Monday, January 04, 2010

Primary 2 - First day of school

Today everybody goes back to school and work again. Holiday has over. This year, Reever has to go for morning class and must be there by 7.15am. It reminds me of my last schooling time. I also had to wake up early everyday.

As today is his first day, I woke up early and get ready to fetch him to school, to give him a full support for a new beginning. My hubby and mother-in-law also went to fetch him. Hehehe... What a lucky boy! I went to school myself last time on every first day of my school, as I could remember,

The weather wasn't co-operate well this morning. It was raining and it was even raining harder when we almost reached his school. However I could still see him smiling (with one tooth missing), and he was so exciting to show his missing tooth to his classmates, hahahaha....

Another thing he is exciting about was.. To buy food in canteen. He kept mentioning that since we were at home. Kekekeke....

Since it was still early, my hubby accompanied me drinking kopi at nearby coffee shop and had breakfast before I went to work. Thanks laogong!

It was still raining when I reached office. Cool weather. Great! Hope it won't bring sickness to all of us. Well, a new year, another round of new beginning for all of us! Hope everything goes on smoothly and well! Have a great day everyone!!!

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