Monday, January 18, 2010

Feeling much better after sharing my thoughts w my hubby last night. It's true what Buddha said. When you were bornt, it's where you suffering started. We all encounter that.
I was actually wondered yesterday, about 'am I passing my stages of life too fast?' Like what I told him last night, some of my friends, same age as mine, or even older, is now still at the phase of having boy/girl friend relationship. They haven't been through a phase of getting married, getting pregnant, having children, etc. Seems like they're having many things to plan on and more excitement to come.
Unlike myself, who has gotten married, having a child, on a step of stable career... I was kind of wondering.. What is next??? What excitement is going to come? How should I do in life to make myself going into greater excitement? I was thinking of holidaying to places I want to go, but sonetimes or somehow, that's just temporary.. Not a right time yet? Or no companionship yet.
So I look deeper within my situation. With Reever around, at least I still have a goal of seeing my son growing up. Wanna see a stage where he reaches teenager's time, bring back girlfriend, get married, or I may become grandmother. Kekekekeke...
But one thing I belief.. That this life is somehow predestined by our nature. That this life has a relation with our past karma. And will relate to our future karma too.
I should have been lucky to get this life so far, and I may plan something to do to make it better. Maybe again, that's fate? Let's see!!!

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