Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I feel much better these past two days. At least some people's mood have slightly gotte better.

This afternoon, a feng shui master came in to my office and allowed me to throw some old documents. Some documents were there since 1997. Kekeke... She said, it's not good for feng shui with so many stuff and messy. I cleared those junks right away and cleaned the cupboard at the same time. She always says that many people are eyeing my office since I have lots of place to put my things inside the office. I even have a small minibar fridge. Kekeke...
Do you know who is the feng shui master I was talking about?? My boss.
She came to my office because she wanted to find empty cabinet that she can use it in other place. We have one and there is not many documents inside. So she asked me to clear the old stuffs, fill with the documents that were inside the drawer, so that she can use that drawer.

Before she went out, I told her that I plan to take two-week leave in August. She asked me if it's during month end and I said, no. She just wants to ensure that someone is covering my duty while I was not around. So I told her about my back up plan and she simply said, go lah, it's not ur first time taking such a long leave. Fiuh... I felt much release. Because from the last meeting, she was talking about the leave and I was thinking that she was talking about me planning to take such a long leave. Until I had so much thinking in my mind during the weekend.
Now I'm really relieved to hear that. Means that I don't have to worry about my Tibet trip. Thank you SB!!!

Tomorrow I'll have a first meeting that I arrange. We'll talk about wine. Hope I didn't offend anyone and we can solve this together. Hopefully...

Btw, it's really better after clearing the old stuff and cleaning my office. Hope the feng shui works!!! Kekekke... Jia you!!

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