Thursday, July 22, 2010

I'm finally down with flu and sore throat. Blamed it to lack of sleep and raining day. I'm still going to work though, but plan to see doctor after work. Hope I can get mc for tomorrow.. Hahahahahahhaa.....
I haven't taken a single mc yet since I worked here... Maybe it's time???? :P
I'm quite busy with work nowadays, especially that they expect us on stringent check for food products received. And while doing something, another thing coming up. Plus some meetings that I need to attend. It's better that I had a chance to attend those meetings as to widen up my knowledge, to get to know the root of problem in more details, to know what's really going on in this place, networking, and so on.
So far I'm quite glad with support from Purchasing side and others that I won't mention here, as long as there is no backstabbing event going on. I really hate those that only know to find faults and even small matters need to tell the Boss. Can't we settle it among ourselves and help each other to solve??? Really can't understand what is in their mind.
Anyway.. travel agent has smsed me to go there next Sat to pay the balance of payment, also to have some briefing. Look forward to it! Now I must focus to recover my health fully so that I can have a good health during my holiday trip! Wish me luck!!!

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