Thursday, January 21, 2010

It's Thursday. 1.5 days to another weekend. Kinda moody now. Just don't understand how people think.I'm not the kind who like to take advantage of people, so don't worry of being taken advantage.
Somehow I find that they were the one who being selfish. When they're in needed, they would come to me. If not, just forget it. Don't worry, I hate those people who likes to take advantage on me. So better think twice before you act.

Another moody feeling of not having a chance to get together. It's the feeling of... I'm super freedom woman. Better let go those feeling of always wanted to be together, just fly with my own wings wherever I go. I'll remember this and will never ask that question anymore, 'cos at the end, the answer will always be the same. Welcome aboard the singly woman flyer!!!

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