Friday, August 06, 2010

After work I visited the doctor for a third time within one month, the same doctor that I've been seeing. I let him check my throat and nose if everything has recovered and told him that I've a bit difficulty in breath during recovery time. Just to be sure that everything is fine during the journey and get some supply of medicine to make sure that I'll be fine during my trip. He said, everything is good. Just need eat some medicine to help me recovered fully. :)

Reaching home, I was welcomed with spread of food on the table. Udang petai cabe made by my mom, somai from Jakarta, heart-warming soup made by mother in law, all is in my stomach. Hehehe... I also asked my hubby to take care the bird nest during its steaming process. It's said that bird nest would help to make the sore throat feel smoother. I had half bowl, while another half was given to my son who is not feeling well, a bit fever, sore throat and flu. Haiz... It's his turn to suffer.

I did some packing, made sure that everything that I remember was inside my luggage and sling bag, then I had a sleep from 10.30pm to 12am. My hubby kept awaken to make sure I'd wake up at midnight. When I woke up, he slept for a while. I prepared myself and at 1 plus, my brother picked me and hubby up to the airport. We have checked-in and now are waiting until we board. The plane is delayed a little while. Supposed to fly at 3.50am but now delayed to 4.35am. My mom tried to sleep but she couldn't. She feels pain on her legs and put some koyo on it. My mom used to be a racer, who walked very fast wherever we go. But now, as she is getting old, she feels pain here and there, especially on her legs. Just hope that she can survive during this trip and everything goes on smoothly.

My dad is sleeping on the long sofa. He didn't have sleep before this. I feel a bit sleepy too, but I'd wait until I get in the plane, then catch some sleep there.

Well, I won't have internet connection for the next 2 weeks, but I hope I still can get in touch with family members by using sms. Keep praying that everything will be alright and all of us will have a safe and pleasant journey. Good bye...

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