Monday, May 10, 2010


May the Buddha guide my thoughts, speech and actions throughout the day.
May the Dhamma help me to be strong in moments of weakness, brave in times of trouble, and calm in the face of changing fortunes.
May the Sangha inspire me to act with kindness, patience and forgiveness in my dealings with all.

May this country be blessed with peace and prosperity.
May I have the opportunity today to help someone in need of my love and support.
I apologize if I have carelessly hurt someone today, by word or deed, may I be more mindfull the next time.

O Buddha, the Enlightened One, help me to set my heart right.
May my actions reflect your love and compassion I shall strive to cleanse my heart from hate and envy and live in harmony with all people.

Whatever wrong someone may do to me, may I be compassionate and forgive and bear no hatred in my heart.
I shall bear in mind to be grateful for the acts of love and conaideration shown to me, no matter how small they appear to be.

May the Buddha be at my head,
The Dhamma in my heart,
And the Sangha at my side to protect and guide me always.

For those I love and those who love me,
May this life be a blessing and a source of happiness to all beings.

I got the above from the paper given for praying. I didn't take attention on what was written since it was written at the back of the paper. On my way back home, inside the bus, I took a look at it and it seems suitable for my current situations.
It gives me strength to carry one. It gives me peace and calm when I was afraid. Hope this aspirations will guide my everyday life from now on, and it will be great if this can help others. That's why I put it here.

Also a dhammapada verses that you can find it online. Type 'dhammapada verses 277'. It teaches us about impermanence. It's easy to say, but it is difficult to do. Jia you ba!!!

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