Friday, December 31, 2010

Some things learnt from people below:

:) Bunda Theresa:
—► Jika Anda hanya berusaha menilai seseorang, maka Anda tidak akan pernah dapat menyayangi mereka
—► Jika kita tidak bisa mencintai orang-orang yang dapat kita lihat, Bagaimana kita bisa mencintai Tuhan yang tak terlihat?

:) Swami Vivekananda
—► Jika Anda tidak menemui masalah apapun, maka Anda tidak akan pernah yakin bahwa Anda berada di jalan yang salah

:) Adolf Hitler
—► Jika Anda menang, tak usah berkomentar…
—► Pun, jika Anda kalah, tak usah beralasan…

:) Bennie Blair
—► Menang, bukan berarti menjadi “paling“.
Menang, adalah karena Anda berusaha lebih baik dari sebelumnya…

:) William Shakesphere
—► Tiga kunci sukses :
a. Tahu lebih banyak dari orang lain
b. Berusaha lebih keras dari orang lain.
c. Berharap lebih sedikit dari orang lain.

:) Charles
—► Jangan pernah mengkhianati empat hal dalam hidupmu :
a. Amanat
b. Janji
c. Hubungan
d. Hati / perasaan

:) Leo Tolstoy
—► Semua orang berpikir untuk mengubah dunia.. Tapi tak satupun berpikir untuk merubah dirinya sendiri...

:) Einstein
—► Jika seseorang merasa bahwa mereka tidak pernah melakukan kesalahan selama hidupnya, maka sebenarnya mereka tidak pernah mencoba hal-hal baru dalam hidupnya.

:) Bill Gates
—► Jika anda terlahir dalam kemiskinan itu bukanlah kesalahan anda, tapi jika anda mati dalam
kemiskinan itu adalah kesalahan anda.<3

Last day of year 2010

Today is the last day of year 2010. Tomorrow onwards, we're going to change a new calendar, new diary, and a new beginning!

Overall everything is going on smoothly in year 2010. Health was excellent! I was sick few times, but not a big deal. My travel went smoothly. Managed to go to places I'd been dreaming of. Got a courage to start studying again and to think positively for anything that happens in life. Got to know quite number of new friends and colleagues. Well, I also learn that I need to control my thinking (minds), words (speech), and doing, etc.

Thank you for immediately warning and opening my eyes on seeing what are the true colour of some people I met with. I am glad that I still have few quality friends to share my happiness and woes with, I hope our friendship would last long. Of course thank you my families, especially my parents and siblings who supported me in everything I do, I hope all of you are blessed with good health, luck, and happiness all the time.

Happy New Year 2011 to everyone!

Life is short,
break the rules,
Forgive quickly,
love truly,
laugh uncontrollably,
and never regret anything that made you smile.
Happy New Year! :)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ooooohhhhh...... I'm soooooooo.... sleeeeppppyyyyy nowwww.... I wish I can go back to my bed and sleep again.....Hoaaaeeeehhhhhhmmmmmm.....

But I can't!!!!! Need to do stock take today and tomorrow, then prepare for the closing the day after... Seems like I will go nowhere for NY count down. Maybe just like X'mas eve... Sleeping almost a whole day 'cos I was too tired during the week before....

Well.. Just hope everything goes smoothly for month-end closing this month... Wish me luck!!!!

Monday, December 20, 2010

5 days to Christmas :)

20th December 2010

I had lunch with ET today. We had Japanese Ramen plus black pig meat. Hehehee.... Not bad, but a soup taste was a bit salty. The deep fried black pig ribs were marinated nicely. Really had a heavy lunch!

ET gave me Doraemon keychain thumb drive 8 GB as my Christmas present. She bought it during her holiday in HK recently. She also bought few flavors of famous almond cookies from Macao. Thank you ET!!! I love the thumb drive very much. I can bring it around everyday and I'm sure it will be very useful :)

Doraemon Thumb Drive & Keychain - X'mas present from ET

I gave her Mickey and Minnie Mouse puzzle as Christmas present. Just nice her partner likes Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Hope they like it :)

After work, I stopped by at City Hall MRT to meet JT. I passed the goodie bag to her and also Christmas present. It's a sock to put in the presents, hope she could get more presents this year :) She also passed me the presents for me and my colleagues. She bought us Ferrero Rocher and Merci Chocolates :) Thank you!!

Reached home, I steamed the siew mai brought from Jakarta previously. As the new stock will come tomorrow, I had to clear the old stocks. Kekekeke... While waiting, I took a bath. Once it's done, I had it right away. It still tasted nyummy although only added with sweet soya sauce and Indo chilli sauce.

At about 8.30pm, my friend, PY smsed me and asked me if I'm at home. She wanted to pass the Christmas present for me. I told her before not to buy me anymore 'cos previously she gave me Doraemon ear piece liao.. But she said that was my Birthday present. So she purposedly walked from Hougang MRT to my house and passed the gift to me. So touched... Thank you PY!! She gave me other Doraemon stuffs, which are the Doraemon LED light to be clipped on computer monitor and a small Doraemon doll to be hanged on bag. Wow... She gave me lots of Doraemon stuffs liao! Speaker, ear piece, pillow, etc. Love it very much! Thank you once again!!

Doraemon LED Light & Doraemon - Relax - X'mas presents from PY

Doraemon Speaker - Birthday present from PY

These past few days my hubby went back home very late, at about 3am because his Boss' big Bosses are here and he had to fetch them for dinner and drink session at night. My son wasn't at home too. So every night I feel like I'm staying alone, reminding me of the time when I was staying alone in Bluche during study time. Felt so great! Hahahahaha..... Anyway... tomorrow my baobei will return back home. He really had a great holiday time down there! Miss him.. See you soon son! Muachhh!!!!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Flash back on December activities

6th day without Baobei by my side

It's first time my baby went out for holiday himself without any of us around. Since Monday he went back to my hometown together with my brother's children, their's guardian (aunty) and aunty's taking care of other's daughter. It's holiday season and just nice Aunty was free to go and she was willing to bring these children back as she is the only adult going.

Well, I have nothing to worry about for my son going there, just scared that he would misbehave towards others.

He seems enjoying his trip very much. My parents brought them to 3 days and 2 night trip to Garut and Lembang, and passed by Puncak on the way back home. They went for foot reflexology twice in 2 days, rode the boat, went to Safari Park, etc.

On Friday, my eldest sis brought him and my niece to Kidzania, the adult world for children. It's the third attempt already but they're not yet getting bored. This time he finally made his driving license, so that he could ride and play racing cars. He worked as News Reporter once again, but this time he tried to become Sport News Reporter. At night he played bumped car for many times before having dinner with my Engku and his grandsons.

Aryn & Reever w/ their driving licenses

Yesterday they went to Timezone and played again. Wah, he sure enjoyed his life there. And today they went to my sis-in-law's brother's house.

It's Sunday now. Two more days I'll be seeing him back home. Yesterday his front tooth was dropped while eating dinner. Hahahaha... and he said he'll bring his tooth back to Singapore and show it to us ckckck..... It's second time he dropped his tooth in Jakarta. Kekeke....

Well, these past few weeks (month of December) I was quite busy with my personal life. But I enjoy my time gathering with friends.

Starting with 1st Dec, Wednesday. PY and I had Korean dinner at Concorde B1 Food Court. We ordered 3 dishes (bibimbap, Korean beef soup, and fried Korean noodles), shared together and completed our meal with lime juice. We chatted while eating.

On 2nd Dec, Thursday, I was invited by the Exe. Chef to his department BBQ at Costa Sands Resort, Pasir Ris. Not many people went. Apart from their own, Stewarding, and Executive Office department, it was only me and my colleague (IT Asst. Mgr) who came as guests. We sat with GM's Secretary and Chef Administrator during the whole night with the Exe. Chef entertained us with chatting, food, and drinks. The food was really abundant, so did with the drinks (alcohol and non-alcohol), kekekeke..... It was raining day and the location was quite faraway. Many staffs decided not to attend the gathering. Too bad... Otherwise, it would be more fun as to seize this as gathering and getting close to each other gathering event. We went back quite late, about 11.30pm from there. Luckily Chef was willing to fetch us home one by one. Thank you Chef for the invitation and everything!!! Also thank you for all kitchen staffs who prepared and helped out with preparing this event. Below is pictures taken by them (we went back home already by the time they took this picture below).

SMC Kitchen Teams

The next day, we still had to wake up and go to work like usual. Lucky it was Friday liao. So after work, I could straightly go home and sleep early.

The next Friday after that, 10th December 2010, me, PY, Joyce from Purchasing and Lam had made Kbox appointment at Marina Square. I was having outside training on that day so we met up at Marina Square food court at 7.30pm, had our dinner there, then proceed to Kbox. Supposedly I was asking another colleague to join, but she was too busy and couldn't make it. Next time ba!! We indeed had a great time! I brought a list of songs that were quite in so that it would be easier and faster when placing the song to play. We supposedly finished at 11pm, but by that time, our finger food had not been served yet, so we kept singing while waiting and we finished up at 1am!!! 2 more extra hours. Hahahaha..... so good!!!

Me and Pui Yi

Me, Lam and Joyce

Sunday, 12 December, it was my Baobei's 8th year birthday. We invited my brother and his families, and Reever's classmates, his sis and mom who stay just the opposite of our house. We didn't invite many as this is only a small gathering for him. My mother-in-law cooked fried beehoon and Curry chicken, also tempura prawn. I deep-fried spring roll and chicken nuggets, and bought KFC.

Reever w/ Amei and Eugene

My hubby's sis bought the birthday cake. We then ate our dinner, watched TV (Ai), and kids were playing computer games and bayblades.

Hubby, Me and Baobei

After the party, my son went to Bishan together with my brother. He slept in Bishan that night as the day after he would fly together with them. So after my brother left, I still chit chat with Reever's friend's mom until 11 plus, then only went to sleep at 12am. It was tiring, but sure Reever enjoyed it ba!!!

The day after I had gastric pain. Actually already felt something wrong with my stomach the day before, after having chicken rice for my first meal. Then eating time was extended until 8 pm, which was quite late ba... Anyway, I was still working on that day as I had something to do at work to prepare my hotel 30th Anniversary. I needed to collate all invoices related to the delivery of food for that event.

On Wednesday, was the event day. In the morning when I looked for someone, the Exe Chef was calling my name and asking me why I was wearing all black... supposedly to have some 'red' as that night was the day and was expecting to have some 'lucky' essence for the whole event by wearing some 'red'. Then he said that later I would go up and join the event. The coordinators were allowed to join as per GM's saying in the meeting. But.. I wasn't the coordinators leh.. although my job was partly coordinating the food to come smoothly.. kekeke...

Then in the afternoon, when I accompanied suppliers to the kitchen, the Exe Chef was inside and he asked me again if I would join the party that night. Then I told him, nobody invited me, how to go?? He said, I invited you lor... He asked me twice liao.. so I took it that he was seriously asking me to join the party as well.. Hehehhee... so I went up and joined them lor after work together with GM Secretary and Chef's Administrator. My Boss also went up. She actually knew that she was invited also only in the morning during the meeting. So.. they actually never planned to invite us lah.. perhaps the coming guests were not as much as they expected and rather than see the place empty, so they asked us along.. although not all staffs were invited lor... kekekeke....

Me, Jessice (GM's Secretary), Stephanie (Chef Administrator), Florence (S&M Coordinator)

Sales marketing and Catering Sales staffs definitely had to be there. Some were working to welcome guest, sitting at receptions, and some were to make sure that event was going on smoothly. So, only three of us were really there to be the guests and enjoy the party. Kekeke... I didn't know many guests who were coming. Just knew a few of them.

Overall it was fun. Kumar, the show biz entertainer was there and he came out from the birthday cake when my GM was trying to cut the cake. He was really good at telling jokes that night. Everyone was listening to his jokes and laughed.

The food was special too. It's a cocktail, and they served lots of finger food. One station was Japanese sashimi, rolls, put on the ice bar.

Fresh Lobster Sashimi (It costs $90 plus each)

Assorted Sashimi on the Ice Bar

The other side of ice bar was for beverages (wine, cocktail, liquor).

There was cheese station with assorted bread, and Ham Iberian (1 leg of ham costs $600 plus) - see below.

There was hot food station serving wagyu beef which was placed on top of million years salt (the block of salt itself costs $250) - see below.

The finger foods were yellow rice with chicken and buah keluak sauce, skin of suckling pig with sour salad, pasta capellini with prawn, steamed new born egg with mushroom, etc.

Goose Liver Mousse w/ Fig Jams and Whipped Cream

Suckling Pig

Yellow rice w/ Chicken and Ayam Buah Keluak Sauce

My colleague asked me to try fresh oyster served with tomato sauce and absinth (liquor 68% to 70%) served in shot glass. Although my stomach was still not feeling good, out of my curiosity, I gulped it down and not bad, it tasted quite good. But one is enough for me. Hahahahaha......

There was dessert station too. My Pastry Chefs worked very hard few days before the event to prepare their delicate desserts. It was good. The decoration was quite nice as well. Well done everyone!

I didn't drink alcohol drinks that night as my stomach was still not that well. Very guai ah... Hahahaha....

We took few pictures and they printed up the photos for us in a while. So happy.... Well, it's very enjoyable evening and we also took a goodies back home. Inside, there was a Niu Niu (Swissotel Cow wearing the Swiss cloth with 30th Anniversary Swissotel wordings behind), a jar of candies with wording of 30th Swissotel Anniversary in each candy, chocolate Nestle from sponsor, spa voucher, and some brochure. I took few more bags for my colleagues who have helped up for this event.

Friday, 17 December 2010. After work, I went to Univ Studio Sentosa and met up with my chatting brother and his families (his wife, sister, and 3 children). We went in at night and had our dinner there. We ate at St. Louis Pizza and he ordered a whole portion of Hawaiian Pizza. What a big Pizza and we finished all of them. There were soup, salad, desserts and drinks in the package and he ordered lasagne and honey wings as well. There were lots of people. They actually planned to go there and play, but little did they know that they had to buy the tickets in advance as when they queued up that morning, the tickets for the whole weekend had been sold out!! That's why I suggested to him to enter in the evening just to shop and dine by paying $5 each. My friend had just bought his camera 1 month ago. It costs about $6k plus and he was very proud with it. So heavy la.. If asked me to buy, I'd think twice. It's so heavy that I don't think I wanted to carry it during my travel trip. Hehehe..... But the quality was superb man!!!! Yi fen qian, yi fen huo ba!!! Hahahhaa...

Me and Febylia (my friend's daughter)

We watched fireworks at 9.30pm and went out from there at 10pm. I went back home and slept quite late. So great to see him again. Until next time ok???

Saturday, 18th December 2010. My friend, PY, invited me to her department's BBQ at Orchard condo behind the Wisma Atria. She wanted to introduce me to her colleagues and boss. Well, since I had nothing to do for weekend and my stomach was slightly better, so I agreed and joined her. Before going there, we had a shopping first. We reached there at about 7pm but only started the BBQ at 8pm. Her boss and AP's boss were doing BBQ, while the rest of us were waiting for food, eating, drinking and chit chatting.. kekekeke.... Well, now at least I got to know better who are her colleagues. Usually she just told me their names doing this and that.. now I got a better pictures who is who and what they're doing. We were there until 10pm, then I went back home, while PY and her friends continuing their party by singing at Kbox. They asked me to join, but I refused as I felt uncomfortable with my stomach again.

Well, today is Sunday, a rest day. Just laze around. Going to library later to return books, then nothing much... Hope you enjoy your life too everyone!!!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

♡Suatu hari seorang bapak tua hendak menumpang bus. Pada saat ia menginjakkan kakinya ke tangga, salah satu sepatunya terlepas & jatuh ke jalan. Lalu pintu tertutup & bus mulai bergerak, sehingga ia tidak bisa memungut sepatu yg terlepas tadi. Si bapak tua itu dengan tenang melepas sepatunya yg sebelah & melemparkannya keluar jendela.

♡Seorang pemuda yg duduk dalam bus melihat kejadian itu, dan bertanya kepada si bapak tua, "Aku memperhatikan apa yg Anda lakukan Pak. Mengapa Anda melemparkan sepatu Anda yg sebelah juga ? "Si bapak tua menjawab,"Supaya siapapun yang menemukan sepatuku bisa memanfaatkannya."

♡Si bapak tua dalam cerita di atas memahami filosofi dasar dalam hidup - jangan mempertahankan sesuatu hanya karena kamu ingin memilikinya atau karena kamu tidak ingin orang lain memilikinya.

♡Kita kehilangan banyak hal di sepanjang masa hidup. Kehilangan tersebut pada awalnya tampak seperti tidak adil & merisaukan, tapi itu terjadi supaya ada perubahan positif yang terjadi dalam hidup kita.

♡Kalimat di atas tidak dapat diartikan kita hanya boleh kehilangan hal-hal jelek saja. Kadang, kita juga kehilangan hal baik.

♡Ini semua dapat diartikan :
supaya kita bisa menjadi dewasa secara emosional dan spiritual, pertukaran antara kehilangan sesuatu dan mendapatkan sesuatu haruslah terjadi.

♡Seperti si bapak tua dalam cerita, kita harus belajar untuk melepaskan sesuatu. Tuhan sudah menentukan bahwa memang itulah saatnya si bapak tua kehilangan sepatunya.

♡Berkeras hati & berusaha mempertahankannya tidak membuat kita atau dunia menjadi lebih baik. Kita semua harus memutuskan kapan suatu hal, suatu keadaan atau seseorang masuk dalam hidup kita, atau kapan saatnya kita lebih baik bersama yg lain.

♡Pada saatnya, kita harus mengumpulkan keberanian untuk melepaskannya.

♡Karena tiada badai yg tak berlalu. Tiada pesta yg tak pernah usai.Semua yg ada didunia ini tiada yg abadi. :)

Diambil dari forwardan orang, to remind myself again and again about things in life... Hope it helps u too...

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

It's 3.40am in room 239. It's first time I stay here. I helped out my colleague keying in old balance data for Opera migration from V4 to V5. It must be done at midnight. So I volunteered to help up. Actually, I wanna know what it's like. I don't use this system in my side. It's used in operations and other section like AR and Income, so does Catering Sales. I use another system.

At first they said it's 12 to 4am. So I stand by at the office at 12 plus. CM said must wait for instruction to key in. We waited. I did other thing while waiting. 2am and I started posting in datas. It's not a lot... I finished it within 1 hour time. Not much and also I did it quite fast. So I waited another half an hour for her to get the figures balanced then informed the consultant.

Now I can sleep.... Hahahaha..... She is still there doing her job and so does the rest of the people. Heard that FO still can't get the figures balanced. IT definitely has to standby...

Boss already said, once things get done, we can leave for home and off for a day!!!! Yihaaaa...... Well, I don't feel well actually. Flu, sore throat,and now nose block.... Gotta sleep soon. The bed, pillow, bedsheet, blankets are all comfortable. Nice place to sleep.... Hehehehe....

Well, good morning everyone and hope the system can run well and everything is ok!!!! Bonne nuit!!!

Monday, December 06, 2010

I'm sick :(

I'm down with flu. Otw to see doctor now. I had headache the whole afternoon, maybe related to my toothache as well? Feels that there is a hole in one of my teeth. :( Time to see dentist soon.... But this time I'm going to see my usual company doctor, to cure my flu and upcoming nose block.

Couldn't concentrate with my work. Perhaps it's also Monday blue. My stomach is grumbling.. Hungry... Felt cold as well. Haiz.... Don't know how long I need to recover..

I have karaoke appointment this Friday night. I don't want to miss it..... Hiehehehhehehe......

Well.. Wish me recover soon ah...... Take care to all of u too!!!


Yesterday night before I went to sleep, I jotted down in my diary, long and short term goals that I want to accomplish!

When I first diagnosed with my incurable disease, I thought my life would be short and no use of doing or planning so much thing, just enjoy life and wait for the day to come. But up to now, I'm quite optimistic with my health conditions. So far, all the blood and urine tests showing good results and nothing to worry of, except that I had to be on long term medication and there would be side effects. But when the time comes, at least I got prepared...

Recently I bought and read the self-improvement book. I am quite a slow reader, but I quite like what the author's thinking and write. I also read another book borrowed from a library.

I don't know where I get this strength to carry on... I just have so many things that I want to accopmplish!

I create long and short SMART goals. My son helped me with the ideas as well. Sometimes he would laugh at me, especially when I wrote about exercise... Ekkekekekeke.... He already commented early... Yeah... Maybe tomorrow... Or tomorrow... :D he understands me too well hahahahaha....

We'll see if I can achieve those goals! Life with a purpose will make your life more meaningful. Balancing life will always be my priority. And do one thing at one time! Such as: when it times to work, I'll work. Time to study, I'll study. Time to play, I'll play. Time to rest, I'll rest. And time to holiday, don't need to say rite???

I believe goals are very important in life. Well.. Pray hard amd more that I could achive those!!! Jia you!!!!

Friday, December 03, 2010

Kitchen BBQ @Pasir Ris

TGIF!!! I was so tired and sleepy just now. Went to BBQ last night, it's a Kitchen Departmental Gathering and I was invited by the Exe Chef :) Other than kitchen and stewarding staffs, only me, IT AM, and GM Secretary attended the event. He invited others as well, but they didn't appear, even lots of their staffs couldn't make it. It's a bit hard for operation staffs to hold such event because of their working hours. There was a wedding last night and lots of staffs had to work and prepare the wedding event. By the time they finished, it's already so late and they were all tired. Next morning they still have to come to work.
Well, so did I, but at least I was just a guest. I didn't prepare the things, didn't clear, cook or whatsoever. Some more it was raining last night and the BBQ was held in Pasir Ris, a very faraway place...

I was there eating, drinking, and listening them gossiping ;P Well, we work with many people and each of us has different thinking, style of working, personality, and there are many 'gangs' and 'group' as well... So.... It's unavoidable if we don't like one another. I didn't talk or comment much as I always keep my status 'neutral'.

We stayed quit late and left the place at about 11.40pm. Lucky the Exe Chef was willing to fetch us back, one by one, from Paya Lebar, Hougang, Bishan, and Yew Tee!!!! Hehehe...

Thank you Chef! Dunno if there is another chance for me to join next time! Thanks for everyone who has prepared everything!!!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Encouragement token from a lovely hubby

This morning we fetched xiaoR to his Chinese class. While waiting, bigR and I went to Popular bookshop. We browsed around and suddenly we looked at the rack for writing instruments and our eyes were pointing at this Parker pen. The colour is turquise and quite enticing. Then we looked at the pair set, but different colour. The colour is quite nice too. My hubby asked me to buy and he would pay for it as token for encouragement that I'll be going back for school. Hehehee.... So we asked the staff to open the drawer and I tried the pen. Found out that the single pen and the set are having slightly different design and I prefer the design for the set. Got 2 pens in it. Roller pen will be used for my study and the other one would be for my work :)

It's his first time buying such an expensive pen but he's still gladly buy it for me :) Thank you Laogong! Love u. Muach....

I also bought this encouragement book from Kinokuniya about two weeks ago... Haven't finished reading it yet, but it's really good. It quotes many people's encouraging words and also got so many examples based on other people's experiences.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Beautiful Sunday

Yesterday morning xiao R and I woke up at 5.30am. We took a bath, had our breakfast at coffee shop then took a cab to East Coast Lagoon Food Centre. Reached there quite early and we waited for other colleagues to reach. We took pics of sand castle and sunrise.

We met up near Milo van and did warming up to loosen up our muscles. It was raining the day before and left the grasses so wet and muddy. Our shoes were covered with muddy from warming up exercise.

Bao Bei and I before start

My little fat boy didn't even move during the warming up exercise. Didn't even expect him to run for the whole journey. He only ran for first one minute? Then walked all the way with his sulking face. Kekekeke... Still can imagine his round face with short hair and spectacles, wearing a little to big and a little too long shirt, which made his leg looking much shorter. He couldn't smile during the whole journey except from keeping quiet and complaining of the long journey and he was tired. Kekekeke....

We walked all the way. Almost reaching the half way of the journey, we cut short the road, walked back and finally reached the finish line. I don't know is it my imagination, but it seems some people also did the way we did. Cut short some road and walked all the way. Kekekkee....

At least I have spent precious time with my baobei. Tried to be patient with him. Although we're slow, at least we managed to finish our journey. Love you baobei. Seems you really gained lots of weigh. My boss and colleagues were surprised to see him growing much fatter.... Kekekeke...

xiaoR, me and my 2 colleagues

After the 'walk' for hope, baobei and I joined my friends for a while then we tried to find our way back home. At first I planned to stay and spend more time there, but I forgot my son got Kumon. If I remembered, I would have changed his class to another day earlier... So we had no choice but went back home.

Reached home, both of us quickly took a shower and went to his class. While waiting, I had my hair cut. It's much shorter and it's straight. Remember my dad ever said, straight hair people is more honest doing their work. Kekekeke.... Just to assure I'm doing more honest way in work ba! Kind of motivation. Hahahaha....

Well... Seems like time is never enough. Haven't read much of my new book. Seems so interesting. Will enjoy it slowly ba!!!

Going back to Monday morning activity and time to work now! Have a great week ahead!!

Additional info: Three days later, I found out that xiaoR and I actually had walked for run for 10 km instead of 4 km. Kekekeke... No wonder he was so tired and not happy all the way.... ;P






Got this message from my colleague. To remind ourselves to cherish what we have and to lead a happy life. Easy to say but not easy to do sometimes. Don't you think so?

Friday, November 19, 2010

Since that night I finally 'xiang tong le'. I needed time to find out what was going on. Although no explanation given, I can accept what is required and I will just live with it. That's even better. Without that support, I won't be able to make it come true.

Yesterday I went to Bugis and prayed at Kwan Im Temple during lunch time. I was actually asking for something else, but the advise given was right to the point on what I encountered recently. If only I asked earlier, I'd have face it better and not in silly manner.

Thank you for the advise and warning. Although it's not a good sign, at least I get myself prepared.

As for what I was asking, I think it should be alright. Hahahahaa..... *my assumption ;P

Since I had decided to continue my study, I will put my full effort on it. Hope everything will go smoothly as you know life is full of ups and downs.

This month passes quite fast since there was a long weekend and public holiday in the middle of the week. One more week then I need to do stock take and closing all over again... Wow...

My mum and sisters are now in Sydney enjoying their reunion and short break, and of course, the food. Hehehe... Great that all of you enjoy your time!

I'm exciting with my holiday plan next Feb too! My friend has helped me booking the rooms. Ticket has been purchased. I need to prepare some money to spend. Hahahahaha.... Plan to go to Doraemon shop over there.. Eat any kind of nice food and snacks they have. Seeing all the interesting places that they have and of course meeting my khakis at their hometowns. Hahahhaa...

Have checked with them the alcohol and cigs allowed to bring over there. We're going to have a good and enjoyable time!!!

Wakie wakie!!! Still 3 more months to go!!! Hahahahahhaa..... Save more money ba!!! Well.. Hope all of you have a great time as well!!! Travelling is my breath.....

Oh ya! Yesterday 2R and I celebrated small R of going to P3C. My expectation towards my son is not that high. As long he is aware what he is doing, know his limitation, and of course he has put in his effort on it, and lead a happy life, I'm more than happy. We had dinner at Aston in Suntec. The premium ribeye x-tra cut was not bad. Price was reasonable too. Only that waiting time for food to be served was quite long. Anyway, we had a great time and today is Friday!!! Small R and I are going for Run For Hope this Sunday. 4.2km run. Jia you ba!!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Jia you!!!

Today I made a first move... enroll for ACCA class for next year. I've had this thinking of continuing study since 2 weeks ago ba! I asked my colleague to pass me the brochure and had been with me for the past 1 week. Finally I handed in the brochure and paid the course fee for 1 paper. Start with one first. I need a confident to start again. The flame that had been off since two years ago.

I had this courage to upgrade myself. I don't want myself stuck down there, living in cubicle for the rest of my life. I mean... I also don't expect to go up so soon, but I need the knowledge to understand the whole thing, how it is actually going on. So far, my knowledge is quite limited and it's based on my own logical thinking rather than theory.

I choose P7, finance reporting, rather than P9. I was stuck in P9 for 2 terms and that's what stopped me. So I think I need to change direction, going to P7 first, and slowly to the rest. Out of P9 at the moment, although it's closer to my job now.

I'm not aiming high, but I just don't want to be stuck. That's it! I believe in long life learning, but dunno if my brain can still work. Haiz....

Really need a lot of encouragement and motivation to go through this. Quite happy that some friends are supporting my decision, but of course, the rest is up to me.

Well, first step is done. The rest.. is really up to me. Wish me luck ba!!!

Btw, today I really twisted my mind. Suddenly I've a new goal to pursue, to concentrate on. Rather than wasting my time thinking of other stupid things. Kekeke....

I told myself before this. If I'm going to enroll this class, I will indulge myself buying any stationery I really want, no matter how expensive it is. Well.. easy to say.. Hahaha.... I prefer to buy things I need rather than I want. So, see if I can purchase what I want rather than what I need. Hahahahaha.....

This evening, I managed to buy a working bag from Charles & Keith. My hubby paid it for me. It's his first time buying me bag. Hahaha.... He is very proud of it. :D Thank you laogong! But I told him, the bag is too formal. Sometimes I feel, I'm not into it. It's too classy or too professional, not really suitable for me who is more relaxed type and anyhow wear one. Hahaha... I even told him, I planned to buy that bag only if I was promoted to higher level because at the moment, my style is more relaxed one... Hahahaha.... Haiya.. don't bother so much la.. just use it and that's it.. rite?

I'm a bit bored with my hair style. Any suggestion on what should I do with my hair?? I don't want it short because I'll look fatter. I don't wanna my hair too flat too.. But I also don't like fringe. Haiya... maybe I'm just going to trim it ba??? But if you do have suggestion on my hair, really appreciate to msg me. Hahahhaa...

Ok lah.. it's late now. I'm going to sleep soon. Tomorrow is holiday. Yihaaa!!! We'll have curry chicken again tomorrow night, cooked by my hubby's cousin's wife. Jialat ah... when to diet????

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It is really not easy to change one's thinking. People know what is right and what is wrong but somehow it's very difficult to refrain their thinking of not doing the wrong thing. Especially in feeling and emotional state. There is no right or wrong in it. People just do anything they think will make them happy, with consequences to be thought later on.
When the feeling was sunk deep inside, it's very hard to make it floating and roar up again. It really requires time and effort to make it up. It will be harder if the substance is in closed proximity rather than faraway one.
For those who never experience the feeling, they thought it will be as easy as snip their finger to make someone's thinking to change to right one. In a second the mind can change for the better. Well, not that easy ba!

It takes only a minute to get a crush on someone,
an hour to like someone,
a day to love someone,
but it takes a lifetime to forget someone.

Well, wish you all the best and good luck! Hope the moment of changing ur mind will be successful soon and lead a right way in your life! Jia you ba!!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Friendship is based on QUALITY and not QUANTITY

I love that sentence and I need to remind myself for that.

Few days ago I confided to my good friend about what I felt. I told her that lots of people were leaving this place. Some are going to leave. So I felt a bit sad, 'cos there will be less people that I can befriend with.

Then she told me the above sentence. I thought over that sentence and she was right! Most people I know here, our relations are just colleagues. Only few were friends. There was even someone who treated me like her spare tyre. Means.. when her group of people were not around, she would book me for lunch. Think about it wanna make myself laugh.
I'm fine with it as I'm more like lone ranger here. I don't mix in a group and prefer myself to mix and match and available anytime with anyone, for lunch, of course. And I love walking to anywhere I like after lunch, alone. Means I can decide where I should go, depending on mood and weather, and available time that I have.

There were people who are good to you when they need something from you, or need your help. But while he has nothing, he will treat you as transparent.

Some will act so poor (ke lian) as to attract people's attention.

Hehehe... That's the fun things from human being. Observe more and you can find much more.

At the end, I know who my real friends are. Those that I can communicate with, share my secret with without telling out to outsiders, someone that I can trust, and really, it's based on QUALITY :)
Thank you for the friendship that we share and I really appreciate to find that person in this life. I know nothing lasts forever, but I will treasure this friendship and cherish it.

Those who are just passer-by... We are just colleagues. The way you treated me, will be the way I treat you back :P

Nothing to be sad of.

Well it's Friday again!! My mom and eldest sister will fly tonight to visit my sis and family in Melbourne. Hope everything goes on smoothly and they can arrive there safely and they can enjoy their reunion there. I pass this visit as I don't have enough leave for this year. Enjoy your trip and share that happy moments with everybody else :)

Enjoy your weekend everyone!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Good Bye

Today is the last day working here for my colleague. These past few months many people moved to other establishments. Slowly my colleague left this place one by one. Haiz.... Either this place is not good enough or other place offers a much better advancement for them in term of career and money. I know that it's parts of puzzles of life that everyone has to go through.. But still there is a feeling of losing some friendship that ever built here.

Anyway.. Wish her all the best for her future endeavor and hope she likes her new working place. Good Bye Juliet!! See you again!!!
Do you realise how fragile a relationship is? Just few uncommon thinking, it can just break and disappear.
I used to wonder to see some people didn't get into marriage when they have reached 40s. I asked them before. Common answer would be.. They haven't found the suitable one. And yet, I realised why they couldn't find a suitable one, because the other party had the same thinking! What kind of rubbish am I talking about?? Hahaha....
Nolah.. For a guy not to get married, can be caused by many reasons. But every person has their own reasons. Some is because of family commitment, not earning enough money to build his own family. That was common. Some is enjoying his freedom of not getting married. No commitment means no burden, means more freedom, means they can have few girlfriends at the same time to play around with. They can spend their money for cigarettes and beers everyday, better than pass the money to future wife every month. Hehehe... I understand that this type of man exist in this universe.
Not get the suitable one is just an excuse.
Go back to the first sentence. Feel lucky that I have an understanding husband, also loving me so much. Just realised that he didn't meet many girls before me, so.. He doesn't experience enough facing the girls before. It can be a good sign 'cos he won't compare if I'm better or worse than previous one though.. Hahahaa...
Anyway... Going back to work now :P have a great day!!

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Long weekend is going to over soon. It feels very good... 3 off-day in a row without a need to take any leave. Hehehehe....
Saturday is a coffee shop day. For a day, we went to coffee shop for 3 times and ordered coffee, tea, milo, and chit chatting w/ my hubby. At the same time, waiting my son watching Megamind movie to over.
Weather was not bad.. Cooling, not so hot for these past few days.

Yesterday we went to JB again w/ my hubby's cousin. We had bakuteh there for lunch. Then went to Big Jusco - dunno where the area is... and at first I wanted to have Thai massage, but it was so... full and next available appointment would be at 9.15pm, while I was there at about 3.30pm. Kekeke... so I couldn't make it. Hope next week I can have one. We're going to go there again, and we'll stay over night. Kinda funny because it's so near yet we'd stay overnight. Kekekeke....

We had lots of other snacks while we were there. ABC Ice Kachang special (w/ strawberry ice cream), Papa Roti bread, deep-fried sotong, deep-fried Japanese potato, sausages, etc. I managed to buy one working cloth.

Then we moved to another Jusco at Permas Jaya. We just walked around and bought no seed guava back home plus plum powder. On the way home, we had dinner at Pekin Restaurant. We found out that yesterday was my hubby's cousin's 39th years old birthday. Hehehe... Knowing him for quite some time and yesterday was my first time having a chance to celebrate his birthday together. We ate kong ba pao w/ sam chan rou, deep-fried salad prawn, pai ku wang, and tofu w/ mushroom and seafood. After that we had birthday cake as a dessert. Hehehe...

We went back home after that. And today we went to his house to have lunch there. His wife cooked vegetable curry for us plus chicken nuggets. We ate quite a lot.
Then went to Tampines One, ate Shanghai Jian Bao, 2 pcs per person. At 6pm, we ate again our dinner. This time, I order bibimbap at Food Junction, not so nice. Haiz... Maybe after my Taiwan trip, my next trip would be Korean trip ba.. hahahahaha.... so that I could have a chance to eat Korean food everyday... nyummy..... :P

We went back home and my mother-in-law cooked chicken soup. We reheated the soup and had a bowl. Nyummy and healthy!!! I cut the guava I bought yesterday and ate it as well.. Waliaooo... I'm surely getting fatter!!!!

Oklah.. this long weekend is really full of makan session. Must control a bit lah ha!!! Hope all of you enjoyed your weekend as well... Night!!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Exciting with new holiday plan

I had a small reunion with my ex-school mates from LR last night. One from Philipinnes together with his fiancee, they are now working and staying in Singapore, plan to get married next year back in Philipinnes. One is from Indonesia, but her hubby is working and staying in Singapore. She comes and goes from Indo to Sg at least once a month and has a plan to stay here long term. And another one is Singaporean friend who I meet more often down here. So for the rest two, I hadn't met up with them for almost ten years.
Veny doesn't change so much except looks more mature. Ann looks more professional and more like career woman, but all of us are still very young at hearts.. Hahaha... As for Victor, three of us were quite surprise to see his physical changes. He used to be chubby and plump guy, but now he is much slimmer and it made him look taller. According to him, he started to lose weight last December only. So in about 10 months time, he managed to cut his fats and also his smoking habit. Thanks to the bet he made with his current fiancee ;)

After posting our picture to fb, my Taiwanese friend wrote a comment asking when will we be there for reunion. Hehehehe... 2 days after that, I bought the tickets online. Just nice, my friend also wants to go there. Initially there was another friend who is interested to go, but since the time will be clashed with CNY reunion and she has to be there with her husband's family, she then can't make it. So it's just me and my friend. I plan to have a relaxing holiday there. Not really concentrate on sightseeing. More like eating, drinking, walk a bit, gathering, if possible have a bath in hot spring. Weather will be cool when I'm there. Yay!! So exciting!

The last time I went there was 21 years ago. Wow... How time flies.. Time to catch up with the current Taiwan. Also have intention to go to Doraemon store. Hope I can find one. Hiehehehehe.... :D

Everytime I passed by escalator and MRT at Chinatown, I always see the visit Taiwan advertisement. In months to come, I will go there and experience it myself!! Yihaaa!!!!

Hope everything goes on smoothly.. Wish me luck ok? Have a great week ahead!!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Wow!! This morning my friend has finally come back from her 1 month unpaid leave. She went to Canada to meet her bf. It seems just like yesterday. When she appeared in front of me, it seems like a dream to me.

I thought she was going to extend her stay there and tender her resignation from there, but she didn't. But she is very sad the fact that she has to leave him. She kept crying on her way back to Singapore.

Long distance relationship. I should be very lucky that I don't have to encounter that anymore. I hope I don't have that anymore. Living together with loved ones, nothing can make me happier than that.

This morning I accidentaly erased all sms in my phone, including all outgoing and incoming one. Hahaha... But it reminds me of impermanent, that everything in life will disappear one day, it's just a matter of time. All those young faces, beautiful body, the good health, one day everything will disappear. Young becomes old. Beauty becomes not beauty anymore. Healthy may become inhealthy. But what remains are the beauty that is kept inside, which is inner beauty. Kindness, compassionate, honesty, etc. Well, it can change as well, but at least that can be reserved as long as people is willing to do so.

Anyway... Again.. Be happy with what you have. Be satisfy. That will be the ultimate goal of happiness. Rather than having a lot, but never feel satisfy.

Heard that Audit thing has passed with Effective result. I don't know what that means, but I just hope that was quite a good news as year end is coming. If we failed, we won't have that bonus in hand... Anyway... Anything can be gone just like that, only a matter of they like u or they don't. Kekeke...

Write 'til here. Have a great week ahead!!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Pork Knuckle and Smoked Pork w/ Garlic Sausage for our dinner

Last Friday after work, I met up w/ school friends for dinner. We had our dinner at Brotzeit in Somerset 313, serving German food and beer. It's been many months ago since we met for the last time. Time really flies...

Aileen, Shelly and I

As for last Thursday, my aunt and uncles came to Singapore. They stopped by Singapore just for a night to have dinner at restaurant where I work. So coincidentally there is Heritage Promotion and they were able to try many different local dishes plus fresh durian. I didn't take their pictures during dinner, but we took some pictures with a view of Clarke Quay.

Suk Ahin, Kuchong, Kuku, Astro, Aryn and Koko

Sunday, October 17, 2010

'Establish Right Thinking, Let the Heart Be Free' - last part of The Pursuit of Happiness

All present forms of life and circumstances are the results of Karma accumulated from our previous lives. Be they good or evil, our Karmas are all contaminated. The fruits corresponding to them are therefore subject to imperfections and suffering. One who can subdue the body and mind well to maintain tranquility of the psyche is a wise and worthy person. He who controls the body but not the mind, on the other hand, can never attain true freedom and transcendence.

Those who are not still inwardly tend to look outwards, making comparisons with others and even pursuing fame, profit and enjoyment blindly. Those who know nothing about introspection but are always engaged in outward pursuits will always live in emptiness and distress. A saying goes: 'Even a thatched hut stands well and vegetable roots smell good when the heart is calm.'

Confucians, too, maintain that "all things exist in well-being when viewed in calmness". Only when the heart calms down can there be fullness and meningfulness in life. Gather that outward-grasping mind together. Let it fall back on your original Mind and pristine nature. Your mind will naturally become calm and still this way.

In the process of learning and being confronted with various circumstances, how should we adjust our own mentality so as not to be affected by external forces? Your mind has to be in charge. Be mindful wherever you are. Stay focused whatever you do. Be in a state of conscious existence at all times. Mentally be where you are, whether you are working, chanting a sutra, meditating or doing something else. Be of one mind, not two.

As a working adult, manage your time properly. Plan your work appropriately. If you become obsessed with profit making and give yourself too much stress, you may throw yourself off-balance physically and mentally, making things harder for yourself as you lose more than what you gain.

So, regulate your body and mind from day to day. In particular, be sure that your mind is clear and in charge. If you can establish right thiking and let your heart be free, you will naturally be able to deal with affairs excellently. When your mind is balanced, the true Way shall be within your reach.

Be moderate in all you do. Never be too rash or passive. Neither should you be arrogant nor too servile. In speech, be neither flattering nor relentless. As a student, pay attention in class, take time to review what you have learnt, or you may find yourself having to burn the midnight oil at the last minute to deal with examinations - you can hardly get good results this way.

Four Attitudes Towards Handling Problems - source from the same Author

When things happen, especially when major problems arise, there are 4 attitudes or 4 levels to handle them.

First, is to face it.
Second, is to accept it.
Third, is to settle it.
And fourth, is to let it go.

When any problem - especially a serious problem - arises, avoiding it is useless. The best course of action is to face it. After facing it, you will have to accept it. The problem will still remain even if you do not accept it.

After accepting the problem, it is well and good if it can be settled. However, if can't, the mere act of facing it and accepting it is equivalent to having it settled. You may feel upset, distressed or aggrieved, thinking of the problem all the time. At this juncture, you are unable to continue walking down the path you are currently taking. However, another path appears, and you should take this opportunity to let go of the problem. After anything happens, you should let go of the problem after settling it.

If we cannot appreciate the accomplishments of others, we cannot be moved. Jealousy will thus arise. Those who speak dismissively of the accolade and honours received by others can never go far. It would be a good thing if one is able to appreciate and marvel at the accomplishments of others as well as be moved by the honours they receive. This is called thinking of being on par with the able and wise.

When praising others, we also hope to learn from them. While appreciating others, our actions stimulate others to appreciate these touching incidents or people. In terms of our living environment, this has a positive effect on us, the person involved as well as the people around us.

Want and Need - source from the same Author

To 'want' is a painful thing; to 'need' is a joyous thing.

Only a fine line separates 'want' and 'need'. Sometimes, what we want is not what we truly need. Indeed, there are many things that I want to have, but after careful consideration, it may not be a must to have them.

To need is not a sin; to want is not entirely a sin either. If I were to want something and upon getting it, share it with those who need it, then it is the need of others and not mine. Of course, I am allowed to want something that 'I should have'. What does this mean? It simply means that it is something that I can expect to have.

For example, do you deserve to have the salary you are getting? Many people do not consider factor like their abilites, positions and the general environment. They strongly crave for what is not allowed, and this becomes something of great distress to them.

The problem with people is that they want too much but do not really need a lot. Wanting too much will result in insatiable greed, making one a slave to material goods and plunging one into the abyss of suffering.

Accepting with Calmness and Facing Up with Gratitude - taken from the same Author

As the saying goes, 'wisdom comes from experience', there are many things to be learned as well as incidents to be encountered in a lifetime. Whether in smooth-sailing or difficult times, in periods of satisfaction or dejection, the attitude one holds and the choices one makes when faced with problems will determine the success or failure of one's life.

An elder once said: 'Life is like a song, complete with joyous and resounding pitches as well as melancholy and deep tones. Only these rising and failing musical notes can together form a touching and melodious song of life.' Hence we should 'accept with calmness and face uwith gratitude' when confronted with all the all the adversities of life, mustering all our courage to improve so as to better ourselves and march towards success.

'A Change of Heart Brings About A Change in Attitude'

All people will inevitable meet up with problems and bottlenecks in their lifetime. Some can face up to them courageously and get over them smoothly, while others choose evasion and often find themselves in a state of frustration and setback.

'Attitude changes with a change of heart; actions change with a change in attitude; personality changes with a change in actions; life changes with a change in personality'
As long as we are positive, optimistic and proactive in life and work, any problem can be overcome, or at least reduced, in its capacity for damage. Avoiding the problem will not make it disappear but rather cause it to grow.

Start From Setting Goals:

What must be done to acquire the ability to think positively??

One should start from setting goals in daily life and work. Confucius once said: "One who does not think ahead will face up with problems in the near future." By setting life and work goals, with the knowledge that one will be able to get closer to them through overcoming problems faced, one will be able to face up to problems with courage.

On the other hand, one can divide an important task or life goal into smaller, less difficult portions and complete them step by step. In this way we can constantly encourage ourselves through the face that 'persistent effort leads to success'.

E.g. by being disciplined and engaging in slow jogs and brisk walks daily, one can cultivate a positive attitude towards life as well as keeping fit. Or one can allow oneself to experience a sense of accomplishment and meaning after completing a task, finishing a book or getting to know a friend.

In this way, one will gradually develop a positive mentality and be able to face up to difficulties with courage.

Happiness - source: same author

Happiness is the unification of the material and spiritual:
1. The hearts of ordinary mortals change with the surroundings. A comfortable environment is the foundation for generating happiness. Things like career success, harmonious family, etc lend credence to the fact that happiness requires a material base.
2. Happiness is felt through the heart; only with a healthy frame of mind can there be happiness. When one is in a bad mood, even if he is an emperor with the world's power, status and wealth at his disposal, he will lead a very unhappy life.

Happiness and misfortune are both affected by the law of cause and effect.

To have a happy life, one has to:
1. Not sow the seeds of misfortune, i.e. to free oneself from the causes of life's misfortunes
2. Sow the seeds of happiness as much as possible. By performing more good deeds such as cultivating the 10 virtues etc. and tapping on sources of life's happiness, one can obtain boundless happiness

Everything in this world has its cause and effect. According to the Buddha Dharma: 'To know the seeds of the past, just look at what one receives in this life. To know the effects in the future, just look at what one does in this life.' Hence, besides working hard on normal days, one has to cultivate virtue as well.

A famous saying in China goes: 'One should only help people in dire need and not those who are poor.' What is the principle behind these words? Poverty is the seed of the past. To be wealthy in the present life, one has to first repent for one's karmic hindrances; second, to endure the effects of the present; and third, to cultivate virtue and work hard.

'Happiness is a feeling. A person is only happy when he thinks he is; on the other hand can you say he is happy if he does not think he is happy? Being content is an inexpensive way to attain happiness. A person of insatiable greed will not feel happy or content no matter how much his wealth and how high his status is, while one who is content can derive happiness and contentment from the simplest material standards. The goal to build a happy life is only in the heart and cannot be in the hand; sometimes actions do not require a reason'


Every one of us has the ability to achieve happiness. The question lies in how we open our hearts, avoid pain, overcome mental obstacles, as well as practise morality, concentration and wisdom. Practitioners of ability are able to harness desire into their practise, achieving peace and compassion as well as enjoying true happiness, making life full of meaning.

'The aim of life is to pursue happiness, while the pursuit of happiness can allow us to better enjoy life. Happiness can be achieved through heart and mind training. Returning to pure happiness, harnessing the strength from deep within the heart and not being affected by external factors will enable us to understand the current situation and be content with what we have'

Nice guy finish last? - taken from the same author

More and more research has shown that personal popularity is linked to great achievements at work. Good relations can actually be more important than strong capabilities at work.

According to Tim Sander's book, The Likeability Factor, which explores the positive effects on an attractive personality on one's life and career, life is a popularity contest. Everyone wants to work with someone they feel comfortable with, and personal popularity is almost always the key to victory in everything. A person who display psychological strengths is attractive. In other words, likeability is the capacity to present others with a positive emotional experience (such as making colleagues feel great about themselves).

The American Harvard Business Review (HBR) survey shows that people generally do not wish to work with an unpopular person, despite how capable he or she may be. They prefer a popular co-worker. Corporations used to focus on employees' competence in working and thinking, but more and more people are recognizing that an employee's unpopularity drives his own work efficiency downwards. If the employee distances himself from the clients or co-workers, he is of little good to the organisation no matter how shrewd or capable he is inherently.

Employee's likeability has an effect n customers. Studies show that customers' perception of the staff members who are serving them affect their general feelings about the relevant corporation. According to a particular study in North Carolina, when treated rudely, almost 60 per cent of the consumers will take their business elsewhere, even if they have to spend more effort and money to do so.

A restaurant owner in New York believes that a friendly waiter can influence how customers feel about the restaurant, and even negate the negative impact of any mistake made. Furthermore, a popular employee is more likely to get a raise and promotion. A relationship-builder is also usually more valuable to his organisation.

The above is very good to ponder of. No wonder the company where I work will go across the ocean just to find the right candidates who have a good personality, attitude and friendly.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Taken from book 'The Pursuit of Happiness and other life observations' by Venerable Shi Fa Zhao

'Only the grateful are truly rich'

'You will receive peace when you give joy'

'Character is destiny. To change destiny, one has to change one's own character first'

'The important thing about giving is not the actual quantity, but the sincerity and reverence'

'By virtue of the act of giving, one may forsake some stinginess and greediness in one's heart, and allow a pure mind to grow that reaches out for others and seeks to benefit others. In this way, one can receive blessings beyond measure'

'Be a wise person with morals' - in order to achieve real liberation, justice and happiness, we have to face the reality of life and revamp ourselves constantly

The value of religion is to enhance one's ability to conquer difficulties and purify his minds, to reach the state of pure compassion. Buddhist Teachings help to purify the unusual feelings, ill will and negative thoughts in us. It guides us to correct path that takes us to the bright future. It's like a wise person with great morals, moving towards a perfect life with pure spirits.

According to the Dhamma, life is persistent and continuous. However, there are shortcomings and barriers in life; sometimes we are happy, and sometimes we are sad. In order to achieve real liberation, justice, and happiness, we have to face the reality of life and revamp ourselves constantly. It is the change of 'essence' of our mind and body: From passion-driven to wisdom-driven.

Having life with morals is the basis of social harmony, a happy family, trust between friends and cooperation between people. In our society, teachers are responsible for teaching; doctors are to treat all patients like their own family members; workers have to work hard to contribute to the country; businessmen are to run their business legally; soldiers are to fight and protect the country. Confucius had also suggested that generosity, gratitude, forgiveness, justice, honesty and so on are some moral principles in life.

With kind spirit, knowledge will be used in a good way, whereas the usage of knowledge by evil spirit will cause disasters and darkness. We are all following Buddhist Teachings and we have to practice them with determination and compassion. Do what is skilful, so that we will bring benefits to every human race.

'If we want to change our lives, we must think positively. It will bring us happiness and increase our wealth'

'If what we have to say is 'harmful to others, we should keep quiet; if an idea in our mind is bad for others, we should not think about it; if every step we take is destructive, we should stand still; if our action is damaging, we should stop the act. Therefore, one must think carefully before any deed'

In the process of learning, one should not be worried if his ability is not recognised and he is not given opportunity to perform. Instead, he should worry about whether he can handle the task given. As long as one is determined to work hard and is prepared to learn, the surrounding environment is a secondary issue.

It is a blessing to be able to learn, understand and appreciate the value of Buddha's Teachings. One should treat it with respect and put it into practice. Thus, one will be freed from troubles, leaving suffering and obtaining happiness.

One who leads his life with passion and goals is unlikely to be influenced by the criticism from others. He cares about what is to be done and what is not done. As a result, he is able to accept comments from others and work well with them.

Action is the meaning of life. Action is the energy of life. With action, one can move forward, learn, work with others and participate in group activities. If one is capable of working well with others, he is able to gain their support and help. A person's way of life cannot be based on one particular period. It does not only involve people around us, but also depends on the situation we are in, our practice and our state of mind.

No matter how much money we make at work, it is simply just 'getting water'. If we make use of our free time after work to develop our ability in other interest areas, like 'digging our own well', we will still be able to support our lives after we retire, when we are physically weaker than the young.

'To have reverence, humility, contentment and gratitude, and to hear the Dhamma at an appropriate time, that is the Highest Blessing'

We could change the prevailing circumstances, but the important thing is whether we play our role well. One should never forget: If life is like a movie, then whether or not our roles are important is secondary. So long as we perform our best, our achievements will definitely be affirmed. Contentment is merit.

In reality, suffering and joy in this world are mutually inseparable and interdependent. Some people want only the wows and not the woes, but there can be no joy without suffering. If things have always gone well, one can hardly feel blessed. Thus, it is suffering that gives joy its worth, and misfortune that makes the fortunated blessed, just as sickness and poverty makes one appreciate good health and wealth better respectively.

While working hard with total commitment is no doubt a positive thing, it is also often a waste of effort when we are too eager to act and neglect to reflect. He who works all day has no time to consider what the meaning of life is. He spends the energy of his entire life, only to gain nothing beyond day-to-day sustenance. Ultimately, we do things for the sake of helping ourselves to think. Only when there is thought can there be any progress.

The fact is that the state of life of every individual is totally determined by mentality. If one maintains inner serenity, everything can be done just right with good pace, order and leisure.

'To simply persist in working hard, but blindly, does not necessarily lead to success. One who does not know how to contemplate will learn nothing, even when he has spent all his life. We earn money to live, but we live not just to earn money. Only the cool-headed thinker can grasp the truth of life. Silent contemplation is the key to successful living'

Leaders, in particular, must not focus on goals and missions alone, but must create a positive, healthy atmosphere for esprit de corps. A flexible way of thinking can often bring about great spiritual strength. Powerful mental capabilities can readily solve a lot of seemingly impossible problems.

The Pursuit of True Happiness: A truly happy life is one that is not bound by desires or bedazzled by material goods, and where the heart is able to settle down.

'If everyone is able to understand impermanence and view objects and incidents through the lns of impermanence, there is nothing to fuss about in life. If one is able to broaden one's Heart and make full use of his body and intuitive ability, he will be able to draw his own understanding and experiences'

'Life is like 'crossing the pass of seconds'. Every minute and second passed accumulates into time. The merits and Karma in life are are also accumulated through time. The person who is truly able to be at peace with man, incidents and the world has already understood the impermanence of the world. Ability to fully understand impermanence leads to liberation in life'

Someone once said: Life is like tea, and sampling tea is like savouring life. A single tea leaf appears to be slender, fragile and light, yet it is full of wonders within. When placed in a cup, it fuses with the water inside and releases its essence completely and unreservedly, thus maximizing its full value.

We should appreciate the importance of a compassionate heart. When interacting with others, try focusing only on the merits of others and forging close bonds with people. Open up your heart so that you will not feel lonely or unhappy.

Believe that a compassionate heart is the basis for the existence of mankind as well as the place where the true value of life lies. We are often oversensitive and tend to overreact to minor matters, or associate every little thing with ourselves. All these will increase our pain. It is important to learn how to transform and transcend pain - in other words, change perspectives - and search for the positive meaning in pain.

Our lives are in a state of flux. We should learn how to handle anger and hate, dispelling feelings of hatred through patience and compassion. This is to prevent ourselves from being affected by negative emotions.

A sincere motive is the best way to eliminate anxiety and fear. Knowing what one can do and not do will not result in a lack of self-esteem, but rather bring about a strengthening of positive energies. Trhough learning and training, negative thoughts like anger, hate, greed, etc. can be eliminated while positive thoughts like benevolence, compassion, tolerance, etc. can be strengthened. A happy life is rooted in a peaceful state of mind.

Your body is what makes your revolution possible. Without health, there can be no true happiness in life.

Health is like this pivotal '1'. Your career, wealth and so on are only the zeroes behind. So, to cherish health is to love life. Only with good health can your work and responsibilites have something to hang on to. Only with good health can you serve your country and poeple better. So we need to take care of our health from now on. Physically train yourself harder. Lay a firm foundation from which you shall work hard now and tomorrow.

'Keep learning as long as you live'

Societal duties, stress at work, the burden of your family - all kinds of troubles that maturing brings along will come your way. You need to deal with them with a positive outlook. At 40, you are moving towards maturity. You can no longer afford to pay the price of acting blindly. As the flames of passion gradually lose their glaring brilliance, you need to light a beacon of rationality for the way ahead. As you mature physically at middle age, your inner being and level of thought ought to be catching up too.

Maturity means bidding farewell to the perplexity stemming from uncertainty of vision, the shallowness of living life as a game, and the rashness of giving yourself free rein. Maturity means becoming a little more clear minded in life, a little deeper in thought, and a little kinder and more dignified emotionally.

Maturity is not a form of decline, but rather, magnificence. So, from now on, we should pay more attention to the conscious cultivation of our mind. We will complete the tempering of the soul in the crucible of actual practice, resolve the distresses of growing up by means of mature rationality, and be always ready to accept new challenges further down the road.

'Being self-conscious in life; Enjoying your days'

It is a fact of life that things will not always be as we wish. We should dispel all obstacles with a cool head, enlightened thinking and rational actions. We should tap the inherent power in us that resists misfortune, and resolve troubles as best as we can with righteous courage. Furthermore, we should also remind ourselves to prevent the worst results from happening. The more true strength you have, the more fearless you are in the face of everything. Nothing can truly harm you, not even poverty or the suffering brought on by disease.

Hesitation and bewilderment are bad habits that hinder you from pursuing progress. Suspicion and jealousy are warped mentalities. When external stimuli trigger wemotional disturbances, you cannot help but fall prey to stress, psychological illusions and deluded thinking, and show signs of losing grip on humanity. Thus, if we seek harmony and peace in life, we must power up with a strong and healthy life.

We are to understand the things of this world in terms of conditional causation and cause-and-effect, tackle the six mental poisons of human greed, anger, ignorance, arrogance, doubt and erroneous views by means of discipline, meditation and wisdom, as well as apply the four methods of amicable association in our interpersonal relationships. By being good to life, we can make it fuller and more exciting.

Life is an enormous stage, where everyone plays a different role. Tragedies and comedies of life unfold every day on this planet. Every one of us plays the lead, each getting a taste of sourness, sweetness, bitterness, spiciness and saltiness, as well as experiencing joy, anger, sadness, shock and fear. From childhood to maturity, we all go through a series of different roles.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Oktoberfest @Paulaner Brauhaus 10.10.10

Oktoberfest Menu

Yesterday was a special day. It's 10.10.10. At the same time I had dinner appointment w/ friends to celebrate the above. Supposedly we wanted to go during weekend 'cos it would be much crowded and more fun, but too bad, it's all fully booked, so we only managed to book our dinner yesterday (Sunday).

We supposed to go 4 of us, but one of my friends 'fang wo men fei ji', which means... no news, then last minute cancel her appointment with us. I even bought her portion of beer vouchers, but today I managed to ask her to pay her part and asked her to use the voucher either today or tomorrow 'cos tomorrow will be the last day.

Menu for the day: Paulaner Brew House Specialty Platter, Bavarian Sausage Sampler, and Oktoberfest Bier

Well, just three of us. And since it's fall on Sunday, not so crowded comparing to the last time we went (last year). But it was fine. There is a table nearby where a group of people were having a real great fun! They drank quite much 'til drunk. They just danced around here and there. Hahaha... at the same time, asking us to dance together to the stage. Kekeke...

We weren't drinking much but the alcohol level was enough to make us slightly feeling high. We went back at about 10.30pm, and walked back home from MRT Station. PY and I talked about our feelings.. even secrets. Hahahaha.... so much fun!!

Reached home about 11.30pm. I slept at about 12 plus and this morning went to work like usual. Hehehe... Hope next year I'll still get a chance to celebrate Oktoberfest again. Maybe abroad?

Ein Prosit, ein Prosit
Der Gemütlichkeit
Ein Prosit, ein Prosit
Der Gemütlichkeit.
"Oans, zwoa, drei, Gsuffa"

Our face after drinking :)

Friday, October 08, 2010


I believe in a fate. People whom you meet, such as your family, your friends, your spouse, your bf/gf, your colleagues, even those you don't know and you met surround you. Places where you've been, such as your home, your school, your travelling places, your working place, wherever it is.

Fate can be short, can also be long depending on the past deeds that we made and bring into this life. Our characters, personalities are built slowly since we were young.

Just wonder how amazing it would be if you looked back on those past memories behind you, your present situation, and you may expect to meet more and more people, go to more places in the future.

Leave it to the nature or shui yuan.... Will be the best approach for our thinking. Yes we have a drive to make it happen. We have a dream to make it come true. But at the end, we still need a fate to accomplish it, and need to pray hard still that your dreams would come true.

I pray that all of your wishes come true. Hope that everything in your life will go on smoothly. I pray that you will be happy, those around you, your family, friends, to be happy. The ultimate goal in this life is to be happy, be content. Hope we all achieve our goal in this life. Sabbe satta bhavantu sukhitatta - Wish all sentient beings to be happy... Sadhu sadhu sadhu

Monday, October 04, 2010

2nd attempt of Voyage de la Vie

Yesterday we attended my friend's daughter birthday party in the afternoon. She's one year old. I went there last time when she was one month old. Time flies. Many thing happened and changed. My friend chit chat about how her working place now is like, how her job, etc. I feel lucky that I've left that place much earlier 'cos I don't like the politic they are playing. Anyway, everywhere is the same, only how affected is it to your situation. I don't wanna know about it and I hope I won't get involved. Release me please!

After the birthday party, we walked to the nearest mall and I went to Vivo at 5 plus and met my friend there. I accompanied her to buy skirt and bought it for her as a birthday present. Most importantly she likes it. We then had a dinner at kopitiam, then went to watch the show. Oh ya, we went to candy shop first to buy some candies for children hehehe... The things inside the shop are so cute, but I can't eat it, seems all too sweet for me. I'm getting old ba? Hiaehehehe....

We watched the show at 8.30pm. We sat at second row from front. Wow... So good. I could have much better view from there. Hehehe... The show lasted for 1.5 hrs then we went back home. We bought a drink and drank it on the way home. I finally tasted the Guiness stout, and knew what it tastes like. Quite strong but still manageable. Hehehe... Reached home 11 plus and slept at about 1am.

Now it's another new day, a brand new week and month. Gotta do my another half of closing. Hope everything goes on smoothly... Have a great day!!!!

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Relaxing dinner on weekend

Yesterday was closing day. In the morning, system was down and it was back to normal only after 10am. Only then I could generate my report. But that's not the end because someone came in bringing the transfer form, so I divided the work with my colleague to transfer some cost. After that, need the Chef to take a look into it. Waited for him to come down for about half an hour, so I did other things for closing. When he came, he did some internal transfer thing. Once I'd done with it, then realized that what he did was not enough. So needed to wait another person to come down and did another internal transfer. By the time I finished with the cost report, it's already 12.35pm. Time to have my lunch. I had a quick one, then continued with my closing. Kept working 'til 4.30pm, managed to work out with most of the journal and import it to the system. So I had a little break. Drinking vitamin C to boost up my vitality and rest for 5 minutes. Then, continued with the last and biggest journal. In the middle of it, then realized that I need to do additional work for the transfer of general items that someone just started doing that last month. So I needed to get more info on where the cost was parked and where the cost supposed to be charged to. Haiz... what a waste of time. Have told my complain to Chef's secretary. Wanted to say directly to the Chef but he wasn't around. He took half day off. Haiz.....
So I went on with that journal until 7.15pm. My friend has come to my place and I had to ignore her for instance so that I could finish my journal faster. When the numbers were all in balance, I didn't take second check on my work, just submit it to the system. Kekeke... Will see how was my posting, whether I made any error or not, and know about it next Monday when doing the reconciliation. Hopefully I didn't make any mistake lah ya.. hahahhaa....
Still another half job to do, but I could only do it next Monday once my journal has been posted to the system. So I don't want to think too much now. Just do what I have to do in present time.
After finishing my journal, it's time for relaxing!!! Yesterday was also Ellen's last day for her temp job and she was free to have dinner with us. That's why we met up for this dinner!!!

We headed to Hard Rock Cafe at Sentosa. My friend, PY, had waited for us since 7.30pm. We reached there about 8.25pm. Pu hao i se lor.... Then another friend had been hungry. So sorry gals!!! She immediately ordered food and we ordered our drinks. Then... it's makan time!!!


PY and Ellen

After makan, we tried 2 shot glass of cocktail, share share. One is B-52, consists of Kahlua, Baileys and Grand Marnier. Another one, forget the name, also forget the ingredients. Kekeke... But there was absolut vodka, triple sec bols on it.


We also ordered one dessert. I thought it was brownies with ice cream, but it was ice cream with lots of cream on top and chocolate fudge below. Eating half way, I was thinking of adding the B-52 into it. My friend also thought of it. So we added the liquor in. Taste not bad, but Ellen couldn't eat it...

There was live band at 9.30pm.We ate there until 11pm, then went back home. Feel better as I didn't to think about the work.. hehehe... There were so many people having birthday on that day. The band sang birthday song for 3 times and there were lots of people having birthday. 10, maybe?

Well.. it's October now. It's busy month. Full of activities ahead. Same with me. Just hope we're blessed with good health all the way... which is... impossible, rite? Kekeke.... Anyway... today is Saturday!! Just lazy around and take more rest for today and tomorrow there are few things to do... Well.. enjoy your weekend everyone!!!
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