Tuesday, December 15, 2009

4th day in Indonesia

Today we went to outside Jakarta. My parents, 2 sis, cousin, my son and I, 7 of us sat in 1 car. Our first destination is Bandung. We went to my cousin's bf house at Cipaku. We had lunch at the house's veranda.

Dajie and Baobei played baby foot ball :)

Great house with great view. We were served various dim sum, rice, ayam buah keluak, fried noodle, plus the food cooked and brought by my cousin, sambal petai prawn and chicken chilli.

Lunch at veranda

We took a look at the sheeps that were raised by them too on top of his house.

After lunch, we continued our journey to Garut. We had foot reflexiology at one of the villager's house. He is great in foot reflexiology. While I was massaged, he would tell me what sickness do I have. By touching my foot in less than 15 seconds, he could know that I have surplus in antibody which causes stir with the antibodies themselves. He also said that there is something wrong with my amandel. He said he could fix lots of disease by treating it with reflexiology. But it requires many times of treatment. Like for my case, I need to do it for about 100 times or three months time. Lots of people look for him even from a very faraway places.

No wonder my father likes to go there. He said he inherited his skills from his father. He talked much about IQ, EQ, SQ, RQ, and so on. He said he has treated many people who were sick. He pressed the foot. Whenever we feel pain, it means there is something wrong with our body parts. By doing reflexiology, he could fix the problem points, but it is really painful!!! We would shout and pull our foot from his hand. Heheheh...

Interesting person. My father was in very much pain when he was massaged. I thought my father wouldn't feel the pain, but I was wrong. My son even laughed at him. And tell u what? Whenever my son was naughty, I told him, be careful, later gong2 will hit you. And do you know what he told me? Never mind, later I ask the uncle again to massage hom harder so that he would be in great pain.... Kekekeke....

My son was massaged as well. But according to research, the younger you are, the less sickness you'll have, so you will have less pain when you were massaged. Can see the difference when you see the reaction of people who were massage. Hahaahahah.... :D

Baobei had his foot reflexiology

Once everyone has done, we continued our journey to the hotel. We sleep at Cipaganti hotel. Before that, we had our dinner at Cibiuk, a Sundanese restaurant. We had fried chicken, sour soup, grilled petai, batagor, empal (marinated beef), and deep fried fish with free flow salad and chilli sauce. Hehehehe.... :D

At Hotel Cipaganti

We went to hot spring water pool after dinner, about 7pm, then went back to our hotel. We continued soaking our bodies in our hotel room's bathroom. There was small hot spring bath inside our room. We talked and chatted inside. It was quite fun!

After that we had a beer and fried pig skin. Great moment, hehehee... Oklah I'm tired now. Going to sleep now. Gud nite!

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