Thursday, July 29, 2010

Recipe for longevity: Have lots of friends

Quote the above from one article at mypaper today. Psychologist Julianne Holt-Lunstad said,"A lack of social relationship was equivalent to smoking up to 15 cigarettes a day." It's also said that having low levels of social interaction was equivalent to being an alcoholic, was more harmful than not exercising and was twice as harmful as obesity. Social relationship had a bigger impact on premature death than getting an adult vaccine to prevent pneumonia, than taking drugs for high blood pressure, and far more important than exposure to air pollution, they found.
Reading the above, show us how scary it is when life is without having friends around. Friends are indeed important in our lives. But somehow, we may not find the real 'friends'. Or someone who look like 'friend' but actually hurts you behind your back. Nevertheless, I still agree that life is more beautiful when you're having friends around you. They may be faraway from you. They maybe seldom appear in front of you. But when you are in touch, everything is getting connected one to another.

Going to be busy these two days with stocktaking. I had a very early sleep last night. But I think my sickness is getting worst. I need to consult doctor later after work.

Another one week to go for my holiday. Just hope the closing will go on smoothly and I can go to my holiday in peace. Take care everyone!!!

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Anonymous said...

I am totally agree with that statement.. I just talked about it with hubby.. and said i dont really have someone who just listening to me... i dont really have a "true friend" here.. compare with Ely who always be there with me in jkt..
Actually i got one but bec of her family situation, it is pretty hard to expose all the grumpies on my head. and i just realised now i really bad mouth.. talk about the negativity of other people.. such a gossip wife... not good huh!

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