Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How silly I am to be sad with my own condition. I should have been lucky that so far my condition so far is still so good. Today I can feel a slighly pain and numb on my left hand for quite some time, perhaps I type on bb too much kekeke.. Not really lah.. Then, I heard sad news from my new friend. He told me that something has happened to his wife. It's much more serious than mine. I could feel his sadness as it happens to his loved one. You would do anything if there is any way to cure it. You would try your very best to make your loved one's health to be good again, or at least to go back to normal. But this is life. Life is full of challenges to all of us. Some get more while some get even more. I wish I can help them as well. Moral support, encouragement, or anything.

There are many people out there taking their life and health for granted. They don't think much about their future. Wish when it comes, they'd die soon. But when it really comes, then they would start regretting of what they'd done previously.

Sometimes I take my health for granted too.. Just like yesterday. Hehehe... Me and few closed friends had a little gathering, a destress drinking session. Only 3 drinkers though, but it was quite fun. The food was a lot of disappointment, only the beers that were nice hehehe... I had about 4 pints (500ml per pint). It felt great. Somehow you'd laugh uncontrollably, just felt happy. My friend had 5 pints. Kekeke... He also likes to drink but has cut down its frequency due to his health. Well, we had an enjoyable night and met some old and current friends. It's pre-Oktoberfest. So.. we'll have another round next month, a real Oktoberfest. Hope can find some drinkers as well to join the happy moment :D

PY, Lam, and Me


Well, lastly, I just can say, life is short. Enjoy every moments while you can. Show your love to all your loved ones. Whatever feelings you have, reduce your anger and hates... It won't matter anymore when time comes :) Just be fun, be happy!!!

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