Monday, January 11, 2010

Nostalgila masa lalu - Nostalgia from the past

I woke up early this morning as I don't have to go to work ( I take Off-In-Lieu replacing last Sunday closing). I brought Reever to nearby coffee shop to have breakfast then fetched him to school. After that, nothing to do at home, just browsed around the youtube. Listening to Katon's songs, then continued with other popular songs in 1980s. It really brought me back to 20 years back where songs were the only entertainment for us. Love songs dominates the market that time.

The video below is one of them. This song's name is Kaulah Segalanya (You're my everything), sung by Ruth Sahanaya. She has a great voice and a good singer.

Last Saturday, like usual, we brought Reever to Chinese class in the morning, then to Kwang Meng Shan Temple, starting his Saturday School. After that we had a walk at AMK for a while, then went back home at 6pm. His father brought him playing bicycle at the park and he was hurt after his bicycle was hit by another bicycle. He came back home crying after being scolded by his pa.. Poor boy...

And yesterday, we had Roti Prata for breakfast. His dad fetched him to Kumon. I fetched him back from Kumon and we continued our journey to his friend's house who held a birthday party. It's his first time attending the classmate's birthday. Me too. Hiaeiaheihae..... Not bad. There were some classmated attending the party too. I had a chance to talk with the birthday's girl's mom. There were lots of finger food, such as: small sausage, chicken nuggets, fries, homemade sushi rolls, pineapple, homemade spring roll, konnyaku jelly, etc.

Boys were playing with PS2 console and Nintendo Wii, while girls were playing other thing. I played Scrabble with the birthday's girl's mom, Reever, and Reever's friend, just for fun of course... hahahahha....

At 3pm plus, we sang birthday songs for her and she blew the candles. It was a princess cake, pink colour. They took pictures then ate the cake.

We went home at 4pm. At about 5.30pm, we went swimming. Just exercise for a while. After that we had our dinner at nearby house's coffee shop. Kekekeke... makan, makan, and makan again... After that, Reever played his bike for a while, then went back home.

Later we're going to play badminton at 2pm. Just playing for fun! Well.. write till here.. Hope you enjoy your day everyone!!! Cheers!!!

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