Tuesday, March 02, 2010

I'm kinda sad these last few days on how people around me trated me as if I'm transparent, some thought I fringed their privacy, n some thought I was the one who tell around who they were going out with, which I didn't. I don't have to explain what has happened as at the first place, they just didn't believe in me. I treat them as friends, but is that how they perceive me? I'm not sad that I have lost friends but I'm sad 'cos at the first place, they didn't even trust me.
Maybe I just have to cool myself down. Perhaps living without them will be better. Just concentrate with my work and personal life.
Sometimes I pity myself to become too straight in showing what I feel. But I can't deceive myself about what I feel. Like means like. Don't like means don't like. And I'm not like some people who are good just beacause they need to ask some favor to do things for them. That's not real friend's motive.
Well, perhaps I'm too naïve, believe that there were real friends in this days of society. It pushed myself of become friendless.
Kinda bored with no plan going around. August is still quite faraway. What I need maybe some air of freedom, going to a cool place to cool myself down, with a company. But I don't think I'll find that company.
Just now I took a glance on TV. If today is your last day, who will you say 'I love you' to? I will say 'I love you' to my parents, papa n mama, all my sisters and brother, thanks for supporting me all through my life, with your care and love I can be what I am today, believing that there is still unity in family relationship, also to my hubby and son whom I share my life with.
I love you guys!!!

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Anonymous said...

i love u. Hey girl, u dont need to like everyone. sometimes they just not worthed.

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