Saturday, January 02, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

It's 2nd Jan already! We passed the old and new just the two of us, my hubby and I. We went to our house's coffee shop and had our supper there. Ray ordered mee goreng, I ordered San Lao Hor Fun, plus a bottle of Carlsberg for both of us. We just ate and chat and let the time passing by. It's midnite and the coffee shop was not so crowded. We ate fully and went back home. I slept right after that.. comfortably.. until 11am. Hehehehhee..... Got out of the bed at 11.30am, then received a phone call from Soso, asking if Reever wanna join the children for Alvin & Chipmunk 2 at 12.30pm. We took a bath hurrily and prepared ourselves. We took a cab there and brought Reever's bicycle there. The kids watched movie themselves. We put our thing at Koko house, then not long after that, Ray and I went out for lunch at S-11. I had Saba fish & beef Korean BBQ with rice, while Ray ordered kway chap plus the luo mi fan that is stuffed in the pork's intestines. Not bad. We ate until very full.. Indeed a very filling brunch! Talking about S-11, the chu chao has closed down, and so does the Vegetarian shop. The business is not that good, plus the tenant increases the rent. Even the kway chap shop has changed owner too.

Ray and I went to Bugis. We went to Kwan Im Temple and pray. After that we walked to Illuma then crossed over the bridge to Bugis Junction. Stopped by at McDonald, had a sip of Coke and snacked curly fries, plus bought 3 Doraemon - Chinese astrology series at $2 each. ^^

We went back to Bishan at about 6pm. Reever and Aryn were playing bicycles near playground. Reever is able to ride a bicycle now. He can turn around as well.. Well done Reever!!!

We went back to Koko's house. Reever and Aryn played wii, Ray played PSP, and I changed my almost all account's password. It's just a precaution, since I had exchanged my BB one to one and I'm not sure if M1 staff has reformatted my data inside or not. I've lost my contact data presumably, so.. I need some time to put all the data back to the phone this last few days.

They were playing Í Spy'game at wii, quite interesting. We had dinner at 8pm, Kim San Leng's chicken rice plus some oyster and carrot cake. Ray and I went to Popular for a while to buy Reever's exercise book, then went back home at 10pm.

This morning, I fetched Reever to Sengkang CC again for his Chinese class. After that we headed to Orchard Hotel. My ex-boss has her one month baby's celebration at one of the seminar room there. I came quite early and waited for a while until the rest of the friends coming. Abby looks great, has lost some weight, is a very proud mama. She smiles continuosly. The baby name is Marcus Cheong. He is a strong baby boy. I can see by his look. A very lucky baby, indeed. Hope that he can grow up healthily and strong, as much as his mum.

The buffet food was good. There were abalone, sashimi, sushi, hi piau soup, dim sum (siu mai, lo mai kai, char siew pao), pork leg bee hoon - taste great, chicken wine, sea cucumber w/ mushroom, pork leg vinegar - taste good too, kueh pie tie, mee siam, assorted fruits, cakes, etc. While I was taking my food - second round, Reever came over to me and said that his tooth was moving. It was bleeding too. But not yet came off from his mouth. He was scared as this is his first time experiencing the moving tooth. I have to make him calm down, and slowly finished my food. We left the place early.

We faster took a bus and MRT home. I went to see if the dentist near MRT station is still opened. It was! So I booked Reever's name there. The receptionist asked us to come back in an hour, but only after half an hour, she called us to go there. So there we were.

Reever and I went into the dentist room. He was sitted into the dentist chair. He was very afraid. He was crying and moving uncontrollable. Until the doctor has to stop and let him calm down for a while. I tried to talk to him not to be afraid as this is a very fast process and won't hurt so much. He was just resisting into it. I asked him to talk with Aryn on the phone too, but he was still afraid. Then the doctor came in again. This time, I have to sit below him. Then the doctor, with her helper, me, and the receptionist tried hard to hold his hands, body, and open his mouth forcefully. Hahaha... And finally the dentist managed to take out his tooth.

Only then Reever admit that it wasn't so painful, but it's just because his first time experiencing the tooth extraction himself, that's why he was scared so much. We went home after that. He showed his teeth proudly to his daddy, ama, and xiao ku. I took a pic of his tooth, before we asked him to stand straightly facing outside and throw the tooth out so that his tooth will grow up straightly in the future. Hahaha.. what a tiring day!

Photo 1 : Reever's tooth

Photo 2: Reever with his missing tooth :D

Tomorrow I have to go to work and do the closing myself. So... can't be too tired tonight. Well.. happy new year once again everyone. Hope everything goes smoothly and fine. Bye...

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