Sunday, October 17, 2010

Accepting with Calmness and Facing Up with Gratitude - taken from the same Author

As the saying goes, 'wisdom comes from experience', there are many things to be learned as well as incidents to be encountered in a lifetime. Whether in smooth-sailing or difficult times, in periods of satisfaction or dejection, the attitude one holds and the choices one makes when faced with problems will determine the success or failure of one's life.

An elder once said: 'Life is like a song, complete with joyous and resounding pitches as well as melancholy and deep tones. Only these rising and failing musical notes can together form a touching and melodious song of life.' Hence we should 'accept with calmness and face uwith gratitude' when confronted with all the all the adversities of life, mustering all our courage to improve so as to better ourselves and march towards success.

'A Change of Heart Brings About A Change in Attitude'

All people will inevitable meet up with problems and bottlenecks in their lifetime. Some can face up to them courageously and get over them smoothly, while others choose evasion and often find themselves in a state of frustration and setback.

'Attitude changes with a change of heart; actions change with a change in attitude; personality changes with a change in actions; life changes with a change in personality'
As long as we are positive, optimistic and proactive in life and work, any problem can be overcome, or at least reduced, in its capacity for damage. Avoiding the problem will not make it disappear but rather cause it to grow.

Start From Setting Goals:

What must be done to acquire the ability to think positively??

One should start from setting goals in daily life and work. Confucius once said: "One who does not think ahead will face up with problems in the near future." By setting life and work goals, with the knowledge that one will be able to get closer to them through overcoming problems faced, one will be able to face up to problems with courage.

On the other hand, one can divide an important task or life goal into smaller, less difficult portions and complete them step by step. In this way we can constantly encourage ourselves through the face that 'persistent effort leads to success'.

E.g. by being disciplined and engaging in slow jogs and brisk walks daily, one can cultivate a positive attitude towards life as well as keeping fit. Or one can allow oneself to experience a sense of accomplishment and meaning after completing a task, finishing a book or getting to know a friend.

In this way, one will gradually develop a positive mentality and be able to face up to difficulties with courage.

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