Thursday, December 17, 2009

6th day in Indonesia

Yesterday night we had kuo tie and rujak juhi (dried sotong rujak) in Pancoran for dinner. It was our favourite food since we were very young. The kuo tie is small, can bite in 1 or 2 mouth, crispy skin outside while inside is steamy pork meat w vegetable. My cousin bought martabak, half keju (cheese) and half choco peanut, takeaway home.

This morning we had chicken noodle in Mie Abadi. The noodle is thick and hard like rubber, it's their specialty. The chilli is spicy. We ate siomai and fried pork ball as side dishes.

In the afternoon we went to temple to pray, then my mom and I continued our jouney to ITC Mangga Dua, the shopping paradise for everyone. Its stuffs are not really cheap, but there are lots of varieties of goods sold over there, both local and imported products. I'm very satisfied to find all things I wanted today. I spent quite lots of money but I brought back so many stuffs with me. If I shop in shopping mall spending that amount of money, I may only bring back 2-3 stuffs home.

We shopped until 3 pm and went back home by Bajaj. Bajaj is a three-wheel transportation. We took a newer version. Its colour is blue, size is bigger, less noise and air pollution, use gas as a fuel, use leg to brake instead of hands, and the one we took, it even has two big speakers behind our seats. It's very interesting. The whole journey I kept praying that we could reach home safely and soundly. I was afraid that we were robbed on the way home, because it's opened and easy prey to rob. Thanks God that we reach home safely. :)

Tonight we ate kambing soup Soma at the roadside then went back home and sleep early. Tomorrow I've gotta wake up early to eat pie oh again at 6am in the morning. Well, write til here. Continue again tomorrow. Gud nite!!!

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