Monday, October 04, 2010

2nd attempt of Voyage de la Vie

Yesterday we attended my friend's daughter birthday party in the afternoon. She's one year old. I went there last time when she was one month old. Time flies. Many thing happened and changed. My friend chit chat about how her working place now is like, how her job, etc. I feel lucky that I've left that place much earlier 'cos I don't like the politic they are playing. Anyway, everywhere is the same, only how affected is it to your situation. I don't wanna know about it and I hope I won't get involved. Release me please!

After the birthday party, we walked to the nearest mall and I went to Vivo at 5 plus and met my friend there. I accompanied her to buy skirt and bought it for her as a birthday present. Most importantly she likes it. We then had a dinner at kopitiam, then went to watch the show. Oh ya, we went to candy shop first to buy some candies for children hehehe... The things inside the shop are so cute, but I can't eat it, seems all too sweet for me. I'm getting old ba? Hiaehehehe....

We watched the show at 8.30pm. We sat at second row from front. Wow... So good. I could have much better view from there. Hehehe... The show lasted for 1.5 hrs then we went back home. We bought a drink and drank it on the way home. I finally tasted the Guiness stout, and knew what it tastes like. Quite strong but still manageable. Hehehe... Reached home 11 plus and slept at about 1am.

Now it's another new day, a brand new week and month. Gotta do my another half of closing. Hope everything goes on smoothly... Have a great day!!!!

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