Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Finally the episodes I watched has ended with happy ending. Well, life isn't always with happy ending, is it? It may just their beginning of their new phase of life. Actually I enjoyed more watching the process rather than seeing the ending. But that's what series are about! Must have an end :)
Well, in real life, everything must come to the end too, it's just a matter of time on how fast or slow it will go.

I'm counting down to my holiday trip now. 18 more days to go.... Visa is done. Passport has been scanned to make the local permit. Haven't paid fully for the trip as they haven't sent me sms for payment yet. Usually 2 weeks before departure.

I have slowly bought some clothes that can be used during the trip, but still unsure about how cold oe how hot the weather will be. Just hope that everything will be fine and all of us have good health all the time, especially during the jouney itself. Wish us luck, ok?

Still have to go through month end closing before I can have my holiday. There will be an important audit too when I was away, hope everything will go on smoothly. Hope we can avoid unnecessary problems and work together as a team rather than as individual.

I had a great dinner last Friday. My friend and I finally managed to eat at the restaurant that we aimed for since last time. I enjoyed the beers and conversation very much, hope I can have this type of dinner more often in the future with great company.

I write til here then. Have a great day everyone!

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