Sunday, May 02, 2010

San bu yi bai

Yesterday Reever and I woke up 4.30am and got ourselves ready for san bu yi bai. We had breakfast first before we took taxi there. Shared a plate of chee cheong fan, a cup of 'kopi' for me and 'milo' for Reever. Lucky we had our breakfast first, because they didn't provide any food before the event. This san bu yi bai is held only for Saturday/Sunday students, its parents, teachers, and volunteers, not for public. The length of the journey is the same, it took us about 2 hours. It's tiring. My legs pain, but it's all worthed. ;) I enjoyed the process very much.

"Devotees usually line up to meditatively cirumambulate the perimeter of the temple, bowing once every three steps, while chanting mantras or the name of the Buddha in praise of Him. This practice helps to purify the Mind, humble the ego and lessen obstacles along the spiritual Path."

We started at 6.30am and ended at 8.30 am. It's my 2nd attempt and I still felt joyous when I finally reached the end of the journey. Reever bowed fully to the floor only for first few times, and after that, he just bowed while standing up. He couldn't stand it. Perhaps it's too young for him to understand what it's for. Many children were doing that too and some were really great. They could fully bow until the end. Thumbs up!

We had a bowl of vegetarian noodle after that, and drank lots of water. We went back home and took a bath. I slept and took a rest 'til afternoon time. And started to watch another series. Again, Taiwanese series, with title "Jiu xiang lai zhi ni". It's only shown once a week on TV, so I'd better watch it online. Hehehhee... and started the show from beginning as I missed the beginning part.

This morning I had vegetarian beehoon for breakfast. Reever had pancakes with Milo. He had Kumon after that, then we shopped at NTUC. After reached home, I prepared the Japanese curry and longan jelly. It's done and very nice. Hehehe... Now going to watch series again while waiting hubby to come home. Tomorrow working again. Haiz.... Write till here... Hope you all enjoy your weekend...

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