Tuesday, December 15, 2009

3rd day in Jakarta

I woke up early this morning, followed my mom to market. She bought ingredients for breakfast and lunch. We had mom cooked lor mie for breakfast. It's one of my favourite food.
After that I went to the room, reading back my old notes. It took me back to the days when I was still quite young. I always regard this home as a place full of loves and memories. Although many still has been buried somewhere.

In the afternoon my two sisters came. Both stay here tonight. We finally play w Rafa again.
Afternoon menu: beef ribs soup w carrot n potato, chilli petai w prawn. Both taste great! Home cooked food is always the best!

We went to salon after that. Three women had creambath. I had pedicure at the same time. My son had his hair cut and wash. Once finished we went inside the mall. I bought my son a deck od Animal Kaiser cards. It's very famous in Timezone now.

He is very happy with his new things. It's kinda hard and expensive to play that game in Singapore. Here, at least he managed to play few games. We sat at Kafe Betawi for high tea. I had Soto Betawi Daging. My sis has rujak juhi and Soto Mie. All taste good.

We went back home and made ourselves ready for the next appointment. My eldest aunt invited us for dinner at her house. They were having praying session, blessing something, which 'til now I still don't know what... Er..... ;P

At my aunt's house

It's kind of family gathering from my mom side. I managed to meet up with quite lots of relatives there. The food was great too! I managed to eat bakwan and bakso that usually sold at roadside :)

Mei Ling, Claire and me :)

It's late now. I'm going to sleep soon. Tomorrow we're going to have 2 days 1 nite trip to Garut and Bandung. Good nite everyone!

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