P&L draft would come out by today. It was a record breaking actually that I managed to post all my journal (including monster journal) in a day!!! Usually I would drag a time to 1.5 days 'cos I don't want to tire myself out and it would depend on the preparedness of the job as well.. I was busying w/ all the invoices on 30th (after finish posting all the stock take figures), so that everything went on smoothly. So today I managed to finish all the reconciliations (well.. another record breaking that all was done in 2 days!!!). It tired me up, of course... but then.. I will go for training on Monday, that's why I tried my best to finish everything before I left.

I went out to my friend's farewell dinner at the finest Taiwanese dining, Shih Yuan, at Liang Court together w/ 4 other friends. The food was not bad. The quality is there for the price that we paid. The service was promptly and the workers were quite good at selling their products. We ordered 6 types of food for 5 of us and ended our dinner by ordering snow skin mooncakes and complimentary moachi from the restaurant.

I gave my friend little souvenir to remind her and encourage her whenever she faces any problem. Actually I was planning to wrap the gifts properly and send some messages inside, but because of the closing, I really had no time to do that. Well, if you read my blog here, I just wanted you to know.. those things I gave, has meaning in it. The 'smiling' candies are for you so that when you look at it, even before you eat it, you would smile and be happy. I bet you're celebrating ur departure from this company.. kekeke... and sad as well.. 'cos you have to leave your fellow colleagues. But since you've decided your mind on it.. you should bear the responsibility of it and make full use ur decision into doing something that you really wish to do, which is.. to continue ur study.

Studying is not an easy thing to do. But I know, you're quite clever in it and I'm sure you will make it! But no matter what, whenever you face any problem, or feeling sick of it... in case... that thing I gave you, hopefully can remind yourself not to quit, not to give up!!! You've chosen your way so.. better make a full use of it and make sure you do it well!! OK??? In case whenever you need friends around but they were not there.. somehow.. it can help to remind yourself not to quit!! Life is short. Life is precious. So, better make full use of it!

And small magnet thing.. is to remind you.. to treasure the present time.. now.. Not always buried yourself into your past time.. or worrying yourself about future.. always remember.. 'now' is the time that you're going through.. so seize the day and live life to the fullest.

Anyway.. although you're not working there anymore.. we're still friends and still can contact each other. Whatever thing you're doing.. we'll keep supporting you. Jia you!! And good luck in everything that you do, ok???

Going to sleep now.. Very tired and tomorrow I have few things to do.. Happy mooncake day!!! Or... Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!!! =P

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Anonymous said...

Good job sis... very proud of you...

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