Friday, February 26, 2010

10 million day

Yes, today is the day! Will it be my day? Yes... In my dream ba... Hahahahhahaha... Never I think myself of winning big money! The most free gift I got from stranger was my pocket size Canon. Well, at least I tried.
Yesterday I went to see my mom. She was not feeling well. Just hope that she will get better day by day and be strong like a tiger as she used to.
I've done the stock-take, half of the battle has been through. Another half will be next Mon and Tue. I'll be out for few hours next Tue to do my regular check-up. My handsome doctor will be on study leave, so another doctor will see me. Just hope that he would be able to take my case as good as the handsome doctor. Kekekekekeke....
Tonight I'll be having dinner w my hubby, his cousin n wife, and his friend n his friend's girlfriend. It's bbq mixed steamboat at Geylang. Expected to be very crowded as today is Friday.
Tomorrow I'll be fetching my son for course like usual and Sunday afternoon will go for my colleague's housewarming. Haiz... Hope I have time to take a rest as well..
Well, that's for today. If tonight I won the 10m, all the plans I wrote here maybe change with handing a resignation letter next Monday without a need to serve notice, then go to the airport to fly to Europe booked at NATAS EXPO tomorrow, etc etc... Hahahahahahaha... Have a great weekend!

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