Friday, March 12, 2010

Being here in less than a year has made me learning a new thing. It changed my personality on not trusting on people, who so called 'a friend', even I regard her as 'good friend', too much. Or maybe, specifically, I lose the trust on them.
One day I talked to her. She said, someone is testing her and other people's opinion for many times by asking those questions in another way. I didn't realise that one day, she was actually testing me too, by asking me questions in another way. I regarded her as a good friend, so I told her honestly what I was thinking. But I didn't know how she translated those answers into something else. Perhaps she has had a prejudice at the first place about me. After that 'talk', she became so cold towards me.
For your info, I said that because I trusted you. Never did I thought, you had another agenda behind it.
Now we are in cold wars. I've already told myself, not to interfere whatever things that's going on here. I came here purely to do my duty and task, and nothing else. I don't bother a single thing, neither I care a bit about it. If someone knew anything else, I won't be taken a rap anymore.
Someone is right. I don't have to 'like' someone. They just didn't worthed to be cared about. I'd rather use my time and thought on something else$
This will be the last time I would say about. I'll treat you transparent as how you're treating me. Good bye.

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