Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Busy time of the month is here!!! Will do stock-taking today abd prepare for month-end closing. Gotta admit, a bit lazy this month to do this thing over and over again... But can't escape la!!! It's a cycle that I have to do. Just heard that one of my colleague resigned yesterday. She has been working here for quite some time and finally she is leaving. She found a better offer, well, wish her all the best then!

Last Sunday we went to my hubby's childhood friend's house to have steamboat. It was also first time for hubby to visit their new house, 'cos during housewarming, he didn't manage to visit due to his work. We had a great meal, thanks Wilvin and Kate for the invitation!

These last two days my hubby cooked for us. On Monday he cooked prawn noodle soup and dried, and yesterday he cooked fried Hokkian mee. Thank you Laogong!

Well gotta go back to work soon! Hope everything goes smoothly this month-end and jia you!!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

SMC Dinner & Dance 2010 - Retrolicious'80s

Yes!!! The once a year company's event was finally there! Coincidentally, it was held on the same day with my Birthday, so I could have the party without a need to organize anything, just enjoy and with accompany of lots of familiar faces.

It started at about 7.30pm. The theme is as per above. Before we entered into the Ballroom, we took some pictures at the booth outside, wearing glasses, wigs, just to have some fun (see the pics above).

Then, there was a short movie too, taken days before the event, shot anywhere within our working area. Below is the movie. Hope you enjoy and feel the energy!!! ^^

How was it??? Well, my laughter was a bit too loud, sorry about it... :P

The program was not bad. The presenter kept asking us to participate without felt boring, and we moved around. We danced, shouted, kept applauding, and sweating!! Was really fun!!

The EXCO and Dept Head gave us the opening dances, I Love Rock and Rolls sung by Joan Jett & the Blackhearts!!! Not bad!!!

Then there were talents competitions too by 5 different departments and not bad, they had put it lots of efforts to give a good show! Well done!!

As for lucky draws, too bad all Finance staffs didn't win any Top 30! But it was ok lah... At least we enjoyed the food, drink, and had some fun! The food was cooked by our colleagues from Kitchen, and it was really good! I enjoyed the starter and the main course, mainly western one. Well done!!! Too bad I didn't eat any dessert as my stomach had been filled with beers... hehehe....

I was there until 11pm, then went back home. Still managed to go home myself by MRT and bus. Hahaha... And today I took a day leave so that I could take enough rest as few days ago I didn't have enough sleep.

Just an advise, turn on the video below for some music while you're watching at the pictures below... hehehe.....

Well, hope you all enjoy the video and the slides!! Have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday to myself :) After so long, I finally come to work on my Birthday. Usually I take leave and free myself from work but today I delay the leave til tomorrow because I can't dissapoint so many people who celebrate my Birthday today at the office. Hahahahahahaa.... Nolah, today there will be Annual Staff Dinner and Dance in the office, coincidence to be held on my Birthday :)

The theme is Back to 80s. I've my fashion designer who accompanied and advised me on what to dress tonight, Mr RK ^^ Just a tip that it won't be that colorful, but at least the theme is there. So.. Wait until I posted the picture... Hehehe....

Yesterday night after work, I met up w 2R to look for the missing parts, then we met my bro and his families, also Auntie's and families to have a Birthday Celebration of my bro's daughter, or my niece. The date is different only by a day. They invited us for dinner at Tony Romas in Suntec. Thank you for the dinner, it's very enjoyable and hope Aryn likes our presents. I hope she knows how to utilise those things and have an interest to do. It's materials to create handmade photo album, some kinds of Scrapbook, but more for the beginner. Well, just hope she would use it :)

Aryn's Birthday at Tony Romas, Suntec

We reached home about 11 plus pm. I took a bath and my son and hubby gave me their handmade pictures and greeted me for Birthday. Both of them drew a birthday cake which turned magically into a real birthday cake, with the same design. Hehehe... Thank you laogong and baobei. I was touched by your love to make me feeling warmth and be loved. There is nothing more I need. I'm very happy :)

They then sang a birthday song, took pictures, then ate the cake.

I slept at about 1am, then woke up this morning at 6.45am. When reached office, I slowly received sms from my friends and family members, greeting me a Happy Birthday. Thank you for your greetings.... It made my day :) Some colleagues also sent me emails and sms, and some directly wished me the Happy Birthday. Thank you very much!

Well, another half day to go! Hope everything goes on smoothly and hope everyone enjoy the party tonight! Ceeeeeleebrate tonight, come on!!!!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

It's a day!!! Zhong Qiu Jie Kuai Le!!!
It's a day where family members to have dinner together, watching the bright full-moon in the sky :) Eating mooncakes which symbolic of unity.
Children would light up the candle and put it into the lantern. Nowadays lots of lantern is modernised by having music and light, operated using batteries. They would walk around the neighbourhood, meet with others and enjoying their time.

Today is coincidence with my niece's birthday :) Happy Birthday Ms. Pony ^^ They invited us for a dinner tonight. So we'll have dinner together. Have prepared a box of gifts for her. Hope she likes it and have same or even better creativity than mine hehehehe... :) Come to think about it, how lucky she is. I used to buy my things myself with limited budget. Kekkee.... Still need to find something, but if can't, then just use whatever it is.

Well.. Write til here. Enjoy your time with family members tonight! Be reunion, be happy!!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It's 21st September! 2 more days the D&D is coming! Not really exciting though as I don't expect much from the event, just wanna enjoy the show and gather with colleagues. The theme is 80s, and dress code is bright colour dress. I'm going to wear black dress, really out of the dress code ah??? What do you think? Or do I need to wear a normal pink shirt plus jeans? Need ur opinion please....
I won't participate any talent show this year, just sit and becomes one of the spectators. Hope I won't get called for any other funny2 games as well. Just wanna sit and enjoy the show. Hope everything goes on smoothly... Hehehe....

My invitation card number is 3029. Familiar number ah? Also dob of my bro and sis-in-law. So I decided to buy 4D this week. If I win, that will be great! Hahahahaha... Can donate some money to charity :)

Read newspaper yesterday, there was a Chinese billionaire who will donate all of his wealth to charity once he passed away. He won't even inherit his wealth to his own son. But sometimes I just wonder, why he must wait until he dies then he donates? Why can he started to donate NOW??? Hehehehe... Although both has same good intention, but the effect will be quite different, don't u think so? If he is willing to donate now, it means he is willing to let go his wealth during his lives. He will be able to accept impermanent condition, from being rich to be poor. Although he is poor materially, but he is creating a rich good karma for future life. And I don't think people will let him become poor by donating such a lot of wealth to needy people. People will somehow will help and support him so that he won't get homeless and no food on his table until he dies. Anyway... I don't think I'm in the position to comment so much hehehe....

I've booked the Oktoberfest dinner for 101010. Supposedly we planned to go on 8th, but it's fully booked from 7 to 9. No choice, we have to go on Sunday night. But the date is quite special. So.. Just be there and enjoy! Have purchased their beer coupon as well. Hehehehe... Hope everything is going smoothly.

Well, stop here. Have a great day everyone!!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How silly I am to be sad with my own condition. I should have been lucky that so far my condition so far is still so good. Today I can feel a slighly pain and numb on my left hand for quite some time, perhaps I type on bb too much kekeke.. Not really lah.. Then, I heard sad news from my new friend. He told me that something has happened to his wife. It's much more serious than mine. I could feel his sadness as it happens to his loved one. You would do anything if there is any way to cure it. You would try your very best to make your loved one's health to be good again, or at least to go back to normal. But this is life. Life is full of challenges to all of us. Some get more while some get even more. I wish I can help them as well. Moral support, encouragement, or anything.

There are many people out there taking their life and health for granted. They don't think much about their future. Wish when it comes, they'd die soon. But when it really comes, then they would start regretting of what they'd done previously.

Sometimes I take my health for granted too.. Just like yesterday. Hehehe... Me and few closed friends had a little gathering, a destress drinking session. Only 3 drinkers though, but it was quite fun. The food was a lot of disappointment, only the beers that were nice hehehe... I had about 4 pints (500ml per pint). It felt great. Somehow you'd laugh uncontrollably, just felt happy. My friend had 5 pints. Kekeke... He also likes to drink but has cut down its frequency due to his health. Well, we had an enjoyable night and met some old and current friends. It's pre-Oktoberfest. So.. we'll have another round next month, a real Oktoberfest. Hope can find some drinkers as well to join the happy moment :D

PY, Lam, and Me


Well, lastly, I just can say, life is short. Enjoy every moments while you can. Show your love to all your loved ones. Whatever feelings you have, reduce your anger and hates... It won't matter anymore when time comes :) Just be fun, be happy!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Today I was kinda sad after hearing the news that my immune body is still fighting my own body cells. This time, the blood test result showed that my white blood cell is diminishing and slightly below normal. So Doctor prescribed me back the steroid. Although the dose was not so high, I'm still sad over the fact that this thing can attack me anytime, anywhere they like. No reason, no explanation given. Good news is that my other body organs like kidney, liver, are all okay.Doctor told me that patient like me will still need the steroid on and off. Still have to depend on it. Haiz.... I have to go back 2 months later.

Another good news is.. I can see my young and handsome doctor again for my next visit ;) so happy!! Long time no see him liao. He was away for studying. .

Since I was away for my appointment for about 2.5 hrs, I replaced back my working hours by working late. I'm on my way back now. Need to count those recipe costing for upcoming X'mas!

Tomorrow we're going for a dinner. My friends wanted to celebrate early Birthday party for me. Too early.. So I prefer to call it 'destress drinking session' kekekeke... Now it's very crowded in Clarke Quay area. There is Taiwan food promotion and many lanterns shown for the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival. Just wanna get rid of those unhappiness things somehow by drinking more... But my friends can't drink le... Hiks... Nevermind la.. They still can order soft drinks.., while I'm having my Erdinger!!! Yamsenggggg!!!!!

Thursday, September 09, 2010

'A better method to reach an inner contentment is not to have what we want but rather to want and appreciate what we have'

The sentence above was taken from book 'Art of Happiness', written based on interview of the writer and the 14th Dalai Lama. It is true that most of the time we want to have this and that. Seems like we have never had enough. Some people who has got married and have a child would still think of having another better man or woman to be with. Their mind would always think that their wives or husbands are not good enough. They might meet other man or woman that they think he or she is much better than their current husbands and wives. Can be more kind, cleverer, more successful, more understanding, more feminine, prettier, younger, etc.

Couple that have already had one child, might think of having more. But while wanting to have more, they didn't really care about the current one once the child has grown up. The child might be neglected by busy parents, or left it with maid or parents to take care. They only want to have new thing without appreciating what they have already had.

So, it is really not easy to be content with what we have already had. We must keep reminding ourselves not to be greedy. Appreciate what we have. Love it more, take care of it more, etc.

Hope this can be a little reflection in doing our daily lives. Be content, be happy!!!

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

It's September now!! How time flies...
Few more months to year end, then beginning of new year.
Hari Raya is coming this Friday!! We'll have long weekend.. Yihaa!!! Then next week will be a week full of activities and gathering with some friends. Students are having their holiday now and will be back to school next Monday.
It's been 4 months since the last time I had my regular check-up and next week I'll have another review about my health. Just wish that everything is normal...
Mooncake festival is coming. Birthdays are coming. It's gonna be a slightly busy month.
Well, write 'til here. Gotta go back to work. Have a great day!!!
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