Friday, April 09, 2010

Treasure what you have now

Few days ago, my sis' father-in-law was admitted to hospital. He was attacked with stroke that made his left arm immobile. Now he is still lying in hospital bed and having further follow up. My bro-in-law will fly back to see his father and reach there tomorrow afternoon.
Same few days ago, the cleaner who works in place where I worked was also suddenly going back to her hometown in China. Her is worst case, that her father passed away. Just a day before it happened, I was asking her when will she go back to her hometown. Because she works here under yearly contract. She told me maybe another half year later then she will go back together with someone, who can accompany her taking flight together because she will be having air sick by taking airplane or even car or bus. So she said, if she has to come here, make sure its just once, and after go back home, she won't come here again.
She will only come back here on 27th.
Time flies. Now it's beginning of April. By the end of this month, I would have worked here for a year.
The higher the post is, the more responsibilities I have. If my subordinates made mistakes, they will see me as incapable leader, who are not capable in making things right though I've been telling them same things for many many times. They still make the same mistakes over and over again. I'm kinda tired honestly with this small matters. But anyway, try not to make myself unhappy because of that.
I had few trainings these pas few weeks. I understand what they require from us, as a leader. But the problem is, how to make them understand and do as what we wanted them to do. It ain't easy at all.
Tonight I'm going to distress myself. Tomorrow will be a busy day, hope that I can have more rest on Sunday.


Anonymous said...

maka dr itu, sbg atasan harus tegas.. kalo salah yah blg salah.. mustinya pake denda kali ye.. hehehhee... just appreciate what we have now.. makanya gw sruuh dia balik dr awal, spy no regret for anything... we dunno what will happen tommorrow, right?

Overcome said...

Pengennya sih gitu. Makan ati tau.. Bentar2 lupa.. bentar2 careless.. pengen gw cekek tuh orang.. kekekekeke....

Yes, live ur life with no regret!!!

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