Saturday, July 31, 2010

Counting down... 6 more days to go

Today after bringing my son to his enrichment class, we went to the travel agent to pay the balance of the tour fee and to hear the briefing. There were quite lots of people attending the briefing. Total of 31 pax for two types of tour, 10 days and 12 days tour to Tibet. The difference of 3 days is that we get a chance to go to Base Camp of Mt Everest or Qomolangma (Zhu mu lang ma) in Chinese or Mount Sagarmatha in Tibetan language.

We chose to take the 12 days since we are going to Tibet, why don't we take a chance to see the base camp as well, as we can also see how the Mt Everest look like. The highest mountain in the world (height of 8848 metres above the sea level. We won't climb the mountain though... But a view of it has already made me satisfied :) Hope I could get a chance to see it and be there...

In the briefing, we were told on what things to take notes during our trip, what items should be bring, what type of clothes should we wear, and so on. I can see that everyone is very exciting and look forward for this trip. Each of us worry about altitude acclimatization sickness, but the key to it.. is to relax and don't worry so much. The guy said that in every train, in every hotel, there is doctor that can help us. The hospital there is also convenient to go. We were asked to get relax this few days before the trip. Haiz... I still have to do my month-end closing, hope that everything goes smoothly... And don't make me stress too much oh!
I bought travel insurance policy as well, just in case if anything happens. At least we were covered.

In Tibet, there will be a Shoton Festival from 10-12 Aug. We won't purposely attend the festival, but we might be able to feel the atmosphere during that period. There will be lots of people in town, crowd everywhere, more people in train, hotels, street, etc. Just hope we won't get lost! Hahahhaa....

It's really been my dream to be there.. Hope I have a fate to be there.... Wish me luck!!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Recipe for longevity: Have lots of friends

Quote the above from one article at mypaper today. Psychologist Julianne Holt-Lunstad said,"A lack of social relationship was equivalent to smoking up to 15 cigarettes a day." It's also said that having low levels of social interaction was equivalent to being an alcoholic, was more harmful than not exercising and was twice as harmful as obesity. Social relationship had a bigger impact on premature death than getting an adult vaccine to prevent pneumonia, than taking drugs for high blood pressure, and far more important than exposure to air pollution, they found.
Reading the above, show us how scary it is when life is without having friends around. Friends are indeed important in our lives. But somehow, we may not find the real 'friends'. Or someone who look like 'friend' but actually hurts you behind your back. Nevertheless, I still agree that life is more beautiful when you're having friends around you. They may be faraway from you. They maybe seldom appear in front of you. But when you are in touch, everything is getting connected one to another.

Going to be busy these two days with stocktaking. I had a very early sleep last night. But I think my sickness is getting worst. I need to consult doctor later after work.

Another one week to go for my holiday. Just hope the closing will go on smoothly and I can go to my holiday in peace. Take care everyone!!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I'm finally down with flu and sore throat. Blamed it to lack of sleep and raining day. I'm still going to work though, but plan to see doctor after work. Hope I can get mc for tomorrow.. Hahahahahahhaa.....
I haven't taken a single mc yet since I worked here... Maybe it's time???? :P
I'm quite busy with work nowadays, especially that they expect us on stringent check for food products received. And while doing something, another thing coming up. Plus some meetings that I need to attend. It's better that I had a chance to attend those meetings as to widen up my knowledge, to get to know the root of problem in more details, to know what's really going on in this place, networking, and so on.
So far I'm quite glad with support from Purchasing side and others that I won't mention here, as long as there is no backstabbing event going on. I really hate those that only know to find faults and even small matters need to tell the Boss. Can't we settle it among ourselves and help each other to solve??? Really can't understand what is in their mind.
Anyway.. travel agent has smsed me to go there next Sat to pay the balance of payment, also to have some briefing. Look forward to it! Now I must focus to recover my health fully so that I can have a good health during my holiday trip! Wish me luck!!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Finally the episodes I watched has ended with happy ending. Well, life isn't always with happy ending, is it? It may just their beginning of their new phase of life. Actually I enjoyed more watching the process rather than seeing the ending. But that's what series are about! Must have an end :)
Well, in real life, everything must come to the end too, it's just a matter of time on how fast or slow it will go.

I'm counting down to my holiday trip now. 18 more days to go.... Visa is done. Passport has been scanned to make the local permit. Haven't paid fully for the trip as they haven't sent me sms for payment yet. Usually 2 weeks before departure.

I have slowly bought some clothes that can be used during the trip, but still unsure about how cold oe how hot the weather will be. Just hope that everything will be fine and all of us have good health all the time, especially during the jouney itself. Wish us luck, ok?

Still have to go through month end closing before I can have my holiday. There will be an important audit too when I was away, hope everything will go on smoothly. Hope we can avoid unnecessary problems and work together as a team rather than as individual.

I had a great dinner last Friday. My friend and I finally managed to eat at the restaurant that we aimed for since last time. I enjoyed the beers and conversation very much, hope I can have this type of dinner more often in the future with great company.

I write til here then. Have a great day everyone!
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