Sunday, October 24, 2010


Pork Knuckle and Smoked Pork w/ Garlic Sausage for our dinner

Last Friday after work, I met up w/ school friends for dinner. We had our dinner at Brotzeit in Somerset 313, serving German food and beer. It's been many months ago since we met for the last time. Time really flies...

Aileen, Shelly and I

As for last Thursday, my aunt and uncles came to Singapore. They stopped by Singapore just for a night to have dinner at restaurant where I work. So coincidentally there is Heritage Promotion and they were able to try many different local dishes plus fresh durian. I didn't take their pictures during dinner, but we took some pictures with a view of Clarke Quay.

Suk Ahin, Kuchong, Kuku, Astro, Aryn and Koko

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