Sunday, October 17, 2010

Four Attitudes Towards Handling Problems - source from the same Author

When things happen, especially when major problems arise, there are 4 attitudes or 4 levels to handle them.

First, is to face it.
Second, is to accept it.
Third, is to settle it.
And fourth, is to let it go.

When any problem - especially a serious problem - arises, avoiding it is useless. The best course of action is to face it. After facing it, you will have to accept it. The problem will still remain even if you do not accept it.

After accepting the problem, it is well and good if it can be settled. However, if can't, the mere act of facing it and accepting it is equivalent to having it settled. You may feel upset, distressed or aggrieved, thinking of the problem all the time. At this juncture, you are unable to continue walking down the path you are currently taking. However, another path appears, and you should take this opportunity to let go of the problem. After anything happens, you should let go of the problem after settling it.

If we cannot appreciate the accomplishments of others, we cannot be moved. Jealousy will thus arise. Those who speak dismissively of the accolade and honours received by others can never go far. It would be a good thing if one is able to appreciate and marvel at the accomplishments of others as well as be moved by the honours they receive. This is called thinking of being on par with the able and wise.

When praising others, we also hope to learn from them. While appreciating others, our actions stimulate others to appreciate these touching incidents or people. In terms of our living environment, this has a positive effect on us, the person involved as well as the people around us.

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