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Happiness - source: same author

Happiness is the unification of the material and spiritual:
1. The hearts of ordinary mortals change with the surroundings. A comfortable environment is the foundation for generating happiness. Things like career success, harmonious family, etc lend credence to the fact that happiness requires a material base.
2. Happiness is felt through the heart; only with a healthy frame of mind can there be happiness. When one is in a bad mood, even if he is an emperor with the world's power, status and wealth at his disposal, he will lead a very unhappy life.

Happiness and misfortune are both affected by the law of cause and effect.

To have a happy life, one has to:
1. Not sow the seeds of misfortune, i.e. to free oneself from the causes of life's misfortunes
2. Sow the seeds of happiness as much as possible. By performing more good deeds such as cultivating the 10 virtues etc. and tapping on sources of life's happiness, one can obtain boundless happiness

Everything in this world has its cause and effect. According to the Buddha Dharma: 'To know the seeds of the past, just look at what one receives in this life. To know the effects in the future, just look at what one does in this life.' Hence, besides working hard on normal days, one has to cultivate virtue as well.

A famous saying in China goes: 'One should only help people in dire need and not those who are poor.' What is the principle behind these words? Poverty is the seed of the past. To be wealthy in the present life, one has to first repent for one's karmic hindrances; second, to endure the effects of the present; and third, to cultivate virtue and work hard.

'Happiness is a feeling. A person is only happy when he thinks he is; on the other hand can you say he is happy if he does not think he is happy? Being content is an inexpensive way to attain happiness. A person of insatiable greed will not feel happy or content no matter how much his wealth and how high his status is, while one who is content can derive happiness and contentment from the simplest material standards. The goal to build a happy life is only in the heart and cannot be in the hand; sometimes actions do not require a reason'


Every one of us has the ability to achieve happiness. The question lies in how we open our hearts, avoid pain, overcome mental obstacles, as well as practise morality, concentration and wisdom. Practitioners of ability are able to harness desire into their practise, achieving peace and compassion as well as enjoying true happiness, making life full of meaning.

'The aim of life is to pursue happiness, while the pursuit of happiness can allow us to better enjoy life. Happiness can be achieved through heart and mind training. Returning to pure happiness, harnessing the strength from deep within the heart and not being affected by external factors will enable us to understand the current situation and be content with what we have'

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