Thursday, October 28, 2010

Exciting with new holiday plan

I had a small reunion with my ex-school mates from LR last night. One from Philipinnes together with his fiancee, they are now working and staying in Singapore, plan to get married next year back in Philipinnes. One is from Indonesia, but her hubby is working and staying in Singapore. She comes and goes from Indo to Sg at least once a month and has a plan to stay here long term. And another one is Singaporean friend who I meet more often down here. So for the rest two, I hadn't met up with them for almost ten years.
Veny doesn't change so much except looks more mature. Ann looks more professional and more like career woman, but all of us are still very young at hearts.. Hahaha... As for Victor, three of us were quite surprise to see his physical changes. He used to be chubby and plump guy, but now he is much slimmer and it made him look taller. According to him, he started to lose weight last December only. So in about 10 months time, he managed to cut his fats and also his smoking habit. Thanks to the bet he made with his current fiancee ;)

After posting our picture to fb, my Taiwanese friend wrote a comment asking when will we be there for reunion. Hehehehe... 2 days after that, I bought the tickets online. Just nice, my friend also wants to go there. Initially there was another friend who is interested to go, but since the time will be clashed with CNY reunion and she has to be there with her husband's family, she then can't make it. So it's just me and my friend. I plan to have a relaxing holiday there. Not really concentrate on sightseeing. More like eating, drinking, walk a bit, gathering, if possible have a bath in hot spring. Weather will be cool when I'm there. Yay!! So exciting!

The last time I went there was 21 years ago. Wow... How time flies.. Time to catch up with the current Taiwan. Also have intention to go to Doraemon store. Hope I can find one. Hiehehehehe.... :D

Everytime I passed by escalator and MRT at Chinatown, I always see the visit Taiwan advertisement. In months to come, I will go there and experience it myself!! Yihaaa!!!!

Hope everything goes on smoothly.. Wish me luck ok? Have a great week ahead!!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Wow!! This morning my friend has finally come back from her 1 month unpaid leave. She went to Canada to meet her bf. It seems just like yesterday. When she appeared in front of me, it seems like a dream to me.

I thought she was going to extend her stay there and tender her resignation from there, but she didn't. But she is very sad the fact that she has to leave him. She kept crying on her way back to Singapore.

Long distance relationship. I should be very lucky that I don't have to encounter that anymore. I hope I don't have that anymore. Living together with loved ones, nothing can make me happier than that.

This morning I accidentaly erased all sms in my phone, including all outgoing and incoming one. Hahaha... But it reminds me of impermanent, that everything in life will disappear one day, it's just a matter of time. All those young faces, beautiful body, the good health, one day everything will disappear. Young becomes old. Beauty becomes not beauty anymore. Healthy may become inhealthy. But what remains are the beauty that is kept inside, which is inner beauty. Kindness, compassionate, honesty, etc. Well, it can change as well, but at least that can be reserved as long as people is willing to do so.

Anyway... Again.. Be happy with what you have. Be satisfy. That will be the ultimate goal of happiness. Rather than having a lot, but never feel satisfy.

Heard that Audit thing has passed with Effective result. I don't know what that means, but I just hope that was quite a good news as year end is coming. If we failed, we won't have that bonus in hand... Anyway... Anything can be gone just like that, only a matter of they like u or they don't. Kekeke...

Write 'til here. Have a great week ahead!!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Pork Knuckle and Smoked Pork w/ Garlic Sausage for our dinner

Last Friday after work, I met up w/ school friends for dinner. We had our dinner at Brotzeit in Somerset 313, serving German food and beer. It's been many months ago since we met for the last time. Time really flies...

Aileen, Shelly and I

As for last Thursday, my aunt and uncles came to Singapore. They stopped by Singapore just for a night to have dinner at restaurant where I work. So coincidentally there is Heritage Promotion and they were able to try many different local dishes plus fresh durian. I didn't take their pictures during dinner, but we took some pictures with a view of Clarke Quay.

Suk Ahin, Kuchong, Kuku, Astro, Aryn and Koko

Sunday, October 17, 2010

'Establish Right Thinking, Let the Heart Be Free' - last part of The Pursuit of Happiness

All present forms of life and circumstances are the results of Karma accumulated from our previous lives. Be they good or evil, our Karmas are all contaminated. The fruits corresponding to them are therefore subject to imperfections and suffering. One who can subdue the body and mind well to maintain tranquility of the psyche is a wise and worthy person. He who controls the body but not the mind, on the other hand, can never attain true freedom and transcendence.

Those who are not still inwardly tend to look outwards, making comparisons with others and even pursuing fame, profit and enjoyment blindly. Those who know nothing about introspection but are always engaged in outward pursuits will always live in emptiness and distress. A saying goes: 'Even a thatched hut stands well and vegetable roots smell good when the heart is calm.'

Confucians, too, maintain that "all things exist in well-being when viewed in calmness". Only when the heart calms down can there be fullness and meningfulness in life. Gather that outward-grasping mind together. Let it fall back on your original Mind and pristine nature. Your mind will naturally become calm and still this way.

In the process of learning and being confronted with various circumstances, how should we adjust our own mentality so as not to be affected by external forces? Your mind has to be in charge. Be mindful wherever you are. Stay focused whatever you do. Be in a state of conscious existence at all times. Mentally be where you are, whether you are working, chanting a sutra, meditating or doing something else. Be of one mind, not two.

As a working adult, manage your time properly. Plan your work appropriately. If you become obsessed with profit making and give yourself too much stress, you may throw yourself off-balance physically and mentally, making things harder for yourself as you lose more than what you gain.

So, regulate your body and mind from day to day. In particular, be sure that your mind is clear and in charge. If you can establish right thiking and let your heart be free, you will naturally be able to deal with affairs excellently. When your mind is balanced, the true Way shall be within your reach.

Be moderate in all you do. Never be too rash or passive. Neither should you be arrogant nor too servile. In speech, be neither flattering nor relentless. As a student, pay attention in class, take time to review what you have learnt, or you may find yourself having to burn the midnight oil at the last minute to deal with examinations - you can hardly get good results this way.

Four Attitudes Towards Handling Problems - source from the same Author

When things happen, especially when major problems arise, there are 4 attitudes or 4 levels to handle them.

First, is to face it.
Second, is to accept it.
Third, is to settle it.
And fourth, is to let it go.

When any problem - especially a serious problem - arises, avoiding it is useless. The best course of action is to face it. After facing it, you will have to accept it. The problem will still remain even if you do not accept it.

After accepting the problem, it is well and good if it can be settled. However, if can't, the mere act of facing it and accepting it is equivalent to having it settled. You may feel upset, distressed or aggrieved, thinking of the problem all the time. At this juncture, you are unable to continue walking down the path you are currently taking. However, another path appears, and you should take this opportunity to let go of the problem. After anything happens, you should let go of the problem after settling it.

If we cannot appreciate the accomplishments of others, we cannot be moved. Jealousy will thus arise. Those who speak dismissively of the accolade and honours received by others can never go far. It would be a good thing if one is able to appreciate and marvel at the accomplishments of others as well as be moved by the honours they receive. This is called thinking of being on par with the able and wise.

When praising others, we also hope to learn from them. While appreciating others, our actions stimulate others to appreciate these touching incidents or people. In terms of our living environment, this has a positive effect on us, the person involved as well as the people around us.

Want and Need - source from the same Author

To 'want' is a painful thing; to 'need' is a joyous thing.

Only a fine line separates 'want' and 'need'. Sometimes, what we want is not what we truly need. Indeed, there are many things that I want to have, but after careful consideration, it may not be a must to have them.

To need is not a sin; to want is not entirely a sin either. If I were to want something and upon getting it, share it with those who need it, then it is the need of others and not mine. Of course, I am allowed to want something that 'I should have'. What does this mean? It simply means that it is something that I can expect to have.

For example, do you deserve to have the salary you are getting? Many people do not consider factor like their abilites, positions and the general environment. They strongly crave for what is not allowed, and this becomes something of great distress to them.

The problem with people is that they want too much but do not really need a lot. Wanting too much will result in insatiable greed, making one a slave to material goods and plunging one into the abyss of suffering.

Accepting with Calmness and Facing Up with Gratitude - taken from the same Author

As the saying goes, 'wisdom comes from experience', there are many things to be learned as well as incidents to be encountered in a lifetime. Whether in smooth-sailing or difficult times, in periods of satisfaction or dejection, the attitude one holds and the choices one makes when faced with problems will determine the success or failure of one's life.

An elder once said: 'Life is like a song, complete with joyous and resounding pitches as well as melancholy and deep tones. Only these rising and failing musical notes can together form a touching and melodious song of life.' Hence we should 'accept with calmness and face uwith gratitude' when confronted with all the all the adversities of life, mustering all our courage to improve so as to better ourselves and march towards success.

'A Change of Heart Brings About A Change in Attitude'

All people will inevitable meet up with problems and bottlenecks in their lifetime. Some can face up to them courageously and get over them smoothly, while others choose evasion and often find themselves in a state of frustration and setback.

'Attitude changes with a change of heart; actions change with a change in attitude; personality changes with a change in actions; life changes with a change in personality'
As long as we are positive, optimistic and proactive in life and work, any problem can be overcome, or at least reduced, in its capacity for damage. Avoiding the problem will not make it disappear but rather cause it to grow.

Start From Setting Goals:

What must be done to acquire the ability to think positively??

One should start from setting goals in daily life and work. Confucius once said: "One who does not think ahead will face up with problems in the near future." By setting life and work goals, with the knowledge that one will be able to get closer to them through overcoming problems faced, one will be able to face up to problems with courage.

On the other hand, one can divide an important task or life goal into smaller, less difficult portions and complete them step by step. In this way we can constantly encourage ourselves through the face that 'persistent effort leads to success'.

E.g. by being disciplined and engaging in slow jogs and brisk walks daily, one can cultivate a positive attitude towards life as well as keeping fit. Or one can allow oneself to experience a sense of accomplishment and meaning after completing a task, finishing a book or getting to know a friend.

In this way, one will gradually develop a positive mentality and be able to face up to difficulties with courage.

Happiness - source: same author

Happiness is the unification of the material and spiritual:
1. The hearts of ordinary mortals change with the surroundings. A comfortable environment is the foundation for generating happiness. Things like career success, harmonious family, etc lend credence to the fact that happiness requires a material base.
2. Happiness is felt through the heart; only with a healthy frame of mind can there be happiness. When one is in a bad mood, even if he is an emperor with the world's power, status and wealth at his disposal, he will lead a very unhappy life.

Happiness and misfortune are both affected by the law of cause and effect.

To have a happy life, one has to:
1. Not sow the seeds of misfortune, i.e. to free oneself from the causes of life's misfortunes
2. Sow the seeds of happiness as much as possible. By performing more good deeds such as cultivating the 10 virtues etc. and tapping on sources of life's happiness, one can obtain boundless happiness

Everything in this world has its cause and effect. According to the Buddha Dharma: 'To know the seeds of the past, just look at what one receives in this life. To know the effects in the future, just look at what one does in this life.' Hence, besides working hard on normal days, one has to cultivate virtue as well.

A famous saying in China goes: 'One should only help people in dire need and not those who are poor.' What is the principle behind these words? Poverty is the seed of the past. To be wealthy in the present life, one has to first repent for one's karmic hindrances; second, to endure the effects of the present; and third, to cultivate virtue and work hard.

'Happiness is a feeling. A person is only happy when he thinks he is; on the other hand can you say he is happy if he does not think he is happy? Being content is an inexpensive way to attain happiness. A person of insatiable greed will not feel happy or content no matter how much his wealth and how high his status is, while one who is content can derive happiness and contentment from the simplest material standards. The goal to build a happy life is only in the heart and cannot be in the hand; sometimes actions do not require a reason'


Every one of us has the ability to achieve happiness. The question lies in how we open our hearts, avoid pain, overcome mental obstacles, as well as practise morality, concentration and wisdom. Practitioners of ability are able to harness desire into their practise, achieving peace and compassion as well as enjoying true happiness, making life full of meaning.

'The aim of life is to pursue happiness, while the pursuit of happiness can allow us to better enjoy life. Happiness can be achieved through heart and mind training. Returning to pure happiness, harnessing the strength from deep within the heart and not being affected by external factors will enable us to understand the current situation and be content with what we have'

Nice guy finish last? - taken from the same author

More and more research has shown that personal popularity is linked to great achievements at work. Good relations can actually be more important than strong capabilities at work.

According to Tim Sander's book, The Likeability Factor, which explores the positive effects on an attractive personality on one's life and career, life is a popularity contest. Everyone wants to work with someone they feel comfortable with, and personal popularity is almost always the key to victory in everything. A person who display psychological strengths is attractive. In other words, likeability is the capacity to present others with a positive emotional experience (such as making colleagues feel great about themselves).

The American Harvard Business Review (HBR) survey shows that people generally do not wish to work with an unpopular person, despite how capable he or she may be. They prefer a popular co-worker. Corporations used to focus on employees' competence in working and thinking, but more and more people are recognizing that an employee's unpopularity drives his own work efficiency downwards. If the employee distances himself from the clients or co-workers, he is of little good to the organisation no matter how shrewd or capable he is inherently.

Employee's likeability has an effect n customers. Studies show that customers' perception of the staff members who are serving them affect their general feelings about the relevant corporation. According to a particular study in North Carolina, when treated rudely, almost 60 per cent of the consumers will take their business elsewhere, even if they have to spend more effort and money to do so.

A restaurant owner in New York believes that a friendly waiter can influence how customers feel about the restaurant, and even negate the negative impact of any mistake made. Furthermore, a popular employee is more likely to get a raise and promotion. A relationship-builder is also usually more valuable to his organisation.

The above is very good to ponder of. No wonder the company where I work will go across the ocean just to find the right candidates who have a good personality, attitude and friendly.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Taken from book 'The Pursuit of Happiness and other life observations' by Venerable Shi Fa Zhao

'Only the grateful are truly rich'

'You will receive peace when you give joy'

'Character is destiny. To change destiny, one has to change one's own character first'

'The important thing about giving is not the actual quantity, but the sincerity and reverence'

'By virtue of the act of giving, one may forsake some stinginess and greediness in one's heart, and allow a pure mind to grow that reaches out for others and seeks to benefit others. In this way, one can receive blessings beyond measure'

'Be a wise person with morals' - in order to achieve real liberation, justice and happiness, we have to face the reality of life and revamp ourselves constantly

The value of religion is to enhance one's ability to conquer difficulties and purify his minds, to reach the state of pure compassion. Buddhist Teachings help to purify the unusual feelings, ill will and negative thoughts in us. It guides us to correct path that takes us to the bright future. It's like a wise person with great morals, moving towards a perfect life with pure spirits.

According to the Dhamma, life is persistent and continuous. However, there are shortcomings and barriers in life; sometimes we are happy, and sometimes we are sad. In order to achieve real liberation, justice, and happiness, we have to face the reality of life and revamp ourselves constantly. It is the change of 'essence' of our mind and body: From passion-driven to wisdom-driven.

Having life with morals is the basis of social harmony, a happy family, trust between friends and cooperation between people. In our society, teachers are responsible for teaching; doctors are to treat all patients like their own family members; workers have to work hard to contribute to the country; businessmen are to run their business legally; soldiers are to fight and protect the country. Confucius had also suggested that generosity, gratitude, forgiveness, justice, honesty and so on are some moral principles in life.

With kind spirit, knowledge will be used in a good way, whereas the usage of knowledge by evil spirit will cause disasters and darkness. We are all following Buddhist Teachings and we have to practice them with determination and compassion. Do what is skilful, so that we will bring benefits to every human race.

'If we want to change our lives, we must think positively. It will bring us happiness and increase our wealth'

'If what we have to say is 'harmful to others, we should keep quiet; if an idea in our mind is bad for others, we should not think about it; if every step we take is destructive, we should stand still; if our action is damaging, we should stop the act. Therefore, one must think carefully before any deed'

In the process of learning, one should not be worried if his ability is not recognised and he is not given opportunity to perform. Instead, he should worry about whether he can handle the task given. As long as one is determined to work hard and is prepared to learn, the surrounding environment is a secondary issue.

It is a blessing to be able to learn, understand and appreciate the value of Buddha's Teachings. One should treat it with respect and put it into practice. Thus, one will be freed from troubles, leaving suffering and obtaining happiness.

One who leads his life with passion and goals is unlikely to be influenced by the criticism from others. He cares about what is to be done and what is not done. As a result, he is able to accept comments from others and work well with them.

Action is the meaning of life. Action is the energy of life. With action, one can move forward, learn, work with others and participate in group activities. If one is capable of working well with others, he is able to gain their support and help. A person's way of life cannot be based on one particular period. It does not only involve people around us, but also depends on the situation we are in, our practice and our state of mind.

No matter how much money we make at work, it is simply just 'getting water'. If we make use of our free time after work to develop our ability in other interest areas, like 'digging our own well', we will still be able to support our lives after we retire, when we are physically weaker than the young.

'To have reverence, humility, contentment and gratitude, and to hear the Dhamma at an appropriate time, that is the Highest Blessing'

We could change the prevailing circumstances, but the important thing is whether we play our role well. One should never forget: If life is like a movie, then whether or not our roles are important is secondary. So long as we perform our best, our achievements will definitely be affirmed. Contentment is merit.

In reality, suffering and joy in this world are mutually inseparable and interdependent. Some people want only the wows and not the woes, but there can be no joy without suffering. If things have always gone well, one can hardly feel blessed. Thus, it is suffering that gives joy its worth, and misfortune that makes the fortunated blessed, just as sickness and poverty makes one appreciate good health and wealth better respectively.

While working hard with total commitment is no doubt a positive thing, it is also often a waste of effort when we are too eager to act and neglect to reflect. He who works all day has no time to consider what the meaning of life is. He spends the energy of his entire life, only to gain nothing beyond day-to-day sustenance. Ultimately, we do things for the sake of helping ourselves to think. Only when there is thought can there be any progress.

The fact is that the state of life of every individual is totally determined by mentality. If one maintains inner serenity, everything can be done just right with good pace, order and leisure.

'To simply persist in working hard, but blindly, does not necessarily lead to success. One who does not know how to contemplate will learn nothing, even when he has spent all his life. We earn money to live, but we live not just to earn money. Only the cool-headed thinker can grasp the truth of life. Silent contemplation is the key to successful living'

Leaders, in particular, must not focus on goals and missions alone, but must create a positive, healthy atmosphere for esprit de corps. A flexible way of thinking can often bring about great spiritual strength. Powerful mental capabilities can readily solve a lot of seemingly impossible problems.

The Pursuit of True Happiness: A truly happy life is one that is not bound by desires or bedazzled by material goods, and where the heart is able to settle down.

'If everyone is able to understand impermanence and view objects and incidents through the lns of impermanence, there is nothing to fuss about in life. If one is able to broaden one's Heart and make full use of his body and intuitive ability, he will be able to draw his own understanding and experiences'

'Life is like 'crossing the pass of seconds'. Every minute and second passed accumulates into time. The merits and Karma in life are are also accumulated through time. The person who is truly able to be at peace with man, incidents and the world has already understood the impermanence of the world. Ability to fully understand impermanence leads to liberation in life'

Someone once said: Life is like tea, and sampling tea is like savouring life. A single tea leaf appears to be slender, fragile and light, yet it is full of wonders within. When placed in a cup, it fuses with the water inside and releases its essence completely and unreservedly, thus maximizing its full value.

We should appreciate the importance of a compassionate heart. When interacting with others, try focusing only on the merits of others and forging close bonds with people. Open up your heart so that you will not feel lonely or unhappy.

Believe that a compassionate heart is the basis for the existence of mankind as well as the place where the true value of life lies. We are often oversensitive and tend to overreact to minor matters, or associate every little thing with ourselves. All these will increase our pain. It is important to learn how to transform and transcend pain - in other words, change perspectives - and search for the positive meaning in pain.

Our lives are in a state of flux. We should learn how to handle anger and hate, dispelling feelings of hatred through patience and compassion. This is to prevent ourselves from being affected by negative emotions.

A sincere motive is the best way to eliminate anxiety and fear. Knowing what one can do and not do will not result in a lack of self-esteem, but rather bring about a strengthening of positive energies. Trhough learning and training, negative thoughts like anger, hate, greed, etc. can be eliminated while positive thoughts like benevolence, compassion, tolerance, etc. can be strengthened. A happy life is rooted in a peaceful state of mind.

Your body is what makes your revolution possible. Without health, there can be no true happiness in life.

Health is like this pivotal '1'. Your career, wealth and so on are only the zeroes behind. So, to cherish health is to love life. Only with good health can your work and responsibilites have something to hang on to. Only with good health can you serve your country and poeple better. So we need to take care of our health from now on. Physically train yourself harder. Lay a firm foundation from which you shall work hard now and tomorrow.

'Keep learning as long as you live'

Societal duties, stress at work, the burden of your family - all kinds of troubles that maturing brings along will come your way. You need to deal with them with a positive outlook. At 40, you are moving towards maturity. You can no longer afford to pay the price of acting blindly. As the flames of passion gradually lose their glaring brilliance, you need to light a beacon of rationality for the way ahead. As you mature physically at middle age, your inner being and level of thought ought to be catching up too.

Maturity means bidding farewell to the perplexity stemming from uncertainty of vision, the shallowness of living life as a game, and the rashness of giving yourself free rein. Maturity means becoming a little more clear minded in life, a little deeper in thought, and a little kinder and more dignified emotionally.

Maturity is not a form of decline, but rather, magnificence. So, from now on, we should pay more attention to the conscious cultivation of our mind. We will complete the tempering of the soul in the crucible of actual practice, resolve the distresses of growing up by means of mature rationality, and be always ready to accept new challenges further down the road.

'Being self-conscious in life; Enjoying your days'

It is a fact of life that things will not always be as we wish. We should dispel all obstacles with a cool head, enlightened thinking and rational actions. We should tap the inherent power in us that resists misfortune, and resolve troubles as best as we can with righteous courage. Furthermore, we should also remind ourselves to prevent the worst results from happening. The more true strength you have, the more fearless you are in the face of everything. Nothing can truly harm you, not even poverty or the suffering brought on by disease.

Hesitation and bewilderment are bad habits that hinder you from pursuing progress. Suspicion and jealousy are warped mentalities. When external stimuli trigger wemotional disturbances, you cannot help but fall prey to stress, psychological illusions and deluded thinking, and show signs of losing grip on humanity. Thus, if we seek harmony and peace in life, we must power up with a strong and healthy life.

We are to understand the things of this world in terms of conditional causation and cause-and-effect, tackle the six mental poisons of human greed, anger, ignorance, arrogance, doubt and erroneous views by means of discipline, meditation and wisdom, as well as apply the four methods of amicable association in our interpersonal relationships. By being good to life, we can make it fuller and more exciting.

Life is an enormous stage, where everyone plays a different role. Tragedies and comedies of life unfold every day on this planet. Every one of us plays the lead, each getting a taste of sourness, sweetness, bitterness, spiciness and saltiness, as well as experiencing joy, anger, sadness, shock and fear. From childhood to maturity, we all go through a series of different roles.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Oktoberfest @Paulaner Brauhaus 10.10.10

Oktoberfest Menu

Yesterday was a special day. It's 10.10.10. At the same time I had dinner appointment w/ friends to celebrate the above. Supposedly we wanted to go during weekend 'cos it would be much crowded and more fun, but too bad, it's all fully booked, so we only managed to book our dinner yesterday (Sunday).

We supposed to go 4 of us, but one of my friends 'fang wo men fei ji', which means... no news, then last minute cancel her appointment with us. I even bought her portion of beer vouchers, but today I managed to ask her to pay her part and asked her to use the voucher either today or tomorrow 'cos tomorrow will be the last day.

Menu for the day: Paulaner Brew House Specialty Platter, Bavarian Sausage Sampler, and Oktoberfest Bier

Well, just three of us. And since it's fall on Sunday, not so crowded comparing to the last time we went (last year). But it was fine. There is a table nearby where a group of people were having a real great fun! They drank quite much 'til drunk. They just danced around here and there. Hahaha... at the same time, asking us to dance together to the stage. Kekeke...

We weren't drinking much but the alcohol level was enough to make us slightly feeling high. We went back at about 10.30pm, and walked back home from MRT Station. PY and I talked about our feelings.. even secrets. Hahahaha.... so much fun!!

Reached home about 11.30pm. I slept at about 12 plus and this morning went to work like usual. Hehehe... Hope next year I'll still get a chance to celebrate Oktoberfest again. Maybe abroad?

Ein Prosit, ein Prosit
Der Gemütlichkeit
Ein Prosit, ein Prosit
Der Gemütlichkeit.
"Oans, zwoa, drei, Gsuffa"

Our face after drinking :)

Friday, October 08, 2010


I believe in a fate. People whom you meet, such as your family, your friends, your spouse, your bf/gf, your colleagues, even those you don't know and you met surround you. Places where you've been, such as your home, your school, your travelling places, your working place, wherever it is.

Fate can be short, can also be long depending on the past deeds that we made and bring into this life. Our characters, personalities are built slowly since we were young.

Just wonder how amazing it would be if you looked back on those past memories behind you, your present situation, and you may expect to meet more and more people, go to more places in the future.

Leave it to the nature or shui yuan.... Will be the best approach for our thinking. Yes we have a drive to make it happen. We have a dream to make it come true. But at the end, we still need a fate to accomplish it, and need to pray hard still that your dreams would come true.

I pray that all of your wishes come true. Hope that everything in your life will go on smoothly. I pray that you will be happy, those around you, your family, friends, to be happy. The ultimate goal in this life is to be happy, be content. Hope we all achieve our goal in this life. Sabbe satta bhavantu sukhitatta - Wish all sentient beings to be happy... Sadhu sadhu sadhu

Monday, October 04, 2010

2nd attempt of Voyage de la Vie

Yesterday we attended my friend's daughter birthday party in the afternoon. She's one year old. I went there last time when she was one month old. Time flies. Many thing happened and changed. My friend chit chat about how her working place now is like, how her job, etc. I feel lucky that I've left that place much earlier 'cos I don't like the politic they are playing. Anyway, everywhere is the same, only how affected is it to your situation. I don't wanna know about it and I hope I won't get involved. Release me please!

After the birthday party, we walked to the nearest mall and I went to Vivo at 5 plus and met my friend there. I accompanied her to buy skirt and bought it for her as a birthday present. Most importantly she likes it. We then had a dinner at kopitiam, then went to watch the show. Oh ya, we went to candy shop first to buy some candies for children hehehe... The things inside the shop are so cute, but I can't eat it, seems all too sweet for me. I'm getting old ba? Hiaehehehe....

We watched the show at 8.30pm. We sat at second row from front. Wow... So good. I could have much better view from there. Hehehe... The show lasted for 1.5 hrs then we went back home. We bought a drink and drank it on the way home. I finally tasted the Guiness stout, and knew what it tastes like. Quite strong but still manageable. Hehehe... Reached home 11 plus and slept at about 1am.

Now it's another new day, a brand new week and month. Gotta do my another half of closing. Hope everything goes on smoothly... Have a great day!!!!

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Relaxing dinner on weekend

Yesterday was closing day. In the morning, system was down and it was back to normal only after 10am. Only then I could generate my report. But that's not the end because someone came in bringing the transfer form, so I divided the work with my colleague to transfer some cost. After that, need the Chef to take a look into it. Waited for him to come down for about half an hour, so I did other things for closing. When he came, he did some internal transfer thing. Once I'd done with it, then realized that what he did was not enough. So needed to wait another person to come down and did another internal transfer. By the time I finished with the cost report, it's already 12.35pm. Time to have my lunch. I had a quick one, then continued with my closing. Kept working 'til 4.30pm, managed to work out with most of the journal and import it to the system. So I had a little break. Drinking vitamin C to boost up my vitality and rest for 5 minutes. Then, continued with the last and biggest journal. In the middle of it, then realized that I need to do additional work for the transfer of general items that someone just started doing that last month. So I needed to get more info on where the cost was parked and where the cost supposed to be charged to. Haiz... what a waste of time. Have told my complain to Chef's secretary. Wanted to say directly to the Chef but he wasn't around. He took half day off. Haiz.....
So I went on with that journal until 7.15pm. My friend has come to my place and I had to ignore her for instance so that I could finish my journal faster. When the numbers were all in balance, I didn't take second check on my work, just submit it to the system. Kekeke... Will see how was my posting, whether I made any error or not, and know about it next Monday when doing the reconciliation. Hopefully I didn't make any mistake lah ya.. hahahhaa....
Still another half job to do, but I could only do it next Monday once my journal has been posted to the system. So I don't want to think too much now. Just do what I have to do in present time.
After finishing my journal, it's time for relaxing!!! Yesterday was also Ellen's last day for her temp job and she was free to have dinner with us. That's why we met up for this dinner!!!

We headed to Hard Rock Cafe at Sentosa. My friend, PY, had waited for us since 7.30pm. We reached there about 8.25pm. Pu hao i se lor.... Then another friend had been hungry. So sorry gals!!! She immediately ordered food and we ordered our drinks. Then... it's makan time!!!


PY and Ellen

After makan, we tried 2 shot glass of cocktail, share share. One is B-52, consists of Kahlua, Baileys and Grand Marnier. Another one, forget the name, also forget the ingredients. Kekeke... But there was absolut vodka, triple sec bols on it.


We also ordered one dessert. I thought it was brownies with ice cream, but it was ice cream with lots of cream on top and chocolate fudge below. Eating half way, I was thinking of adding the B-52 into it. My friend also thought of it. So we added the liquor in. Taste not bad, but Ellen couldn't eat it...

There was live band at 9.30pm.We ate there until 11pm, then went back home. Feel better as I didn't to think about the work.. hehehe... There were so many people having birthday on that day. The band sang birthday song for 3 times and there were lots of people having birthday. 10, maybe?

Well.. it's October now. It's busy month. Full of activities ahead. Same with me. Just hope we're blessed with good health all the way... which is... impossible, rite? Kekeke.... Anyway... today is Saturday!! Just lazy around and take more rest for today and tomorrow there are few things to do... Well.. enjoy your weekend everyone!!!
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